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As prescription painkiller abuse has risen, the doctor-patient relationship has become more difficult. Openness, candor and direct communication are key ingredients for a mutually beneficial physician-patient relationship. Well-chosen medications soothe our pain, but a rowdy mix will use our body as a battleground. Ending a treatment routine is as complex as starting a new one, so don’t quit your prescriptions cold turkey before their time. Antibiotics are an obvious example—if you stop taking them before their time, your infection might bounce back with a brand new resistance to drugs.

If your doctor wanted you to find new uses for the pill, she would have told you that in the office. Trusting your doctor, and allowing your doctor to trust you, are absolutely essential elements of quality health care.
It’s important to remember that they’re doing this to make sure they’re serving you correctly. You should think of your doctor as your personal health expert, who took four years to earn their wings in medical school and then at least three years in residency to perfect their work under an expert’s watchful eye. If you have questions and suggestions, discuss them with your doctor before trying them out.
Other medications, such as antidepressants and prescription painkillers, often need to be gradually and expertly titrated downward before you wean yourself off of them entirely.

Let your doctor escort you off of a course of medication rather than taking matters into your own hands. Many pills are ingenious drug delivery systems in disguise, covered in layers of coatings to ensure that medication is released slowly and in strategic locations in your digestive tract. Pills are meant to be swallowed whole, so pull out a glass of water and swallow. If you can’t discuss your medication and health openly with a doctor, then perhaps it is time to find a new keeper to entrust with your medical care.

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