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Meditation to me is a powerful tool which can kick-start a journey towards ‘self-discovery’ and bring about an unimaginable difference to a person’s life.
Here are a few tips to help you start off this beautiful journey, during which you’ll be ‘engulfed by the light of your heart’ and finally discover a new you. A library is believed to be the best place to study, because it is quiet and serene and thus creates ambiance perfect to concentrate. A few warm-up exercises before sitting to meditate help in improving circulation, removes restlessness and helps in making the body feel light. Mind and body are intertwined and if the body is well-balanced, the mind will also be in balance. Also, it’s a myth that you always have to sit in Padmasana (lotus position) to meditate; you can sit on a chair or cross-legged on the floor, all depends on your convenience. It is natural to sway away with the random thoughts that cross your mind once you close your eyes. After you’ve reached a stage where you’re in control of your emotions and away from any disturbances and when no thoughts can break your focus, you’re ready to undertake your exploration. Once you start meditating, you’d come about to the realization that meditation is not just relaxation but a tool to help us respond to the difficulties and joys of our lives, gracefully and in a more appropriate manner.
Newly documented palaeosols in the Ediacara Member of the Rawnsley Quartzite in South Australia now call for a re-evaluation of its famous fossils, widely considered evolutionary predecessors of the Cambrian explosion of marine animal phyla. The latest study proposes that rock in the Ediacara Member in South Australia — where palaeontologist Reginald Sprigg first discovered Ediacaran fossils in 1947 — represents ancient soils, and presents new geological data. Under this hypothesis, Retallack recasts Dickinsonia and Spriggina as lichens and suggests that trails attributed to Ediacaran worms actually indicate slime-mould growth.
Perhaps the only point of agreement is that, whatever else they were, the Ediacarans lived on the sandy beds of shallow, sunlit seas. Australian Multicellular Fossils Point to Life On Land, Not at Sea, Geologist Proposes – Dec.
When the scientists finally get to the top of the mountain, they will find the theologians waiting for them. Weekly paclitaxel in escalating doses in a patient with anthracycline-resistant, triple-negative, metastatic breast cancer with severe liver dysfunction.
Not only is the prognosis poor, but toxicity related to therapy may be unpredictable due to altered drug clearance.It is often accompanied by a sharp decline in performance status (PS) and a rapidly progressive disease course. Phase I and pharmacokinetic trial of paclitaxel in patients with hepatic dysfunction: Cancer and Leukemia Group B 9264.
Safety and pharmacology of paclitaxel in patients with impaired liver function: A population pharmacokinetic pharmacodynamic study.

Feasibility study and pharmacokinetics of low-dose paclitaxel in cancer patients with severe hepatic dysfunction. Pharmacokinetics of paclitaxel and three major metabolites in patients with advanced breast carcinoma refractory to anthracycline therapy treated with a 3-hour paclitaxel infusion: a European Cancer Centre (ECC) trial. No files are cached or stored on the our servers, all data comes from various different sources on the internet. Had it not been the case, then Siddhartha would have never become Buddha, ‘The Enlightened One’.
Similarly, in order to dwell into the deep study of your inner self via meditation, you need to find a tranquil place to undertake this venture of self-discovery.
But make sure, you don’t indulge into heavy exercises as they might tire you and you might doze off while meditating. Therefore, it is important to sit with spine upright and head up while meditating because if you slump, your mind will drift away.
To bring your mind to a meditative state, the easiest thing you can do is, focus on your breathing and remember NOT regulate it.
Meditation is diving deep into the ocean of self-discovery and settling our prolonged queries.
That's what I am, apart from being a final year History Hons student at Miranda House, Delhi University. Ediacaran red beds of South Australia (Figs 1 and 2) were initially considered non-marine by Douglas Mawson and Ralph Segnit. Among other lines of evidence, Retallack argues that the rock’s red colour and weathering pattern indicate that the deposits were formed in terrestrial — not marine — environments.
In place of a sea bed, Retallack says that he sees a terrestrial environment similar to the Arctic tundra, with large organisms present “in greater diversity than life in the ocean” at the time. This is where Retallack parts company with just about everyone else, because some of his Ediacaran palaeosols are associated with Ediacaran fossils. At Science Daily, the author is quoted as explaining that “This discovery has implications for the tree of life, because it removes Ediacaran fossils from the ancestry of animals.” If these Ediacaran fossils are not ancestral to the animals that appear so explosively in the Cambrian (a position held by others in the field), then those who hold true to the neo-Darwinian paradigm have very little left to cling to. And it believed that a peaceful and quiet place can make this whole experience enjoyable and soothing.
Via the historical walks I take and conduct, I travel through time and take a dive into the deep sea of our ancient past.
The paper argues that the Ediacaran fauna are not ancestral to the animals which arose in the Cambrian explosion and that life existed on land 65 million years before previously thought. When Mawson’s student Reginald Sprigg discovered and interpreted South Australian Ediacaran fossils as marine jellyfish, this palaeoenvironmental contradiction was resolved by a compromise interpretation of jellyfish thrown up onto tidal flats by storms. This would mean that at least some Ediacarans lived on land, under the sky, perhaps in the manner of lichens, or microbial colonies that form soil crusts. I doubt this will ever be reconciled as long as scientists hold on to the Big Bang as their origins explanation.

At the end of the 10th week, her PS improved to 1 and the disease showed a partial response. Counting the breathe, is actually an ancient meditation practice and it helps you at closing the door to unwanted thoughts which otherwise might steal away your attention. Retallack further argues that the iconic fossils of Dickinsonia and Springgina, which appear in the Precambrian Ediacaran assemblages, were not in fact animals at all. Ediacaran fossils are known worldwide in a variety of sedimentary facies, generally interpreted as shallow to deep marine, following Sprigg’s comparison with marine animals, although such comparisons now seem increasingly doubtful. The Ediacarans, then, would be the now-not-so-rare (and not at all mythical) creatures that first colonized the land — not just in puddles, but in soils indicative of a dry, cold desert. One of my favorite hobbies is to hunt down haunted places and pen down my experiences there.
Rather they were, according to Retallack, lichens, soil structures and traces of slime moulds.
This is as far away as imaginable from the oceanic idyll that many have assumed for Ediacaran organisms, and have reconstructed as such in a million coffee-table books.
However, 5 days after the administration of the 13 th dose, the disease progressed and paclitaxel had to be discontinued. Putative permineralized metazoans may instead have been crystal-lined vughs, and other permineralized Ediacaran fossils were red algae or glomeromycotan lichens. Precambrian shallow trails may have been made by slime moulds in their slug aggregation phase rather than worms.
There have also been suggestions that Ediacaran fossils were giant protists, such as xenophyopores, or fungi, such as lichens [internal citations omitted].
The metastatic work-up, including a chest radiograph (X-ray), ultrasound of the abdomen (USG) and a bone scan, was negative.
After three cycles, she complained of appearance of nodules at the incision site as well as backache. Physical examination revealed local recurrence with the presence of multiple skin nodules at the MRM incision site.
The contrast-enhanced computerized tomography of the abdomen revealed multiple liver metastases, one large metastases in the right lobe 8 cm in dimension as well as five lesions 1-2 cm in size. A magnetic resonance imaging of the spine and pelvis revealed multiple skeletal metastases in the lumbar, sacral and left illiac regions.She was then referred to our center.
Her liver functions (LFTs) were deranged [Table 1], and were as follows: serum bilirubin (S. The same dose was given for the next two cycles.Her skin lesions showed signs of resolution and the LFTs improved.

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