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One of the most common lower back pain causes is the exertion required to be competitive in athletic activities, regardless of age. When you don’t exercise, a sudden movement or simple exertion can result in lower back pain.
Reaching for that tube of Ben Gay sitting at the back of the cabinet can do a number on you if you are not careful.
Likewise, many of us have poor posture while standing, but fortunately, we often do not stand for long periods of time. Low back pain, which is pain felt in your lower back can last for a few days to a few weeks. You’ll usually first feel back pain just after you lift a heavy object, move suddenly, sit in one position for a long time, or have an injury or accident.
Most of the time, back pain will get better using these approaches, ice, mild painkillers, physical therapy and proper exercises. But if you’ve been to your health care provider and your still experiencing lower or even upper back pain.
This back pain relief system is the only system that holds this secret technique to back pain relief. From a small niggle to complete debilitation, lower back pain is a common problem that affects literally millions of people worldwide. Unfortunately, we are all likely to suffer at some stage in our lives and the usual solution is to reach for the painkillers. But a recent clinical review published in the British Medical Journal reports that paracetamol, a common pain relieving medication, is ineffective for the treatment of lower back pain.
Well, the most important question to consider first is what’s actually causing your lower back pain.
By asking this question and discovering the correct diagnosis you’ll be able to choose the right techniques or treatments to get to the root cause and move towards a much speedier recovery. Back issues tend to be lumped together because quite often they have similar symptoms, but the underlying causes can be different and therefore the most effective treatment will vary.
Here I have compiled six of the most common lower back problems I see in my clinic to help guide you towards the best form of treatment for your problem. This is probably the most common injury to happen to the lower back and quite often occurs when lifting, over reaching or from a sporting injury.
Overreaching, twisting or stretching causes the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the area to tighten to prevent further damage and inflammation will build up as part of the natural healing process. If the muscles have tightened up you could also alternate with a hot pack to help them relax, but start and finish with the cold pack to ease the inflammation and reduce the pain. As with any injury rest is important to allow the body time to heal, but don’t spend hours sitting or lying down as this could make it worse. Initially rest is important, but once it has settled and on the advice of your medical practitioner, it is a good idea to strengthen the area.
As we grow older the discs that sit between the vertebrae in our back become thinner and the joints become more compressed. Qi gong is a low impact exercise of posture and breathing that can help with lower back pain. A heat pack placed over your lower back can bring some pain relief and increase flexibility to the joints, allowing the muscles and ligaments to relax.
Doing some stretching exercises everyday to decompress your lower back will open out the joints, keep them moving and elongate muscles.
Some supplements may be helpful in the treatment of OA, such as glucosamine and chondroitin and more recent studies have suggested that Vitamin D could be beneficial.
More commonly seen in the upper body, this type of injury can occur in the lower back when an action is continually repeated over a long period of time, causing stress to the joints or soft tissues.
Regular massaging with a therapist and counter movements can prevent a chronic condition from developing.
If a pattern of movement is unavoidable then stretching in the counter direction would be beneficial. This lack of movement coupled with poor posture at our desks can lead to stiffness and compression in the lower back causing aching. In order to do this you will then have to pull your chair right in to your desk in order to reach your keyboard easily.
Ideally your feet should be flat on the floor so it is really worth taking the time to adjust your chair height accordingly. For some women lower back pain can occur during the monthly cycle due to the uterus contracting and the network of nerves that run through the pelvis. Using a heat pack, hot water bottle or soaking in a hot bath can help relax the tension in the muscles. You might not feel like doing much exercise if you are aching, but some gentle movement has been shown to help relieve the symptoms.
A recent study has suggested that acupuncture may be beneficial for some women with painful periods, including reducing back pain. On the preventative side, studies have shown that women who exercise regularly tend to have less painful periods, so this may be something to consider and put in place if you do tend to suffer on a monthly basis. It is important to note that if you develop back pain suddenly with your period and it is not the norm for you or you have any other unusual changes it is essential to consult with your GP as it could be a sign of a more serious problem.

