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This month I attended an Advanced CPR First Aid Training course with ITG Instructor Training at Ipswich hospital. During the course we were able to use the simulation suite at Ipswich hospital, which contains advanced adult, child and infant manikins. During our day at the simulation suite we were introduced to the manikins and their capabilities and we had the opportunity to practice and improve upon our CPR skills and to use a bag valve mask to provide ventilations.
We also had access to other adult and child manikins that also monitored performance, enabling us to continue practicing our CPR and ventilation skills and also receive feedback as to how each of us could improve to perform even more effective CPR.
In the afternoon we all had an assessment scenario with an adult, child and infant manikin to demonstrate the techniques that we had learnt during the course.
The Advanced CPR First Aid Training course was very interesting and educational as it reinforced the reason why carrying out CPR is so important and how effective CPR really can make all the difference for a person who is in cardiac arrest.

If you would like to learn more about CPR and how to perform effective CPR then please Contact Us to discuss your requirements. We can deliver courses in-house and endeavour to work with you to deliver training when it is most convenient for your business. The manikins have been developed to be as life-like as possible and have many functions such as blinking, breathing, speaking and palpable pulses.
But the officer said, “Nothing that I’ve ever done in my life, in my military career or on this job can compare to what happened to me today.”The officer was waiting for speeders when he got the emergency call.
A variety of medical procedures can be carried out on the manikins such as administering IV fluids and intubation. He found the two-month old unconscious, blue and not breathing.He calmed himself and began CPR chest compressions on the baby.

The manikins provide realistic medical observations and presentation that enables scenarios to be carried out in real time. During CPR the manikins can detect the rate and depth of compressions and the effectiveness of breaths, which can be seen on a separate screen.

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