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The Western Ghats offer Mumbai's keen trekkers the perfect weekend getaway, especially in this weather. Sandhan Valley is a 200 feet-deep canyon located near the Bhandardara region in the Sahyadris. Every weekend, despite several cautionary warnings, similar tragedies unfold in the Sahyadris.
With over 100 hiking groups crawling the mountains every weekend across Maharashtra, the need of the hour is to ensure that accidents are kept in check. The buck stops with youHiking, or any adventure sport, has caught the fancy of Indians only recently, says globe-trotter and avid trekker 33-year-old Vahishta Mistry, who quit his full-time job in 2013, to travel the world.
From marking trails to getting the right trekking gear and ensuring safety measures are adhered to — everything falls under the ambit and responsibility of a trekker. But, while the logistics of trekking are usually taken care of, most adventure groups fall short in ensuring safety measures are in place.
Talpade himself claims to have been ill-equipped to handle crisis-like situations, until he attended a four-day first-aid workshop by National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), India, in 2008. According to Chheda, one measure to avoid mishaps is to ensure that there are enough guides to handle the trekking group.
Sherwin Rebello, founder of The Land of Wanderlust that undertakes budgeted trips outside Maharashtra, suggests hiking with a minimum of four persons, including a local, irrespective of how easy the terrain is. Everyone’s a companyIf you thought starting an adventure company was as tedious as baking your own bread, you are in for a surprise.
According to Mistry, who has spent nine months trekking in the US, one of the things that differentiates the US and India, when it comes to the sport, is that there’s a huge hiking culture there, due to which there is public pressure on the government to maintain and have infrastructure. An unregulated sportCurrently, adventure sports are not regulated by the government, largely because the industry is still nascent in Maharashtra, says Talpade. In June 2014, when a Government Resolution, atte-mpted to thwart the free reign of tour operators in Maharashtra, ATOM was among the first to raise an objection.
Following a PIL filed by the association, the High Court put the GR on hold; the case is now subjudice. He instead suggests that the government focus on creating schools or establishments in the state, to address this gap. Mann of OBI, who has more than 30 years of experience in the field and helped compile the Wilderness code for Uttarakhand, says that the occurrences of accidents and disasters are unfortunate. What to ask your tour operator>> Is the adventure tour operator affiliated with a recognised body?
Position at Camp and Relevant Experience: Sarah was awarded the Coach of the Year award at Staffordshire University in 2009. Position at Camp and Relevant Experience: Sarah is studying Adventure Education and is CPR and Wilderness First Aid certified. Position at Camp and Relevant Experience: Jordan studied Human Development and Family Studies, and hopes to attend graduate school for Elementary Education.
Position at Camp and Relevant Experience: Michael is returning to Camp Lincoln for his third summer on staff. Position at Camp and Relevant Experience: Sean has previously worked at other sleep away camps and as a coach at a Gaelic Football club. Position at Camp and Relevant Experience: Cal is studying food science and Plant Genetics at university. Position at Camp and Relevant Experience: Henry has trained as a coach and is currently a Horseback Riding Instructor in Ireland. Position at Camp and Relevant Experience:James is studying Sports Development with Coaching. Position at Camp and Relevant Experience: Zack studied Communication, Music, and Theater in school.
There is no better way to enjoy our area then feasting on fresh fish watching the sun go down. The Coney Island beach shuttle boat runs between the Harbourfront (in front of Whitecap Pavilion) & Coney Island all summer long. Sometimes you would like to explore the area without a guide, and that is completely ok with us.

