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The Quartz XOne EDS System's analysis functions were carefully researched and engineered to provide accurate, reliable results for even the most difficult specimens. Automatic X-ray peak identification produces a list of possible elements from which elements are chosen for EDX analysis. The compare tab is used to compare two X-ray spectra with each other in a detailed, channel-by-channel fashion.
Quartz Imaging set the standard for digital image acquisition systems for SEMs with our Quartz PCI product. Rather than acquiring maps in a single pass, the Quartz XOne EDS System builds up the map through multiple passes of the beam. For each acquisition, maps for different elements can be displayed at different spatial resolutions.
Of course, because it comes from the PCI people, the Quartz XOne EDS System acquires the SEM image at the same time it is mapping. Once you've completed your EDS analysis, the Quartz XOne EDS System makes it easy to generate your final report. Alternatively, you can use third-party programs, such as Microsoft® Office, to generate your reports.
The Quartz XOne EDS System can read and write spectra in the industry-standard EMSA file format. Because Quartz XOne comes from Quartz Imaging, it is completely compatible with the Quartz PCI system. Once you have acquired your data, you want to get it into the hands of your clients and colleagues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Offline viewer software is available which will let users view and analyze data away from the tool, saving instrument time. The Quartz XOne EDS System's built-in database support makes it easy to store, search for and retrieve your data.
Through Quartz XOne, you'll have access to Quartz Imaging's scalable family of high performance database tools.
The Quartz XOne EDS System is compatible with the PCI Intranet Image Server which can be used to distribute X-ray results and other data throughout your organization with web-based software.

Original EDX line profiles, low intensity line profiles of Ta, Lb1 and Hf, Lb1 lie below Si line profile (red line). Processed EDX line profiles, high intensity and separate line profiles of Ta Lb1 (blue line) and Hf Lb1 (purple line). Quartz XOne combines all of PCI's extensive imaging capabilities with cutting-edge, yet easy to use, EDX functionality. In addition to the acquisition conditions, the tabs provide access to the peak identification, quantification, advanced fit and spectrum comparison functions. Background regions are first determined automatically and then may be adjusted by the user.
Now we've extended this technology to acquire high-resolution, fully live-time corrected X-ray maps at high speed.
Use a lower spatial resolution for trace elements so that the X-ray events are consolidated into fewer pixels.
On most instruments, this SEM image will include the micron marker and other data generated by the microscope. For most instruments, the image includes the micron marker information generated by the microscope.
Analyze this spectrum to get element concentrations that are fully corrected for ZAF matrix effects. You can print complete analysis reports from within the Quartz XOne software, specifying exactly what items are to be included on the printed page — EDS spectra, analysis results etc. Quartz XOne allows X-ray spectra, images, maps, linescans and analysis results to be copied to the clipboard and pasted into other applications. This means that Quartz XOne's EDS spectra can be read by software from other vendors and that spectra from other vendors' equipment can be read and analyzed by the Quartz XOne EDS System. Options available for PCI include the Quartz PCI Intranet Image Server, which permits delivery of Quartz XOne results as web pages. The Quartz XOne EDS System's comprehensive support for networks means that your data can be made available to decision-makers instantly. Because it was designed from the ground up to be a network application, Quartz XOne handles issues such as record locking and file sharing transparently and robustly.

Because Quartz XOne is fully compatible with Quartz PCI, X-ray data can be stored in a common database with information from your other laboratory tools. Data can be accessed through the offline viewer software or, with the PCI Intranet Image Server package, through any web browser. It allows you to keep track of job, session, and sample information as well as all of your X-ray files and images.
I'm planning on leaving the 21st of March and I hope it will be a interesting and exciting experience ! Representation of the topological and material contrast of objects from 100mm to 20nm size. Featuring state-of-the-art Silicon Drift Detector and pulse processor technology, the Quartz XOne EDS System adds fast, accurate energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy capability to your electron microscope. As you proceed with the EDS analysis, you can move back and forth among the tabs to adjust parameters. Combining our imaging technology with our high-performance pulse processor makes it practical to produce X-ray maps faster and with higher spatial resolution than most conventional systems.
Because all of the data is retained, it is possible to select elements for map creation before, during and even after data acquisition is completed.
Where you have a dominant element with many X-ray events, display the map at high-resolution so that small features become apparent.
EDS spectra, images, maps and linescans can also be exported into many popular image formats and then imported into other applications.
Quartz XOne Office Software, which will read both EMSA and Quartz XOne native files, is available so that you and your clients can view and manipulate X-ray spectra and maps on office PCs.
Linescans and fully quantifiable EDS spectra from any region in the map can also be generated during and after acquisition.

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