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Photo by Reuben BolieuPhoto by Bushcraft NorthwestBushcraft knives are designed to perform a broad range of basic field task such as (left to right) cutting cordage, building survival traps, and preparing feather sticks for fire tinder. A specific definition to some and a general notion to many, “bushcraft” has gained popularity both in the U.S. By its most basic definition, it is a knife used to perform the field tasks required to survive or enhance one’s circumstances away from civilization.
For strength, the knives are full tang, meaning the blade steel extends throughout the entire handle and is typically made from a high-carbon tool steel such as 1095 or O1. The edges are in many cases a Scandinavian or “Scandi” grinds that fea- ture a wide primary cutting edge suited to hold up under repeated slicing and chop- ping tasks. Though lanyard styles differ between individual users, most bushcraft knives have a lanyard hole through which leather, fiber or synthetic cordage can be looped. Though using a sharpened stone to cut and slice material was one of prehistoric man’s first tools, many feel the modern bushcraft knife has its design roots in the Scandinavian puukko. As a full-time field biologist, Mike Lummio of Bushcraft Northwest had lots of time to practice and refine his skills in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Lummio also designed the Celilo (in honor of the Celilo Falls on the Columbia River) as a lightweight (4-ounce)alternative witha narrower blade and a point slightly below the centerline to more efficiently transfer power to wood. Designed by Tim Stetzer, Battle Horse Knives of Cambridge, Ohio produces the Bushcrafter, a simple, refined 8.375-inch work- horse. Spyderco, an American company known for its sharp and reliable fixed-blade and folding knives, teamed with Bushcraft UK knife designer Chris Claycombe.
The undisputed master of D2 steel, Bob Dozier, offers the K-36 Bushcrafter in his line of hunting and tacti- cal knives. Dozier’s K-36II Bushcraft features a 0.125-inch, full- tang, Scandi-ground D2 blade at 60-61 Rockwell hardness.
Designed by outdoor survival instructor Reuben Bolieu, the CUB (Compact Utility Blade) is a stripped down, rugged and feature-rich field tool. We offer courses in Bushcraft & Survival and Wilderness Camping for individuals, families and groups.
As most survival situations can be avoided through good planning, the course will include training on how to prepare and avoid getting into a survival situation (The 5 P's). What are the dangers if one for example gets lost, what should one do and what should one prioritize?
Fire is of course also used for cooking, purifying water and is usually the heart of a camp. Wilderness Survival is a set of skills and attitudes that you can develop and build over time.  Some skills cross over between seasons, others (such as building snow shelters) are specific to the weather, terrain, and vegetation conditions you are experiencing. Whether your group has 1 hour or 2 days to spend on a workshop, is composed of kids new to outdoor pursuits or hardened and mature veterans of outdoor adventure, we've got some learning and team building for you! Attend Skills Evenings (Thursday) or Open Archery Range (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) anytime. Rangers may build a shelter, learn to carve wood, safely make fire with no matches, craft simple bows, or play fun stealth games to build outdoor fitness.
Returning Immersion StudentsReturning Immersion students get a tuition discount based on year of attendance.
Overnightstake place at Camp Trackers, 80 acres of incredible Pacific Northwest forest on the southern edge of the Bull Run watershed. When signing up for the Wilderness Survival Immersion be sure you make most of the weekends. Nearly every month, Trackers holds a community-based potluck and gathering at our SE Portland location. 9-Month Archery Training Immersion1-weekend a month immersed in the sport and art of archery. 9-Month Blacksmithing or Bladesmith Immersion1-weekend a month immersed in the art of Blacksmithing or Bladesmithing. Trackers Apprenticeships are the opportunity for youth to work with highly experienced mentors in wilderness skills and sustainability.
Paddle Asia offers wilderness jungle survival courses, bushcraft courses, kayaking tours, wildlife sightings, mountain biking tours, and school programs in Khao Sok, Phang Nga Bay, and Phang Nga Province. Their design is simple, with a focus on utility and reliability.Photo by Spyderco Bushcraft with a spalted maple handle.Construction ahead!
