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The old saying: “Better to Be Safe Than Sorry” is a perfect adage when it comes to first aid kits. Laboratory normal values and the interpretation of abnormal results are frequent questions from my colleagues.
From the ordinary to the less than once a year test – all the normal values and clinical interpretation at your finger tips for over 230 different lab tests.
This app is complete with text and diagrams to aid positioning, an exposure guide for each view, and an example radiograph.
A complete guide to ultrasound of the reproductive cycle of the mare and early pregnancy diagnosis – using high quality text, ultrasound images and ultrasound video loops. This app helps you with fetal sexing at 55-70 and 110-140 days from multiple different planes, diagnose twins, twin reduction, uterine and ovarian diseases. As the saying goes, “see one, do one, teach one” – but what if you have never seen a technique done and need to perform it? This app uses high quality photos and videos to show you how to perform 54 techniques in equine medicine from the everyday (such as blood collection from the facial sinus) to the unusual (such as posterior ethmoidal nerve block for headshakers). Both the British Equine Veterinary Association and Equine Veterinarians Australia have bought the app for their members.
This app provides full text and illustrations on how to perform synoviocentesis including the arthroscopic approach to joints. This app has also been bought by the British Equine Veterinary Association for their members.
Stay tuned for Part 3 where we will detail the currently available small animal apps by Veterinary Advances.
In case of an emergency, if the injury is very severe or life threatening, call 9-1-1 first! Your first aid kit should  contain extra supplies of any prescription medicine you or anyone in the family is taking.
Finally, keep a list of doctors and other emergency numbers in your first aid kit, for easy access to this important information. Start making a list of what you will need to reorder from EquiMedic USA, the world leader in Equine First Aid Kits.

Since emergencies are by their nature unexpected hazard events, it’s hard to know what the future may hold in terms of your needs. In the long run, your first aid kit supplies are a minimal cost compared to the potential cost of not having those supplies at the ready. Look inside and make sure that your products haven’t been compromised by dirt and foreign objects. These are important to the sanitary use of your medications and keeping your dressing clean. If you are doing your own vaccinations or have had sick horses in the past year, you might need to replenish or restock your injection equipment.
Don’t be caught in the coming riding season short of the essentials to be a responsible care taker of your horses.
Personally, I always found it annoying to have to keep trying to find normal values for unusual tests like coagulation tests. It is fully customizable and has been bought by the British Equine Veterinary Association for their members. We now have an expanding library of equine apps (8 in total – do you have them all?) from our expert contributing authors.
Some new apps (one small animal app and another equine app), both from new expert authors, are currently in the works. Foal CPR has a rhythm track to keep the thoracic compressions fast enough and the ventilation slow enough!
Kevin Corley is an internationally renowned specialist in equine medicine and critical care. We are always striving to make our Apps even more useful for veterinarians in the field – and so always welcome suggestions for additional features. More than having bandages and some antibiotics, these kits come often come with rubbing alcohol to sterilize wounds and kills germs, gauze pads, and handy tools like tweezers.
Keeping extra (fully charged) cell phone batteries here is also a good idea if you are traveling or have an emergency while in the car, away from a phone charger. Will this be the year that you will want to order a stethoscope or an extra digital thermometer?

But you do know that you don’t want to tempt fate and be caught short of needed supplies when an emergency does strike one of your horses.
You will need your supplies to be virulent and effective when you need to use them so be certain they haven’t been contaminated by debris. Some items might last a short while after expiration dates, but you shouldn’t count on medications being effective when they are beyond expiration. Be sure to return the tools to their proper storage place in your kit, held readily available in the elastic loops of the main compartment of your kit bag. Depending upon the severity of the wound, dressings can get used up fast and might become depleted most easily. EquiMedic USA has increased the number of sizes of both syringes and needles in recent years, so take a look at additional options available in this department. In case you missed it, here is part one of the Veterinary Advances apps on the popular Equine Drugs app. We did several foal CPR attempts in the 2013 season, and we always used the app to help us get the timing right. He works at Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospital on the Curragh in Ireland, in the centre of the main Thoroughbred breeding and racing area. With a fresh year of campaigning your horse in your favorite disciplines, you will not want to be caught short on emergency supplies.
You’ve operated for three years now without a first aid book, so consider that as an important upgrade to your tools for keeping your horses safe. Kevin is a director of Veterinary Advances Ltd, a company he set up with his veterinarian wife.
When not obsessing about blood pressures and urine output in the middle of the night, Kevin enjoys cycling and photography in the beautiful Irish countryside (and trying to work out ways to buy yet more photography gear). Between one son, a horse (used for carriage driving), two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and three cats, there is plenty of competition for space at his house!

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