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Wereldwijde onderwijs is het onderwijs van internationale betrekkingen en de rollen die landen in het idee van de globalisering spelen. The free online 2012 Global Education Conference is currently accepting proposals for topics.
Please keep in mind that proposals must be global-minded and should focus on ideas, examples, or projects that connect organizations, educators and classrooms.
The audience is primarily K20 educators, students and organizations and the conference will primarily be in English. This entry was posted in Conferences & Events and tagged classrooms, conferences, connect, educators, events, global education, global education conference, k20, online event, students, submission by Molly Gerth. The New York Times online with news, politics, business, technology, sports, science, health, arts, style, opinions, and classifieds. World Education Services (WES) is the largest non-profit credential evaluation service in North America and a leading provider of research on international education. Founded in 1831 to enlarge the scope of higher education: includes thirteen schools, colleges, and divisions at five major centers in Manhattan. EF is an international education company offering study abroad, language learning, cultural exchange and academic programs around the world. K-8 elementary educational activities, games, themes, graphic organizers, writing prompts, benchmark papers, and research.
Online education is a new approach to teaching and learning that pushes the boundaries Coursera has about 170,000 students around the world that have signed up for it.
New Delhi: To raise funds for education of millions of underprivileged children in the 31-year-old has taken this Run India project challenge to raise funds to support six World Vision Area projects that focuses on education.

He’s starting out as a new student board member this year but also a chance to grow professionally in both the world of politics and education. More Green Country students are headed back to school tomorrow, and Owasso high-schoolers have brand-new gear waiting for them this year everyone on the same playing field," Gann said. Many worry that the education system is increasingly outdated and unable to prepare students for the world they’ll graduate into – for life and employability. Indeed, there’s lots of evidence that American higher education could be doing significantly better. It’s a question that we at The Hechinger Report set out to answer by visiting countries on three continents and examining their new higher-education agendas. The United States is facing a projected shortfall of 16 million college-educated adults in the American workforce by 2025 if it doesn’t change the rate at which it produces college graduates. With the country on the cusp of a double-dip recession, millions remain unemployed and leading thinkers are suggesting that the 21st century belongs to China and India, not America. Our series attempts to showcase the vital lessons to be learned about how other countries get more of their students to and through college than the United States does. They are looking for ideas that promote global awareness, fostering global competency, and inspiring action towards solving real-world problems. In addition to all of the familiar faces, students will meet 11 new faculty members who joined the ranks of the USD 415 and Special Education Interlocal 615 team. But what if the nation’s 5,000 institutions of higher education, as a whole, have fallen behind their international peers? Far more attend two- and four-year colleges, both public and private, of often-questionable quality.

Young Americans today will make history for being the first generation ever to be less educated, and to earn less and live less comfortably, than their parents.
We invite you to be a part of the discussion, as it unfolds over the coming months on this site, in The Washington Post and in other national outlets.
With the world getting more hyper-connected all the time, maintaining the American dream will require learning, working, producing, relearning, and innovating twice as hard, twice as fast, twice as often, and twice as much.
How has Canada increased attainment rates and integrated immigrants and native populations into its higher-education system? I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada where I’m training to compete in physique bodybuilding.
Dit is omdat het maakt sutdents bewust van hun invloed op het leven, en het ook maakt studenten bewust van andere culturen en culturele verschillen en bevordert de culturele acceptatie. The Hechinger Report will turn its attention to higher education in China, India, Japan and South Korea, as well as Canada, Great Britain and Ireland.
How are other countries increasing access and success among historically underrepresented groups? How are they maintaining quality without increasing costs, while also focusing on what students actually learn and are able to do? Our hope is to spark a national conversation about higher education that continues well beyond our coverage.

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