So, by that view, whatever knife that happens to be on hand when stuck in the wild meets the definition. High-carbon and chrome bearing alloys such as D2, 12C27 and 3V also keep an edge and resist corrosion. The handle material can vary from synthetic Micarta to natural mate- rial such as wood and bamboo. And finally, most bushcrafters prefer a leather, dangle-type sheath, upon which many have an external loop for a ferrocerium fire-start- er rod.

With its origins in Finland, but widely used throughout the Nordic countries, the puukko is a basic straight-bladed knife designed for wood carving, food preparation and, in an emergency, self-defense. Adept at cutting and field dressing, the Celilo comes in 3V steel with a Scandi-groundblade. Claycombe, the son of an artist but a mechanical engineer by training, cannot remember a time when he wasn’t carrying a pocketknife.
Claycombe insisted on getting as round a handle as possible to comfortably accommo- date use in either hand and multiple grips. For over 120 years, Mora (pronounced “moo- ra”) has produced functional cutlery in the town of Dalarna, Sweden.
Bolieu distilled and imparted time-honored elements from the Finish puukko and the standard Kephart knife to create a tool designed to be a complement to heavy chopping tools.
Our courses are based on your own experience, knowledge and preferences, ranging from "basic living in the nature" to more advanced "hard core survival". We go through the options available to avoid dehydration and teach the signs of danger in regards to dehydration. During the winter season, we have the possibility of sleeping in a simple wilderness cottage. During this time you build experience and craft items for your primitive survival kit to use on your One Week Survival Trek. The option of over 200 more hours of class time for the entire family at no additional cost. This is where we come together every weekend to craft essential items for our survival trip. This is your opportunity for consistent practice and support while learning the skills of Trackers Earth. One minute you could join a Rangers Guild instructor teaching fire with no matches and the next you could be spinning wool with the Wilders. Hone your archery skills with fellow community members while getting advice from our Archery instructors. Every member of the village comes together to share food, celebrate community, shoot arrows in our archery range, and sometimes offer new skills. Join a community immersed in wilderness and traditional skills for 9-months, 4-days every week.
Our instructors provide expert coaching in archery fundamentals while bridging into more advanced skills.
Our instructors provide expert coaching in these fundamentals while bridging into more advanced skills. From March through early June you could go hiking in the jungle in Phang Nga Province and not really have to carry lunch. The term “bushcraft” is derived from the skills utilized by the “Bushmen” of Southern Africa and Australia who live in austere environments detached from the comforts of civilization. However, for those who prepare for (and even seek out) such circumstances, a proper bushcraft knife has specific design and performance features. Starting a fire, arguably the primary task of most people in a wilderness situa- tion, merits the only ornamentation to the bushcrafter knife setup. The handle is typically made from wood with a hidden tang that runs the length of the handle, ending in a decorative screw or cap. Mostly because knowledge weighs nothing.” But he was frustrated with the offerings of most knives of the market from a practical use standpoint. With both technical training and a rearing in the importance of aesthetics, Claycombe’s skills developed through primitive bow making and training with Ray Mears.
Similar in their general design to Finnish puukkos, the Mora Clipper and Companion are reliable and cost-effective alternatives for bushcrafters.
There are some steels that have better properties in certain things, but when you want something that’s all-around, D2 surpasses them all.
Through his international travel, Bolieu learned that having a compact blade that looks more like a woods knife and less like a weapon raises fewer eyebrows. The courses are from a day trip to a longer stay in the wilderness and have the theme Survival & Bushcraft knowledge. We help you experience the old way of life and get in touch with nature in an informative and interesting way.
In certain situations, for example when one has become wet and the temperature is low, it is vital that one quickly gets warm and dry to avoid hypothermia.
Each month, craft essential gear for your primitive survival kit (while losing the modern equivalent).
We also expect students to spend personal field time practicing their skill-sets beyond these weekends. If you ever loved the books My Side of the Mountain or Lord of the Rings the Rangers Guild is where you want to be.

