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The game world is influenced heavily by Scandinavian traditions, which is reflected in items such as the Kuksa (a cup made from birch bark). This website is designed to promote news and information about video games and is not intended to infringe upon copyright laws, or any copyrighted material. Google's $1,500, Android-powered Glass headset might have an image problem thanks to privacy fears and many talk show jokes, but the search giant is slowly trying to change peoples' minds. You check out the video on IT Media, as well as a video that shows the Minecraft version running alongside the Disney original.
Sony India's recently leaked roadmap schedule suggests Xperia SP will get KitKat in June, while Xperia C and L will get Android 4.3. Xiaomi admits blatantly copying Apple with the new Mi Pad tablet which looks like a colourful version of the iPad mini. Information about upcoming battle competitions and Rating Battle seasons has been announced for International Pokemon Global Link users. Samsung's marketing juggernaut is reaching new heights today with the announcement that Heathrow's Terminal 5 will be rebranded for two weeks to promote the company's flagship Galaxy S5 Android phone. A couple of Minecraft screenshots have emerged that compare the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One editions with the last-gen offering.
The difference seems to be a slightly better draw distance, the power of the new consoles able to show more voxels on screen at once. This reveal follows the news last week that the current-gen editions will feature a world 36x bigger than the old-gen versions. Dinosaurs are brilliant, but have been sorely under-represented in video games over the last decade.
So imagine my pleasant surprise when I turned up late to the party and encountered The Stomping Land, a new survival sandbox game featuring dinosaurs that’s coming to Steam on May 30. Not only can you hunt and kill dinosaurs for their flesh, but you can tame and ride them too. Environmental Artist Lee Fisk tells me over Skype that project lead Alex Fundora worked at Bethesda before creating The Stomping Land concept, and that the pair previously studied together at university. It’s like in Rust, when you see a group of shacks in the wilderness yet there appears to be no-one else around. Arrow types feed into strategic play, such as smoke ammo that can be used to conceal your movement, or whistling arrows that can lure dinosaurs away from a zone.
Speaking of the hatchet, Fisk tells me that it’s used as both a weapon and resource-gathering tool. Fisk stresses that while players can stockpile resources and build camps, it is not important in the long-term, so while you might log on to find your home and stash gone, all that really matters is staying full and working towards that next meal. On top of everything we discussed, The Stomping Land features dynamic weather that hampers visibility, washes away dinosaur and hunter footprints, and makes venturing across the landscape potentially hazardous. The Stomping Land hits Steam Early Access for Kickstarter backers May 23, and for non-backers on May 30 at $24.99. Freshly leaked GFXBench graphics benchmark report shows upcoming Galaxy S5 Active (SM-G870) specifications. This is the first time that Vancouver-based studio Black Tusk has worked on the franchise, after Microsoft acquired the Gears of War rights from Epic Games earlier this year.
A daredevil GTA5 player has discovered a glitch that makes aeroplanes take off and, sometimes, engage you in a chase to the death. When you spend a lot of time reading, writing and thinking about the games industry you start to tell yourself little stories in your head about the people involved. One time Peter came to Australia but for various reasons I couldn’t go interview him.

