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The leadership traits that will aid in survival are the same for the individual as they are for the business. You will be presented with an opportunity to employ the survival skills learned in a truly primitive survival situation.
The cost of this course which includes all training sessions and a two day one night final challenge is $800 per person. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Fire starting with a variety of primitive and advanced techniques, each one has its own time requirements to master.
Students will be required to survive an overnight trip with nothing but the clothes and their back and their newly found knowledge.
Even in aspects of wilderness survival, preparedness entails more than just bringing a pocketknife and fire starter along on a hiking trip. His focus is on using your knowledge and the assistance of modern tools to get yourself out of potentially life-threatening situations. Preparedness is a way of thinking and a way of looking at and anticipating possible variables and adverse circumstances that may stand in the way of survival or success. We aim to bring you a unique experience that not only forges strong bonds between its participants but forces a shift in your psyche that can help secure success in your working environment.
The wilderness survival standard is a great first choice for starting your training in these skill sets.

The book is laid out very visually, containing many great illustrations and is somewhat less text than many other survival guides. Even though this is a basic survival course, a good woodsmen has a lot to gain from this course and it has something for everybody!The Survival Standard courses are all hands on field training, no power point, just doing the skills for real!
Our survival training will cover a day by day breakdown of the survival priorities and what techniques work best. The survival training priorities are as follows: Shelter, Water, Fire, Food, Tools, & Navigation! Pewtherer makes these skills accessible and straightforward excellent descriptions interspersed with both photos and illustrations. He writes from personal experience and includes sections that mention common mistakes to avoid with a variety of skills. Pewtherer is based in the northeast USA.The challenge of using books is that they are only static words and images to learn from. The survival standard is very comprehensive and covers a multitude of different subjects about wilderness survival skills and these skills will work in a multitude of regions around the world.This survival training class is very intensive and is almost entirely hands on with very little lecture time.
A series of drawings or photos of how to set up a deadfall trap, start a friction fire, or build a shelter is enough for some.
The survival training standard is not so difficult that family and children can’t attend. No matter how useful you find a book, it is very difficult to read and attempt to learn a new skill at the same time!

These are skills that your friends will be impressed with the next time you go camping and these are skills that tend to stick with you for a lifetime.
It gives you so much knowledge on what to look for and you will feel confident after leaving that you can survive in most survival situations in comfort. Knowledge weighs nothing and SIGMA 3 will teach the primitive and the most effective modern skills.
Both are great for military and civilians alike, and should be considered the baseline for all other courses in this field. Chase M.When you make the decision to take self reliance seriously, and to learn it right, Sigma 3 will help you learn the skill sets that can save you and your family’s lives in almost any survival situation!
All the items in this kit were hand selected by SIGMA 3 cadre to be the best bushcraft tools on a budget.
These are all must have tools and you can’t really beat the price for a beginners bushcraft kit anywhere. Add some other items to this kit and you have a decked out scout survival bag and you can survive in comfort.
Contact us to make arrangements.35% Military and Veteran Discount!!!Available on all domestic courses, with proof of service.

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