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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The good news is that campuses in cities and towns across the nation are creating high achievement for these same children. Are we really “post digital?” when we are still having to teach the “why” and “how” of digital engagement? It seems like the gap that we’re trying to bridge is more about organizational culture than technological challenge.
In 2016 (and beyond), Universities and Colleges are shifting towards a market in education in which teaching, learning, employability, student experience, and digital engagement is the epicentre.
Blogging, tweeting, learning, running, writing, reading, listening, cooking, speaking, volunteering, traveling, consulting, and sleeping. I teach individuals and organizations (usually universities and colleges, but sometimes businesses too) how to communicate more effectively using digital channels. Lastly, I have to give a huge shout-out to Jisc for inviting me to speak at their annual DigiFest conference in Birmingham.
The past 7 months has been filled with learning as much as possible about UK higher education via in-person conversations, social media engagement, and reading everything in sight. If you were ever wondering if Twitter was the tip of the iceberg for connecting short bursts of 140 characters to longer form blog content, look no further. Valparaiso University, SUNY Institute of Technology, Michigan State University, University of Texas at San Antonio, Oregon State University, Miami University, The College of New Jersey, Hofstra University, University of Texas at Austin, Albion College, William Paterson University, University of Washington, Arizona State University, University of York, Claremont University, Simon Fraser University, St. A massively popular sporting event + Twitter = ample opportunities for critical thinking, irony, and sharing. Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at Family Weekend at the University of Miami as their keynote speaker. My next gigs include consulting visits to the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and a keynote address at the NODA Annual Conference.
Microsoft’s new ad for Internet Explorer wants to capitalize on our collective nostalgia. The Education and Training Monitor is an annual series that captures the evolution of Europe's education and training systems by bringing together a wide array of evidence in one digestible report.

The Education and Training Monitor 2015 puts the spotlight on education priorities most in need of investment and identifies policies that help improve the inclusiveness, quality and relevance of Europe's education and training systems.
Since 2012 the Education and Training Monitor has grown into an indispensable reference tool for the European education community, keeping track of priorities under the ET 2020 cooperation framework, and contributing to the broader Europe 2020 strategy with its headline target for education. The report will be one of the main sources underpinning the Commission's analysis of education challenges and policy developments in the 2016 European Semester.
The Commission published the fourth annual edition of the Education and Training Monitor in November 2015. The Education and Training Monitor 2015 is accompanied by twenty-eight in-depth country reports that complement the cross-national analysis with country-specific data and information on policy measures and the latest reforms.
Various interactive maps have been created to evaluate the performance and progress of the Member States in relation to the ET 2020 targets. Finally, additional contextual indicators are provided by the Eurydice Network and JRC's Centre for Research on Education and Lifelong Learning (CRELL). These CME QI toolkits include PQRS tools, resources, and accredited activities for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, nurses, & case managers. PRIME®, an ACCME-accredited provider, assists clinicians to align their practice with national quality measures.
These articles are designed to empower patients and consumers to be active stewards of their health and active decision-makers in their health care plans.
Empower patients and consumers to be active stewards of their health and active decision-makers.
These abbreviated articles provide fact-tools in important clinical topic areas for practitioners. These short articles provide fact-tools in important clinical topic areas for practitioners.
Providing a balance of views, hope, digital best practice, and “across the pond” comparison, this keynote will set the tone for a day designed to both enhance and challenge our digital capabilities.
Definitely one of the neatest events that I’ve ever been to…so much technology! A quick check of web stats for this blog shows an amazing number of college and university IP addresses for visitors who have visited after clicking on links from tweets.

Louis University, Loyola University Chicago, Grand Canyon University, Colleges of the Fenway, North Carolina Central University, University of Wisconsin Madison, San Jose State University, Lincoln University, Texas A&M University, University of Central Florida, North Carolina State University, College of the Holy Cross, University of Cincinnati, Loyola Marymount University, Nova University, Central Methodist University, Merrimack College, Georgia Southwestern State University, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Iowa.
My first thought about the enormity of the Super Bowl (and its related mega-money generation) is the baffling fact that the NFL is a nonprofit entity.
As if on cue, Dustin Ramsdell from the The Student Affairs Spectacular Podcast, invited me to do an interview about my endeavors. Hungry Hippos, floppy disks, Oregon Trail, snap bracelets, bowl haircuts, and slow Internet access.
Writing is something that I did a lot of last year, but it wasn’t always on my terms.
Access the Quality Improvement (QI) educational tools and CME programs to prepare you for the new criteria coming in 2015 to improve reimbursement.
Curating useful links and stories via 140 character tweets and leading folks to content that they might not find while surfing. Microsoft just doesn’t understand that while we may fondly remember the items in the ad, we are never ever going to associate Internet Explorer in the same vein. I’ve spoken at events all over the UK, gave a keynote to an international audience in Mallorca, Spain, and traveled back to the United States to consult with two of my favorite higher education clients. The end of the ad shows Microsoft’s Surface tablet as if browsing via IE on Surface could bring back some sort of mythological experience of yesterday. Additionally, I realize that many of you are coming over to this blog because of something that I shared on Twitter or because of a Google search for a variety of topics.
All of those memories that it triggers somehow feel betrayed by a company that is completely out of touch with those of us who exist in 2013. Microsoft has tried dubstep in previous ads to appeal to our cool sides while this ad appeals to memories that aren’t exactly friendly to good old Microsoft.

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