In this one Peter pulling a slightly unfortunate face that sort of makes him look as if he’s saying “Really? Below, Peter’s doing a gesture which will be appreciated by high-powered go-getting executive type and also the youf.
The next few images have a theme and also are horribly low res, so I’ve put them in a little gallery. Now here’s one of Peter being on brand without actually painting the brands on his body. The NBA's love affair with Google Glass is continuing through the playoffs, with the Indiana Pacers adding a new feature to its in-stadium Glass live streaming: celebrities. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You start as a character with little knowledge or skill in wilderness survival or constructing a civilization and work your way up to founding a fully fledged village with other players.
Everything you do in the game you need to learn and wait in real time and the changes that you make to the environment will stay in the game forever.
All graphics used are for promotional purposes only for the relevant game, and all artwork or graphics belong to the respective owners. The lack of variety in checkpoints was one of the biggest criticisms of Far Cry 2, so the format changed for the third game. The flight in Far Cry 3 awesome, but there needs to be more of it, more variety than just the hang glider. It felt as though the plot ended prematurely, and the second half, in which the aim was the bring down Hoyt, was almost an afterthought. I hardly did any of the hunting or assassination missions because after a couple of times standing around in a wood trying (and mainly failing) to shoot a goose, or whatever, I realised that I didn’t need to continue beyond crafting a bigger bag or wallet. Because if Far Cry 4 is better than Far Cry 3, I doubt I’ll be playing much else this Christmas. Starting on Monday, every area of the terminal will feature the "Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5" moniker, with all the signage and digital screens promoting the handset and projecting images of it. Developed by Alex Fundora and team, the title places you as a hunter tasked with stalking a range of hostile dinos for food while fighting against other humans. It’s entirely possible for up to three players to hop on the back of a Styracosaurus and chase after another tribe of players while hurling arrows and bolas at them from up high. Now, the team has swelled to seven, not counting a range of other contributors, and the project is looking mighty attractive for fans of dinosaurs and survival sandbox games in general.
Do you cross through the makeshift village risking detection and even death, or do you seek a longer path around the area to play it safe? You can even spoil another player’s day by splattering them with a paint shot, which makes them stand out for every hunter and creature to see.
It’s going to be difficult, make no mistake, but The Stomping Land will absolutely reward those who persevere.
He explains that it’s possible to capture other hunters by binding their legs using the bolas, rather than simply sticking them with arrows.
Unlike games like Minecraft and Rust, The Stomping Land’s crafting mechanic is much simpler, requiring players to throw ingredients into a storage box before mixing them together.
There’s also dense foliage that hides hidden threats, and a population of sneaky, murderous player-controlled hunters out there who want nothing more than to harvest those tasty dinosaurs before you do.
Black Tusk Studios’ manager Rod Fergusson has told fans that the new game is still very much in the prototype stage, with only 100 days under its belt. The most interesting comments came when Fergusson was asked if the new game would honour the canon established by other Gears media like books and comics.

Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. Internet wits often draw horns and a tail on this one when they’re pointing out how EA is teh debbil. First, there’s a picture of Peter wearing a tattoo to celebrate the launch of Halo 2. The Eastern Conference team that's had one of the best records in the league this year already uses Glass to beam live pictures from around the court to its scoreboard, but now it's doing it with famous attendees donning the headset. Now including Reign of Giants; adding new characters, seasons, creatures, biomes, and Giant new challenges to Don’t Starve Together.
If any material is seen to be offensive or infringing upon the owners rights, please contact us immediately and we will remove the content. Ross is a design and marketing lead with vast experience at Calvin Klein, Swatch, Gap, Coach, and more. But while the respawning checkpoint on the road thing was rightfully done away with, the outposts in Far Cry 3 were all the same.
Russell Taylor, Samsung's UK marketing VP describes this as a "one-off opportunity to push the boundaries like no other brand has been allowed to do before." A Heathrow Airport spokesperson clarifies that Samsung hasn't bought the actual naming rights to the terminal, just an expansive ad campaign to be distributed within it. Simply look up, follow a star cluster then, before long, you’ll encounter what can only be described as an all-you-can-eat dinosaur buffet. Working as a tribe, groups can even corral a hostile using their projectiles while another hunter rushes them with a spear. That could change in future, but right now if you log off and log on, your camp is free reign – people can come in and out or whatever.
Further, he made some interesting comments about the studio’s approach to canon, as well as sort of showing off some new concept art. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher.
This photo was on my HDD (*cough*) and TinEye turned up no results and then I got bored of researching and went looking for more photos of Peter instead, so if you own it, please let us know so we can credit appropriately! The first of these new Glass-casters is NFL defensive end Robert Mathis, a longtime member of the Indianapolis Colts and last season's leader in sacks.
Ross is now tasked with altering the general perception of Glass, and convincing the masses that Google Glass really is a fashionable and wearable item that’s not just for developers and technology fans. They got harder, and the sequence of attack, don’t set the alarm off, set the alarm off, murder everything in sight was really well done, but after the twentieth time it was old. If the player is low on weapons, they can still use their default hatchet to get the job done.
Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog). The cop will demand 500 cash for every experience level, and the gangsters will demand 300 cash for every experience level. And that’s the story of how Peter infiltrated a foreign embassy, stole all their blueprints and escaped via a laundry chute and a daring car chase.

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