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Swollen glands, hernias, lumps skin, Most swollen glands or lumps under the skin are not cause for concern.
Swelling in the ankles is a common trouble that does not generate an immediate fear for medical attention.
The swollen ankle hurts while making an attempt to walk, extend or rotate the injured ankle. Although mild degree of bloated ankle and feet is considered normal in an expectant mother, sudden onset or constantly recurring, massive swelling may be indicative of Pre eclampsia. Pre eclampsia is a medical disorder that occurs in pregnancy and is characterized by elevated blood pressure (or hypertension) and presence of protein in urine. A medical condition known as venous insufficiency can trigger ankle swelling in the initial stages. This is why diabetics are always advised close inspection of their feet and ankles for the formation of blisters or sores as damage to the nerve blunts the feeling of pain, silently advancing the ankle swelling.
Other than weakening of the valves in the veins, formation of blood clots within the same can hinder the normal course of blood from the lower legs to the heart.
Of the two, it is the deep blood clots which prove to be life threatening in case they occlude single or multiple major veins running through the legs. In case you have noticed swelling in either or both of your ankles coupled with mild fever, pain and slight discolouration in that particular leg, see your doctor without delay. There exist several types of drugs, which can initiate, swelling in the ankle region as a probable side effect.
Similarly, Steroids, such as Prednisone, hormones like estrogen, testosterone (components of hormone replacement therapy or oral contraceptive pills) as well as anti-depressants like Amitriptyline belong to the category of ankle swelling inducing drugs. Thus, if one suspects that swelling in the ankle region initiated after consumption of certain drugs, it is best to speak to your doctor, for either modification in the dosage or its replacement by another drug.
The localized pooling of lymphatic fluid within the tissues, due to either complete absence or incomplete lymphatic functioning is responsible for puffy looking ankles. If left unattended, the collection of protein rich fluid leads to an ineffective destruction or removal of notorious bacteria. The buildup of uric acid crystals in the synovial fluid found in the joints ultimately leads to inflamed, painful joints.
Many a time, ankle swelling may hint towards ailments involving the heart, kidney or liver. If the health of the liver gets impacted due to any reason, the production of albumin lags, causing leakage of blood from the wall of the vessels and into the tissues along with fluid leakage. These changes, in combination with gravity pull results in many changes like fatigue, weight gain and swelling of feet and ankles too.
This stands true, especially for those with a job that involves several, continuous hours of standing or walking. Perhaps, the most common form of injury is when a misstep, or rigorous exercise causes the ligaments to be pulled beyond their limits of tolerance resulting in a sprain. This is the reason why cold fermentation and complete rest are recommended. To lessen the swelling, a compressive bandage is snugly wrapped over the ankle and the foot is kept elevated to prevent further pooling of fluid. As the unborn child grows within the expanding size of the uterus, it begins to exert more pressure on the blood vessels as well as other pelvic organs.
Immediate assistance should be availed if excessive swelling occurs coupled with symptoms of headache, pain in the abdomen, nausea, changes in vision and decreased frequency of micturition.