Lake of the Woods Tours can be packaged with a professional photographer for an additional $50 an hour.
The route starts between Fort Frances, travels along Rainy River, and then follows the east shoreline of Lake of the Woods, all the way up to Kenora. Throughout our trip we will be stopping off in a few cities such as Emo, Rainy River, Sioux Narrows and Kenora. Along our route there are also many different interesting sites that we wished to see, which include; Sioux Narrows Provincial Park, Lake of the Woods Provincial Park, Hungry Hall, Sault Rapids, turtle portage, rate portage, sable island, windy point, Coney island and of course many more, including the areas that we have yet to discover.
Our Voyageur Canoe is a great way to get your group together and out for a paddle.A  It comes with an experienced guide and can accommodate 12 paddles, a great idea for a birthday party. The Green Adventures Kids Camps have been such a success that we partnered with Shannon Creedon and David White to bring you the ultimate in Kids Camps - the Kenora Urban Adventure Camp. This summer day camp is aimed at girls and boys 8 - 12 years old, and offers a variety of activities to build outdoor skills, fitness, confidence, leadership and self esteem. There will be sessions on martial arts, canoeing, rock climbing, hiking and urban orienteering.
Wilderness Advanced First Aid (Adventure Medic) introduces you to backcountry medicine and wilderness medical protocols.A Specifically designed for the unique demands of remote settings, this course focuses on three areas. Choose your own Adventure!A There are literally endless possibilities when exploring Northwestern Ontario and we are open to all of them. Introducing "The Adventurer" - tour Lake of the Woods in our newly restored 24 ft hard top Thompson boat!
Just a short hike from Green Adventures and situated on the shores of Lake of the Woods, Anicinabe Park has 45 RV Sites, 38 Tent Sites + a large sandy beach. But it's an industry where no government regulations apply and your guide probably doesn’t have training in handling a crowd or first-aidLast month, on a rainy Saturday, a hiking party from Mumbai came face to face with its worst nightmare while traversing a dewy stretch up a Matheran hill. Trekking the valley during the monsoons can be fatal due to falling rocks and the many, deep pools of water inside.
One could blame the waywardness of nature or the unavailability of immediate rescue facilities. He later followed it up with a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) training course, and now, gets himself recertified with NOLS every two years. To you start your own company in Europe and America, you require multiple certifications from registered bodies. But, the arbitrary ways of several adventure start-ups and tour operators with a devil-may-care attitude towards safety procedures, has put the industry on tenterhooks, a time too many. The GR states that tour operators would need a basic or advance certificate from a government body.
The sport rests on thrills, and regulating it will only act as kill joy and take away from enjoying the experience, feels Rebello. She has been coaching and playing sports for many years, and is returning to CLH for another summer as a Division Director.
She has completed a two month teacher placement course, as well as tutored youth with special needs.
She has been playing tennis since she was 7, and for the past three years she has coached tennis at a local tennis club.
He was a camper, has worked as a counselor and a fishing specialist the past two summers and is on the Leadership Team at camp this summer, serving as a Division Director.
He worked as an assistant at an FCA day camp for a summer, and umpired and refereed youth sports for five years.
He is currently a brown belt in judo, and has ten years of experience coaching various sports.
He was the drum captain for his school’s marching band, and worked at a summer camp for one summer.
Every Saturday, vendors will be selling local produce, food and handmade products at Anicinabe Park under the picnic pavillion. Watch the sunset while our guides cook you a traditional shore lunch of fish, fries, beans and salad.
Coney's beautiful beach is the perfect place to relax & play in the sand, and swim in Lake of the Woods.

Running only once a year we gather 16 like-minded adventures and load up a 36 foot replica voyageur canoe to paddle from Fort Francis to Kenora Ontario along the historic route the voyageurs would have paddled while they opened up Canada.
We chose this route based on the route that was originally traveled by the Montreal Voyageurs. During these stops we will be able to re-stock any necessities, and also buy a few treats for ourselves.
Have fun learning about ways to lead a healthy lifestyle and all of the great activities to be found in Kenora! The team-building and cooperative skills learned at camp are a foundation for academic, social and athletic success.
Youth ages 13-15 can learn new skills, build confidence through achievement and experience a challenging canoe adventure right here in Kenora! If you have a trip idea or a program you would like to see run, we are completely open to making it work. In the last four years, there have been a considerable number of deaths, and at least some of these could have been avoided,” says Talpade. Once you know what could be a risk, you can cater for checks, balances or avoidance thereby creating a safety net. It entails accurately marking trails and making sure that at every trail head, there is a bunch of maps and resources, including forest rangers and immediate recourse to emergency services.
At present, Morris says that there are only five Himalayan mountaineering schools recognised by the government. Visit our farmers' market to buy local produce, treats and souvenirs for a great start to your adventures in Kenora!
Coneys attractions include a large picnic pavilion, concession stand, play structures, docks, gazebo, hiking trails, geocaching and waffles every Sunday all summer! The specific method we used to map out our day to day route was using old trip log books and viewing where people before us have traveled in the past. Second, you will learn how to give care in extreme environments of cold, heat, or altitude. While Harshad was seriously injured in the incident, what made things worse was the delayed response time in treating him. We also take the phone numbers of doctors and local ambulances in the vicinity, and keep them in the loop about us being around, in case of emergency,” says Chheda. If owing to a natural calamity (like landslides), the landscape changes, a new trail is marked out within weeks. One can register with ATOM for an annual fee, and has to adhere to the rules stipulated by the association. We will show you the sights that have made Lake of the Woods so famous: Devils Gap, Scotty's beach, The Royal Yacht Club and much more! His brother, Pranay, also part of the group, later said that locals helped rush Harshad downhill.
How will such a certification prepare you to handle a group in the Sahyadris, which has a very different landscape?” Morris asks. But, by the time he was taken to the government hospital in Neral, two hours had already passed and he had lost blood.
Post the programme, we get feedback from facilitators, instructors and the incident management team. Industry experts claim that with an average day-long hike priced anywhere between Rs 600 to Rs 1,000 per head, the profits could run into crores annually. This helps mitigate future incidents,” says Pavane Mann, executive director of Delhi-based Outward Bound India - Himalaya.

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