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Pluck synths are used in several genres of EDM, like progressive house, trance, big room and many sub-genres of each. To make the synth bigger than life itself, you will need to add a couple of effects; mainly, an EQ, delay and a reverb unit. To make the synth pop and sound less muddy we will take an EQ and cut out the lows and boost the highs. Watch the following video to hear the synth in action and get tips on how you can make minor adjustment to the synth to make it more you.

How to make an Anthem Style Lead Synth Like Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Nicky Romero, Quintino, Tiesto, R3hab and more!
There’s a quote I came across somewhere on the internet “Rock is for loyalists, EDM is for everyone” and I think it’s a cent percent precise! In this tutorial I will show you how to make a pluck synth that’s bigger than life itself.
Lyrics and the tracks are inspiring but there’re a few carefully placed words constructed into non-poetic sentences about EDM out there which we all can relate to at some level.

I will use one of my favourite Reverb units,  a stock plugin from Logic called PlatinumVerb.
We will change the Room Size to 100m and increase the Reverb Time to 6.00 seconds to get a nice long huge reverb for our pluck synth.

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