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Educational Technology is a bridge that connects the theories and the teachers and students facing learning problems. Androgogic specialises in designing and implementing best-practice Educational Technologies in scalable, future-proof, integrated systems architectures. Learning Management System (LMS): this comprises the baseline platform and core of the learning-teaching quadrant. Corporate website: this is used for sales and marketing including lead management and potential to real student conversion. An LMS-LCMS integration: standard features allow the discovery and publication in the LMS of content in the LCMS and the ability to contribute new content, adapt or update existing content as well as aggregate and localise content from a range of sources both within and beyond the LCMS. An LMS-ePortfolio integration allowing automatic account creation and Single Sign On (SSO) from the LMS.
An LMS-SMS integration: these generally involve passing user account details and enrolment, transfers and cancellations from the SMS to the LMS and course completions, user account detail changes from the LMS to the SMS. Integration with synchronous learning systems such as Big Blue Button, Adobe Connect, Webex, etc, allowing SSO and session scheduling. Integration with the LMS and anti-plagiarism systems: allowing student work to be checked for plagiarism before it can be submitted for marking. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

The selected LMS should be functionally extremely powerful with a strong feature set and an extremely vibrant development community so ideally Open Source. It is a learner-centred, personal learning environment which augments and extends the capabilities of the LMS. It can be extended to include additional collections to manage the content for the learning-teaching quadrant core system, the LMS and provide quality assurance, content management efficiency and effective access to upstream resources. It is a key component in the broader architecture and needs to be integrated with the SMS and structures to support Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) investments. More complex integrations can include passing data on student assignment submission, tutor marking and other service level data. Educational Technology is also like a profession in teaching that applies different tools, educational technologies and processes or procedures to make an effective learning to the students.
Educational Technology is also a field study that uses educational methods to reach the learning process. There are several excellent Open Source LMSs, each of which scale effectively to serve large populations of learners and teachers and are extremely usable and popular with teachers and learners alike making change management easier.
Educational methods here can be explained through the use of Dale’s Cone of Experience.
There are eight levels in the cone of experience and the first from the bottom-to-top would be Direct, Purposeful Experiences.

Next would be the Contrive Experiences where teacher uses representative models to make the students’ perception in learning be realistic. Next would be Dramatized Experiences where students learn at the same time teachers teaches through dramatization which is a highly effective way of making the students understand the lesson easily.
Next would be Educational Trips where students visit different places for them to learn new things. It is a passive way of learning because students will just watch a film about their lesson for the day.
Next would be Visual Symbols where students are represented by graphs, charts, tables, etc.
The last but not the least would be Verbal Symbols where written words are highly used in teaching the students.

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