Luckily, I've been into this all of my life and love sharing my experiences and skills.You can experience the joy of being able to survive with minimal gear while enjoying one of our kayaking trips.
In recent years, fueled by a renewed interest in basic survival skills as well as movements to return to simpler ways of living, bushcraft has evolved to incorporate not just basic skills, but also a guild-like adherence to certain techniques and tool designs. Bushcrafters prefer a simple, smooth handle that can be used throughout the day without excessive abrasion to the user’s hands. Use with the ‘ferro’ rod is another practical reason for carbon steel—it produces a shower of sparks where a stainless knife will produce little, if any.
Though this cap primarily functions to secure the handle tightly to the blade, it may also work in concert with a flap of leather on the sheath that’s punched with a corresponding hole to retain the knife during movement. He continues to build knives and refine their design through trial and error in the field with a focus on balancing edge design for woodcutting and skinning. You will learn how to survive if you find yourself in a vulnerable situation until rescue arrives or you yourself find your way home.
The courses can be tailored to the needs of both families and the more seasoned and experienced nature people. And every moment we rekindle a deep connection to the nature as we learn traditional ways of living.
You bring a personal project to work on or join our instructors as they facilitate a group skill.
However, within the discipline itself, various schools have modified their knife designs with attributes that reflect the preferred techniques utilized by the knife’s designers.
Because the tasks assigned to the knife can include building traps, skinning game, slicing, chopping or whittling, a massive Bowie-like blade is impractical, as would a pen knife be unable to withstand twisting and chopping motions.
While some models might feature cutouts to support a bow drill rod, or slight contours for a single finger or thumb, they are generally without ornamentation, harsh curves or serrations. In Finland, the gift of a puukko is considered an honor as its uses and utility reflect the giver’s concern for the recipient’s well being.
I needed an affordable, full-tang knife that could be used comfortably for up to a full hour to make things.” Mike Lummio knew exactly what he wanted in a backwoods blade, but couldn’t find it, so he designed his own.
The handle slabs are thick and almost perfectly round, giving the Bushcrafter a consistent feel in any either hand or in any grip. Says Dozier bladesmith Daniel Crotts, “We slimmed down the first version to both reduce weight and make the knife perform better in the more intricate bushcraft tasks.” The K-36II comes with a Kydex Dozier horizontal sheath. Its full tang is handled with natural tan Micarta scales that feature divots to secure the tip of a bow drill and thumb notches to employ a chest lever grip. The course also teaches you bushcraft skills for example how to create a pleasant and safe existence when you are out in the woods, whether it is on a hiking, fishing or hunting trip or something else entirely. Phang Nga Province offers old growth jungle and it's logistically much easier than Khao Sok. Contained within the handle is a Swedish magnesium alloy firesteel rod that detaches with the pommel of the knife. The handle’s scales are secured via Chicago screws for easy removal should the user need to pound on the butt or choose to cord-wrap the handle. Being able to catch ones food during a Bushcraft & Survival course is an important feature.
The BCNW-01 was Lummio’s fusion of his favorite elements of woodcarving, bushcraft, Mora and puukko knives, as well as his own design preferences. Capable of a 5,400-degree spark, the fire tool is designed to be used with the 90-degree spine of the knife’s Sandvik 12C27 blade as a scraping tool. Bolieu added a distinctive square lanyard hole in the handle that can be used with either cordage or a carabiner.The CUB also comes with a nylon survival sheath stuffed full of small survival tools such as fishing line, a razor blade, a fire starter, and a compass.
Important to note is that our courses are always done under controlled conditions and we never expose ourselves to real survival situations. However, we will always carry a certain amount of food with us, adapted to the situation and circumstances. This blog also covers some of our kayaking tours, wildlife, and other adventures that we offer.Contact us if you're interested in learning more. Most notably, the BCNW-01 includes thumb scallops to enhance control for fine carving and stability in a chest-lever wood carver’s grip. Do you prefer the security of civilization and you have chosen a shorter course, we choose an area with respect to this. No matter what field or course you choose, we will always offer the feeling of being in the wilderness with little or no trace of man.

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