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Jen and I just spent an entire morning perusing the new Whole Foods Market Newport Beach wonderland (the word market just doesn’t seem to do it justice) and WHOLEY MOLY, if it weren’t for a looming preschool pick-up, both of us could have spent the whole day there! Upon entering the store we were greeted by an inviting rainbow of colorful, perfectly ripened produce, stands and stands of it.
The care they put into their produce was subliminally saying: Eat these beautiful whole foods and you will feel happy.
It was a little bit of sensory overload because we wanted to take it all in and enjoy but we weren’t sure where to begin (in a good way). We worked our way through the produce and noticed some bins of sprouted grain trail mixes and porridges (ooooooohhh) next we found ourselves in front with large vats of different types of olive oils to taste and bottles you can fill yourself  to take home (aaaaaahhh), and behind that were a bunch of empty little honey bear bottles begging you to choose your flavor and fill (I chose a sage flavored selection). As we strolled a little further we encountered the friendliest of helpers in the meat department. We were quite enamored by a find in the center cooler for a quick grab: a few different types of pre-packaged dinner kits. Ryan shared that their meat department also boasts an in-store smoker and they will smoke smaller cuts as you shop or with 24 hours notice they will smoke a larger cut to order.
Just behind the cheese is the Back Bay Tavern a gastro pub featuring a cozy atmosphere, 24 beers on tap, cocktails and a nice wine selection plus a playful menu of exciting comfort foods. We were rounding out our visit and headed back to the front of the store to The Tea Hive featuring frozen tea drinks, a mixologist’s version of an iced tea and a selection of hot teas. As we were shopping and chatting we made plans for Jen and her family to come over for dinner. As we headed out the doors with our shopping bags, we were greeted by a shuttle attendant that offered us a free ride to our car.
Allie – I was there to witness it – and can attest to the fact that Susanne had found her mecca! I was able to tour the store before it opened to the public and found out some great information about the store and the amazing products they carry. To help celebrate the opening of the newest Whole Foods Market, you can enter to win a 0 Whole Foods gift card!
Whole Foods Market 365 brand organic milk depicts the image of a healthy, happy calf on its cover but the gulf between this facade and the reality behind it could not be greater. What we see here on this Whole Foods 365 Organic milk carton is a happy, healthy-looking cow, beautiful blue sky and puffy white clouds a€” an idyllic Old McDonald farm scene. To the left is a photo from an organization in England called Animal Aid that conducts undercover investigations, this one at a typical, small-scale slaughterhouse in England. What you’re looking at is a a€?spenta€? dairy cow who has been stunned with a captive bolt pistol which allegedly renders her unconscious in preparation for slaughter. ALL dairy cows a€” those who produce organic milk or not, those raised on pasture or on feed lots, and those raised on small, independent farms or large factory farms a€” end up in slaughterhouses like this one. Downer cows are an industry term for spent dairy cows who are too weak or sick to stand on their feet any longer.

Her slaughtered body will be mixed with thousands of others to become the cheap meat for hamburger and pet food.
The udders of dairy cows can become extremely distended, the result of a short but intense life of excessive milk production, up to six times more than her body was designed by nature to produce (5) (and her calves, for whom the milk was perfectly formulated, got little or none of it). Most cows decline in producing milk between four and seven years old a€” a mere adolescent in a natural lifespan of 25 to 30 years.
A Dairy cows are routinely and artificially inseminated typically once per year using a very invasive procedure that involves a constraining device known in the industry as a a€?rape racka€? and the insertion of semen through her rectum and vagina into her uterus a€” all done with no pain killer. Newborn dairy calves are taken away from their mothers typically on day one, causing extreme separation anxiety for both newborn and mother, who carries her baby for 9 months like human mothers do. The typical dairy cow experiences this cycle of losing her baby at least four and up to seven times in her short life as a milk producer.
No matter how a€?humanea€? the marketers want to spin the truth, the modern dairy industry’s business model is built upon the exploitation of pregnant females, forcing them to birth lots of unwanted babies.
Mark Bittman, known by many from the PBS show, Spain On the Road Again, starring Gwenyth Paltrow and Mario Batali, is now a well-known food journalist for The New York Times. For complete sources and more detailed information, please see How about Humanely Raised Dairy Products?.
Organic food is produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations.
Whole Foods is the WHOLE package – a bakery, a deli, a fresh fruit stand, a flower shop, a fish market, a meat shop, a salad bar, an olive and antipasti stand and even a CHEESE shop.  Ohhhh, especially a cheese shop!
Check the Whole Food website and print coupons for your favorite treats.  You can also check out their healthy recipes. Did you know you can ask to taste samples of the goodies in the fresh food section?  Go for it! We were given a sample of this goat cheese called Mitica Capricho De Cabra (he simply called it Mitica) which put the other pre-crumbled stuff to shame. They are sold at a fraction of the cost of the name brand items and can be found throughout the store.
You can also follow Whole Foods Market Camelback on Twitter to stay up to date on all of the events and sales that are taking place.
Yet most people don’t look beyond product labeling and product marketing, which is the equivalent of relying on the fox who minds the hen house.
But the gulf between this facade and the reality behind it could not be greater in this case. No farmer is going to keep an older, less-productive dairy cow alive when he could easily bring in a new, more productive cow in her place. Some investigations of downer cows have documented on video cows being dragged by chains and prodded with electric prods to get them onto trucks to then transport them to slaughterhouses. Her hide, bones and cartilage will be used for leather clothing, accessories and upholstery, and used in such innocuous things like gelatin, chewy candies, marshmallows, asphalt, and construction-grade adhesives.

It is worth noting here that in many studies animals choose physical pain over psychological pain when given a choice, suggesting that emotional pain is much harder to deal with. Veal farmers depend on dairy farmers to provide them with a steady supply of bovine babies. In all of these cases you can rest assured that they all came from the same circumstances just outlined above. Fortunately, there are so many great alternatives today and new products coming out all the time that can be equally satisfying as well as cruelty-free. This happy mother dairy cow was spared a violent slaughterhouse end and is now reunited with one of her calves from whom she was separated on a dairy farm. I of course gravitated to the home-baked chocolate cookies.  They were quite tasty and very large and are rumored to have five cookies per zip lock bag but somehow only three of the cookies made it home. Organic meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products come from animals that are given no antibiotics or growth hormones. Contact us for a free market analysis of your home or to discuss a strategic home buying plan. All you have to do is unwrap, season and throw it in a 300 degree oven for about 3 hours for a delicious dinner! And a great deal- priced about $15.99 for about 5 lbs of food (before cooking).
The new location is conveniently located at 4701 N 20th street (20th street just south of Camelback in the Towne & Country shopping center).
I love that they contain no artificial colors or preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup and all plant based products are certified non-GMO!
As we become informed consumers, it becomes clear to us that she is really the happy cow, not the one promoted to us on the organic milk carton. Companies that handle or process organic food before it gets to your local supermarket or restaurant must be certified, too.
Once you step foot into the doors, you too, will be taken away into the Whole Foods Wonderland! She is a happy cow because she is free to live according to her own interests, free to create a family and free to raise and nurture her young as she so deeply desires and as Mother Nature herself so clearly intends. Don’t forget that competition is fierce, and small dairy farmers therefore must adopt many of the inhumane practices of the mega dairies to compete. Rather, it is evidence of the operation’s adherence to a prescribed system of agriculture and food production.

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