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Infected gums become the breeding ground for further growth of bacteria, thus aggravating the condition. Gums are the mucous membrane covered tissues of the jaws that surround the roots of the teeth. In some patients, spaces develop between teeth which give an abnormal appearance to the mouth.
In some cases, tight contact between teeth makes it difficult to clean the inter-dental gums. Swelling of gums may also arise as a side effect of drugs like Amlodipine, Diltiazem, Felodipine and Phenytoin. Smoking increases the risk of gum disease and is sometimes seen to be the reason behind swollen gums. Swollen Gums treatment usually involves removal of plaques or bacterial patches from the teeth. Multivitamin pills add Vitamin C, iron and folic acid to the system the absence of which lead to an inflammation of the gums. While swollen gums are usually non-harmful, they can sometimes lead to serious complications like ulcers in the gums and even tooth loss.
When healthy, this part of your gum should be pink and firm against your teeth.If the papilla is unhealthy it looks red, swollen and loose. If you breathe through your mouth, your gums will be swollen in the front of your mouth. If you have orthodontic brackets aka dental braces, extra care is needed to prevent swollen gums.Orthodontic brackets are really hard to keep clean. Pregnancy gingivitis and teenage gingivitis are both a result of hormones but can be prevented with really good brushing and flossing. While there is clearly a difference between them – both conditions must be effectively treated before you can begin to see positive results.
If you have a poorly fitted crown or dentures, this can create pressure on the gums in a way that causes them to swell.
If you have recently visited the dentist to have a tooth pulled, it would be normal to expect some gum swelling after tooth extraction. There’s another culprit that can often be one of the causes of localized gum swelling. A filling that has been over-filled or needs to be reduced because it’s pressing against another tooth could also be the cause.
Any problem that is a result of poor dentistry must be fixed by your dentist before you will get any relief from your gum swelling. Very often – the first signs of approaching serious gum problems are soreness, redness, aching and the swelling of gums around your teeth. Back in 2008 I was suffering badly with all the above gum disease symptoms and when I had exhausted my spare cash at the dentist’s surgery, I set about trying to find an alternative remedy that I could do by myself.

More flossing and the regular use of a fluoride toothpaste with a proprietary brand of mouthwash is the usual advice.
However, the toothpaste and mouthwash on sale in drug stores and supermarkets is harsh and full of chemicals and alcohol. What is essential, is that you eliminate the bad bacteria that lives in your mouth (nothing personal – we all have it). Until you have got those harmful micro-organisms under control, you will never make any progress with your symptoms of gum disease. After some searching on the Internet I found Dental Pro 7 – a natural home remedy carefully formulated out of essential oils by a little-known specialist gum care manufacturer that ships same-day by airmail all over the world. Being somewhat skeptical as I had had some experience with swollen gum treatments that had failed, I needed some proof before taking out my credit card. On the Dental Pro 7 website there are positive customer testimonials that are worth reading – as many people have had great results.
Assuming you have ruled out any pre-existing physical problem in your mouth – the answer is most likely to be a gum problem caused by oral bacteria. The best way to destroy your oral bacteria is to use Dental Pro 7, which is the leading natural alternative to expensive and uncomfortable dental procedures. By using a natural product that has been specifically designed for the job – you have the best opportunity to end your gum swelling.
They are also one of the most discomforting conditions causing inflammation and pain in the gums. Not brushing regularly or not rinsing your mouth after every meal will lead to lodgment of food in the gums. So when you brush teeth, it is important to ensure that bristles reach the inter dental gums or the gums in between teeth.
This nutrient helps maintain color of gums, it helps to heal cuts and other wounds that may have affected the gums, strengthens immune system and also reduces pain in the gums. The crowns fabricated for the purpose are often too tight, thus putting too much pressure on the gums. Nicotine present in tobacco causes a chemical reaction when coming in contact with saliva and causes inflammation in the gums. Some drugs that have been identified as causing swelling of gums around teeth are diltiazem, felodipine, amlodipine and phenytoin.
Plaque becomes the breeding ground of bacteria that gradually reach the gums and cause swelling.
This happens in people who do not brush their teeth regularly or brushes in an improper way. Fibre-rich foods that need to be chewed thoroughly strengthen the gums and bring down the risk of inflammation. Too tight or ill-fitting dentures can cause constant irritation of gums and lead to their inflammation.

As a causative agent of Swollen Gums medications like antidepressants and Anticovulsants and heart disease drugs cannot be ruled out. In worse cases of gum inflammation due to bacteria, life-threatening conditions like Endocarditis may also arise. If you are having severe swelling in the gums accompanied with constant pain, it is time to consult a doctor.
In addition to swollen gums your teeth will decalcify (get white or yellow spots) around your brackets or worse yet cavities, if you don't keep them clean.
Many more medications cause dry mouth, if you take prescription medications, monitoring for side effects is important. In my own case, I had bad gum disease, but there are also physical reasons why your gums might be swelling. Wisdom teeth can take ages to arrive and this can produce significant gum swelling and pain.
Swelling in the gum has been classified into two types by dentists – swelling in the fibroid tissues and swelling from abscessed teeth. At the same time, remember not to brush too hard; this causes bleeding of gums and consequent swelling in the area.
Inadequate vitamin C in daily diet will lead to all the above ailments and thus cause swelling in the gums. Use of these drugs leads to a dental condition called idiopathic hypertrophy which causes gum inflammation. Other methods for Swollen Gums cure involve root planning, scaling, flossing and curettage.
While home remedies are fine for temporary relief, it is best to visit an experienced dental professional and get expert medical assistance. This condition can usually be cured after a visit to your hygienist combined with your consistent effort at home. Read on to know all about Swollen Gums around tooth, its causes, symptoms and how to treat  swollen gums. Timely treatment will help you recover sooner and avoid any possible future health complication. In order to treat swollen gums, it is first necessary to identify the causes of swelling of gums around teeth.

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