This condition results due to insufficient progression of venous blood from the lower aspect of the body up to the heart via the veins.
This stands true in patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes, specifically diabetic neuropathy or nerve disorders involving the feet.
Thus, removal of lymph nodes or any ailment involving them can block the normal movement of fluid along the network of thin capillaries. Ankle swelling is a characteristic finding in patients undergoing radiation therapy to treat cancerous growths. This classical symptom of gout attack of the ankles is accompanied by swelling, redness and stiffness. Right sided heart failure results in retention of salt plus water which results in swollen ankles, specifically during evening time.
Trauma to the tissue, as well as the structures, initiates accumulation of fluid and simultaneous inflammation.
This change interferes with the flow of fluids back to the heart, resulting in ankles looking bigger than expected.
Damage or weakening of the valves in the veins gives way to reverse flow of blood,leading to abnormal retention of blood in the soft tissues of the legs, primarily, the feet and ankles.
The same goes for infections which take place either in the soft tissues surrounding the ankles, for example, cellulitis or within the ankle joint.
Improper functioning of one or both the kidneys can also result in more fluid accumulation and consequently, ankle swelling. Patients using Calcium channel blockers, a class of blood pressure lowering medicines such as Nifedipine, amlodipine, verapamil and diltiazem often report of ankle swelling. The symptoms could be mild or extreme and they could indicated a number of possible causes. In fact, sometimes, you need to do differential diagnosis of swollen upper lip if you are to unearth the actual cause of the swelling since some share similar signs. The common symptoms include the following: Enlarged or fat lip (lip distention) Numbness or your lip feels numb Pain on your lip Tight and dry lip Tingling feeling, itchiness, inflammation Redness and skin color changes Blisters on your lip and chapped lips Discharges which might include pus as well as pus filled bumps Fever, chills, nasal congestion or runny nose.
Injury, trauma and surgeries The most common cause of swollen top lip is trauma, injuries and surgeries which include being hit by a blunt object, lip surgeries, dental procedures, top lip piercing, biting your lips, kissing, burning (e.g. Swollen upper lip allergic reaction Allergic reactions is another common causes of lip swelling that affect many people.
It is caused by various allergens that include food, latex, some medicines, pet dander, various lip care products, etc.
Allergies might be accompanied by other symptoms such as swollen face or eyes, watery eyes, runny nose, etc. For instance, if you have a swollen top lip after eating a certain food, you might be allergic to that food. Acne and pimple Going on with swollen top lip causes, having acne or pimple can also be a cause for swollen lip, both bottom and upper, especially if you have a cystic acne which tend to be bigger and painful can cause upper or top lip pain and swelling.

Sunburn or poisoning and harsh weather Exposure to too much sunlight can cause not only swollen lips but also blistered and cracked lips. Similarly, exposure to very dry, windy and cold conditions can also make your lips to swell. Swollen upper lip and hives The other possible cause of a swelling on your top lip could be urticaria or hives. This is basically a severe allergic reaction characterized by “a kind of skin rash notable for pale red, raised, itchy bumps” [Wikipedia]. There are other causes that include ingrown hair (if you have a swollen upper lip after waxing or shaving), abscess especially after piercing, eczema, myxedema, lip cancer, organ failure, blood transfusion reaction, herpangina, among many others.
Swollen upper lip in the morning (overnight or during sleep) Why is my upper lip swollen in the morning or what causes this problem?
If you suffer from swollen top lip in the morning, it is an indication the swelling happens overnight as you sleep. In addition, it could be due to insect bites, you biting it while asleep, or allergic reactions (angioedema) to your bedding material or even the food you ate before going to bed especially if you have no sores, cuts or blisters. Upper lip swelling and numbness Do you have top lip swollen and numb and you are wondering what could be behind? Sudden swelling of upper lip Child’s lip swelling on one side or upper half of the lip What causes sudden swelling of top lip?
The main culprit of sudden swelling of your upper or even lower lip swelling is allergic reactions to various things including lip care products (such as lip gloss, lipsticks, or lip balms), food allergies, latex allergy, allergy to some medicines, and pet dander among other allergens. If you have lower or upper lip swollen suddenly without a clear reason (unexplained) and you have not had any insect bites, try antihistamines both the OTC or prescription strengths to see if you will get better. Swollen frenulum upper lip Frenulum lip piercings and injuries related, gum diseases, dental problems, injuries, trauma, are the common causes of swollen lip frenulum.
Swollen upper lip treatment and home remedies If you have a swollen or fat lip, you must be looking for some of the ways on how to treat swollen top lip. Fortunately, there are many treatments and home remedies that can cure, heal or at least bring down or reduce swelling.
Some of the popular treatments include: If caused by allergies get OTC antihistamines as well as prescribed ones. The use of black teabags Honey Tea tree oil mixed with aloe vera Aloe vera extract Turmeric powder Salt and witch hazel Coconut oil Cold compress These and many other ways to treat swollen upper or lower lip will be very helpful if you want to deal with the problem fast. To get details on each of the above swollen upper lip treatments, see how to get rid of swollen lip.
I am going to sing for a school activity just 2 days from now and I dont want this swelling to make me look hideous.

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