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Notes listed include angelica, mimosa, frangipani, mandarin, cascarilla, orange flower, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, labdanum, ambrette seed, opopanax, benzoin, tonka and vanilla. HER BIG BREAKFor nearly a decade, Mila Kunis played spoiled high school student Jackie Burkhart on hit TV series That '70s Show.
The result: a surprisingly nuanced, complicated and, yes, beautiful black-and-white tribute to every first kiss you've ever had. Still, just seconds in, you'll be screaming at your computer, "Just kiss already!" as these makeshift couples of varying ages and sexual orientations prepare to lock lips mere moments after learning each other's names, if even. Uncertainty ("Can you turn off the lights?") turns into hesitation ("Let's look at each other for a second, okay?"), which quickly turns into fairy-tale-level perfection ("Shall we make out?"). We're just going to assume the video cut before these couples held hands, ran off into the sunset and lived happily ever after.
A 14-year-old Florida girl accused of killing her newborn baby and hiding the body in a shoebox will be prosecuted as an adult, the Polk County State Attorney's Office confirmed Friday.
A grand jury indicted Cassidy Goodson Thursday on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse.
According to the affidavit, Goodson told her mother she had suffered a miscarriage and flushed the fetus down the toilet. Goodson's mother and grandmother reportedly told The Ledger Wednesday that they did not believe the teen knew she was pregnant before giving birth.
When contacted by HLN earlier this week, Goodson's mother declined to comment on the case. A shaken Oscar Pistorius refused to look at a gruesome photo of his girlfriend's bloodied head on Wednesday, telling a prosecutor through tears, "I don't have to look at a picture.
Defense lawyer Barry Roux objected to the showing of the gun video, saying it was inadmissible character evidence and amounted to a legal "ambush" by the prosecution.
Gasps could be heard in the courtroom from spectators, including the dead woman's mother, June, when the police photo suddenly appeared on multiple TV screens showing Steenkamp's head turned to the side, her blonde hair drenched in blood and a mass of tissue on the back and upper parts of her skull, her eyes closed.

Pistorius turned away and refused to look at the image, even as the prosecutor insisted he do so and face up to what he did. Wednesday's heated questioning began with the showing of a video, first broadcast on Sky News, of the star athlete firing a gun at a watermelon at a shooting range. Miley Cyrus has canceled another stop on her Bangerz tour as she remains hospitalized for an allergic reaction to antibiotics.
The venue's website confirms the concert's cancellation and offers information on ticket refunds.
Cyrus first canceled Tuesday's show at the Kansas City Sprint Center after she was put on medical rest.
Michael Phelps Son: Swimmer Has The Cutest Olympic Cheering Squad, Check Out Baby Boomer In Rio!
The 22-time medalist will dive into his fifth Olympics on Monday, and Boomer Robert Phelps will be there to cheer him on.
The online extension of Billboard Magazine, is the essential online destination for the music business.
She continues to tell me that she bought the perfume in Paris without ever smelling it, a young and awkward graduate student intimidated by elegant, lanky sales associates. It’s root beer and dusty oriental florals mingling with dazzling Southern Californian florals. The EDP is gorgeous but I tend to like that Coco is an 1980’s style oriental that is lighter and has a sheerness.
Pistorius says he shot the 29-year-old model and law school graduate by mistake, thinking she was a dangerous intruder.
Michael Phelps' son is on his way to Rio, and the 3-month old is sweeping the competition in the cuteness department. The tyke boarded a flight to the Marvelous City on Saturday, doubling down on his Team USA support with a patriotic baby blanket.

The 17-year-old is at it again, this time with the new song "Meridians," written by Chance and hip-hop maestro Battleroy. It’s a beautiful perfume for a early fall that attaches seamlessly to scarves and sweaters. At one time I viewed Coco as feminine, but as mainstream masculines get sweeter and sweeter I view Coco as unisex.
That's because this smooch operation is actually advertising clothes for Wren Studio, and those aren't just any ordinary lips. But Wednesday morning, she sent a series of Tweets indicating she isn't well enough to continue. The kissers range from models and actors to indie rockers, including OK Go's Damian Kulash, Marianna Palka and Jill Larson. Coco became her signature not because it was the only perfume in her possession,  but because it represented the type of awkwardness one has when in a malapropos situation and the awkwardness one feels from receiving complete adoration.
One thing I’ve noticed with my blog is that I rarely review the fragrances that I wear the most.
Tonka bean and Patchouli in the base notes is the only letdown, as they both are diametrically opposed (my opinion).
The lyric, to me, is about experiencing new things in life and crossing certain imaginary lines or meridians that feel so monumental.""Meridians" is not an official single or album track, but a song being bestowed to Chance's rabid fan base.

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