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SALIVARY GLANDS: SJOGREN'S SYNDROME Along with the symptoms of keratoconjunctivitis sicca and xerostomiathis, this woman has marked enlargement of the left parotid gland and slight enlargement of the right parotid gland, which are features of primary lesion. Sometimes, it isn’t just the aging process that causes facial skin to hang in asymmetric and unappealing folds and protruberances.  There are medical problems, such as swollen parotid glands, that can add bulk to the mid-face and fullness to the jawline and neck. Treatments for enlargement of the parotid gland vary depending on the type of the problem and its size.  Remedies also depend on whether the gland is growing, your level of physical discomfort and aesthetic concern. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please schedule a comprehensive consultation in our NYC office with Dr.
One of the most common salivary gland stones is the submandibular gland’s duct sialolith.
This 24 year old white female presented to Cape Dental Care with an ulcer behind her front lower teeth.
The ulcer she was pointing to behind her lower front teeth was the swollen opening to the right submandibular duct. This stone formed somewhere inside the gland, has now made its way to the opening and got stuck. The patient was told to finish her antibiotic given to her by her MD and to contact the office if it is not feeling better in one week. The characteristic multinodular growth of recurrent mixed tumor is obvious inthis parotid mass.

Most mixed tumors involve only one side of the palate because there are few minor glands in the midline.
These tumors frequently are slightly raised, fluctuant, bluish discolorations of the palatal mucosa that are clinically thought to represent mucous escapereactions. The upper lip, or any other intra oral site, is an uncommon location for acinic cell adenocarcinoma.
This sublingual gland tumor slowly enlarged to produce a large, lobulated mass in the anterior floor of the mouth. This tumor presented as a well-circumscribed, slow growing mass at the junction of the hard and soft palates. A 2-to 3-cm unilateral ulcer of the hard palate that is slow to heal is a common clinical presentation for necrotizing sialometaplasia. Swelling, as shown in this photograph of a palatal lesion, is a frequent initial clinical presentation. This extravasation type mucocele is a smooth-surfaced, dome-shaped nodule of the mucosa of the lower lip, the most common site for these lesions.
This mucocele in the floor of the mouth has a translucent appearance because the mucosa overlying it is very thin. Yagoda will obtain a full history and conduct a physical exam to detect abnormal swelling of the neck and jaw, facial nerve abnormalities, and muscle dysfunction.

Many times, an enlarged gland is removed though a careful surgical approach with incisions identical to those of a facelift.  A cosmetic benefit of that surgery is that it additionally provides a lifting and tightening of that side of the face, in the same way that a facelift does.
She was 2 month postpartum and went to her MD complaining of a sore jaw that swelled when she ate foods (especially sour foods). This is the gland that provides a majority of the saliva needed to moisten food as we chew. She may also order blood tests and radiographic tests such as X-rays, a CAT scan, or an MRI to evaluate the extent of the growth. As both a facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat doctor), she offers a full complement of medical and aesthetic services for superior patient care and is an expert in functional facelift. He looked around and told her it was probably an ulcer, prescribed antibiotics and told her it would probably go away. It is also responsible for the calcified plaque (tartar or calculus) behind your front lower teeth when you go in for a cleaning. Once the stone was dislodged a copious amount of saliva was expressed signaling a patent duct.

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