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As in the Basic course, the amount of time divided between theory and practice and the balance between the different parts, are tailored to the individual groups' experience to suit your needs and experience. You will during these days while living in the wilderness, get to learn interesting skills both through theory and practice about what is important to think about while you are out in the wild. We offer courses in Bushcraft & Survival and Wilderness Camping for individuals, families and groups. As most survival situations can be avoided through good planning, the course will include training on how to prepare and avoid getting into a survival situation (The 5 P's). What are the dangers if one for example gets lost, what should one do and what should one prioritize? Fire is of course also used for cooking, purifying water and is usually the heart of a camp. Pull the cone from the ground and trim off any protruding ribs from the top and bottom holes. People are often quite surprised by what they can and will do when their life, or the life of someone they love, is on the line!
Our courses are based on your own experience, knowledge and preferences, ranging from "basic living in the nature" to more advanced "hard core survival".
We go through the options available to avoid dehydration and teach the signs of danger in regards to dehydration.

During the winter season, we have the possibility of sleeping in a simple wilderness cottage. Will be trying this out once I find a good location that doesn’t ban using fish traps. The courses are from a day trip to a longer stay in the wilderness and have the theme Survival & Bushcraft knowledge. We help you experience the old way of life and get in touch with nature in an informative and interesting way.
In certain situations, for example when one has become wet and the temperature is low, it is vital that one quickly gets warm and dry to avoid hypothermia. This is probably best for water that’s fully on land that you own (especially a pond). If needed and under special circumstances, overnight stays could also be in our Wilderness Lodge. You will learn how to survive if you find yourself in a vulnerable situation until rescue arrives or you yourself find your way home.
The courses can be tailored to the needs of both families and the more seasoned and experienced nature people. The course is conducted by experienced and certified instructors and is conducted in English or Swedish.

The course also teaches you bushcraft skills for example how to create a pleasant and safe existence when you are out in the woods, whether it is on a hiking, fishing or hunting trip or something else entirely.
Being able to catch ones food during a Bushcraft & Survival course is an important feature. Important to note is that our courses are always done under controlled conditions and we never expose ourselves to real survival situations. However, we will always carry a certain amount of food with us, adapted to the situation and circumstances. Do you prefer the security of civilization and you have chosen a shorter course, we choose an area with respect to this.
No matter what field or course you choose, we will always offer the feeling of being in the wilderness with little or no trace of man.

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