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An effective workplace first aid box will contain materials to not only treat minor cuts and grazes, but also items that will help first aiders deal with more serious situations. Professional medical help must be sought for serious incidents, or if the first aider feels worried or out of their depth regarding the possible treatment options open to them. Although it is common practice for one or more people to be trained to take on the role of the workplace first aider, there are times when they are not available and someone else must step into the role. These should be kept sterile – individually wrapped and kept away from moisture or contamination.
Again, these must be kept in sterile conditions and used when someone has got something in their eye, or have used an eye bath. These are useful for keeping an arm or leg still during a transfer to hospital in the case of a suspected break or strain. As with the plasters, keep these in an assortment of sizes and use scissors to cut them to size if necessary. Always have these to hand, as the first aider may need to protect themselves or others from open wounds or infections. Used for a plethora of first aid tasks, these can help fasten bandages, cut away clothing from a wound, cut plasters down to the required size and so on. Don’t keep these in the workplace first aid box, as people can have adverse reactions to certain medications and they can also go out of date unnoticed. There was a time when first aid in the field meant you took a gulp of “red eye,” and then bit on a bullet while your buddy cauterized the wound using the glowing hot blade of a hunting knife.
Today’s first-aid kits are a field version of a well-stocked medicine chest — all neatly stored in a handy, easy-to-carry pouch. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Wallaboo First Aid Kit is packed full with all the essential items that we should have with us for those inevitable trips and tumbles that happen when out and about with small children.
Having a well-stocked baby first-aid kit close at hand will help parents handle an emergency at a moment's notice. Water-repellant pouch measuring 16 x 18 x 8.4 cms and made from EVA moulded foam, with velcro strap and popper.

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The safety of your crew is another good reason to keep these portable medical supplies on hand.
It’s also a good idea to make sure that you are making provision for the type of work you will be around with your pickup. Fortunately over the years we haven’t had to get very deep into the first aid kits we carry on our pickups. These days if anyone is bleeding at all just about everyone on the crew wants that bleeding stopped, if not out of concern for the injured worker then out of self-protection. That’s why vinyl gloves are the number 2 item we go through out of our first aid kits. Attention to these frequently used first aid supplies helps us keep our kits fully stocked. Because construction first aid kits actually get used, it’s a good idea to check supplies at every safety meeting. We recently checked the contents of an ANSI-compliant first aid kit against an all-purpose consumer first aid kit of similar size. Missing from the all-purpose kit were specific bandage types (knuckle, fingertip), more sizes of gauze pads, burn cream, moleskin, eye pad, tweezers, ibuprofen, aspirin and Tylenol – all items that could come in handy on the jobsite. Whether you buy a first aid kit at a drug store or put one together yourself, make sure it has all the items you may need, such as medications and emergency phone numbers, advises the American Red Cross. Even in the most sedentary of occupations, people can injure themselves, or suddenly come over ill and having rapid access to the right equipment is vital. There is no mandatory list of what to include in – or omit from – a first aid kit, although there are plenty of recommendations from expert bodies, such as and the Health and Safety Executive. All accidents must be recorded too and the person’s family or emergency contact informed where relevant.
Having a brief guide with useful bullet points will help calm a nervous stand-in and will keep things clear and simple to allow treatment to proceed.

Keep a stock of assorted sizes, and include some hypo-allergenic ones for people who suffer reactions to the standard makes. If anyone has to carry medication regularly, it’s best for them to keep it with them at all times and to let the first aider, or their line manager know where to find it in an emergency. Some kits are specifically designed for a particular outdoor activity such as climbing, kayaking or backcountry biking. Typically, our family groups range in size from three to five campers including adults and children.
The contents are packed in a soft water repellant pouch, and kept secure in the moulded interior and net compartments.
Construction workers and landscapers are familiar with minor cuts and abrasions, it’s part of the job.
In many cases, the main first aid supplies are located in the tool trailer, job shack, onsite office, weigh station or other jobsite structure. Regular ?-inch bandages, sure, those disappear quickly on the jobsite, but we’ve rarely had to get into any gauze or medical tape.
Missing items can be re-supplied from common medical supplies found at the local drug store. Greg Severson MD, Pediatrician at Methodist Physicians Clinic HealthWest answers this question.
Still the family-style first-aid kit is one of the most basic, yet most essential tools one should have while active outdoors. A well-stocked first-aid kit for a group of four with enough inventory to treat relatively serious injuries is essential.
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