The materials on our site are presented for general information purposes only and are not intended to amount to advice on which reliance should be placed. An ergonomic chair is a chair designed to offer optimal comfort for the user, especially for those who need to sit for long periods of time. Now that you know you have anterior pelvic tilt, it is time to either help with the pain or to correct it before the pain kicks in. The position in which you sleep has a huge influence on how you wake up feeling the next morning. 6 Modes TOUCH SCREEN Powerful Smart Electro Therapy Pain Relief Massager Machine for Arthritis Pain Relief Soreness Relief Muscle Ease LIFETIME WARRANTY! Keck Medicine of USC is the University of Southern California’s medical enterprise, one of only two university-owned academic medical centers in the Los Angeles area. Trying to keep up with their 15-year-old son or daughter on the basketball court has punished many parents in their 40s and 50s. Sometimes an activity as simple as bending over to tie your shoe can cause a herniated disc, so make sure you reach down carefully and correctly. Our bodies are not built for so much sitting and hunching (as we type on our computers or sit at the table).
You may be experiencing back stiffness, decreased in movement of the lower back and even difficulty standing straight. You may need a controlled, progressive exercise program, with the goal of building towards a stronger, more flexible spine. This exercise program can improve blood flow to your back and promote healing and also strengthen muscles in your stomach and back.
Hurst’s Pain Relief Systems get you back on your feet and start living a normal life again! Jason Hurst is the Founder and creator of the Doctor's Pain Relief Systems, a natural pain relief treatment to help you eliminate your pain naturally. What’s more, the subjects in the studies who took paracetamol were shown to be four times more likely to have abnormal results on a liver function test. A prolapse means that the disc, the fluid filled sac that sits between the vertebrae like a cushion, bulges out of place. Wearing of the cartilage in between can occur, known as degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis (OA). The effectiveness and safety of taking supplements is very much down to the individual, so I would recommend speaking with a qualified health practitioner in this area to determine if this could be a good option for you. The obvious answer is to get up and move around, but as this is not always possible, setting up your workstation well is really important. Try gentle walking, swimming, cycling, yoga or tai chi and avoid higher impact activities such as running, which can cause jarring.
Some yoga stretches have proved very good for this, for example, downward facing dog or child’s pose.
A well balanced diet with plenty of green veggies is best and try to avoid alcohol, caffeine and salt which can heighten symptoms for some. It oftentimes goes unrealized how much impact your sleeping position has on your physical condition. Many other sports such as football, weight lifting, surfing and running take a tremendous toll on one’s back as well.
We often slouch, sit to one side or cross our legs, which can cause lower back pain over time.
Lose those extra pounds and get your muscles in shape and you will feel a whole lot better, not just in the lower back, but in your entire body. Even though discomfort and pain can be felt anywhere in your back. The most common area is the Lower Back. With it’s three main components, aerobic conditioning, stretching, and strengthening, these exercises are the best to help relieve the common causes of back pain and you’ll also find a technique that was designed to help end back pain all together. Jason Hurst,  DC, CCSP, CSCS is a Doctor Of Chiropractic licensed to practice in the states of Virginia and Indiana. Strengthening the core muscles will support the lower back and reduce the risk of any further prolapse.
For example, if at work you constantly have to turn to your right, the right side of your lower back could become compressed, irritated and inflamed.
She writes her own regular blog and recently published her first book, Combat Arthritis: The Essential Guide for Osteoarthritis.
If you have health problems you should consult a doctor or other qualified health professional.
The reason sleeping is one of the most common lower back pain causes is because you sleep through much of the pain that your bad position is causing.
Sudden lower back pain is most often caused by a sudden injury to the muscles and ligaments that support the back. Lower back pain can vary widely, the pain may be mild, or it can be so severe that you are not even able to move. Usually it is worse in the morning because the disc absorbs more fluid overnight, therefore making the bulge bigger.

If you were awake, you would change positions, but often we only become aware of the injury after the pain is intense enough to wake us up. You may also have pain in your leg, hip, or the bottom of your foot, depending on the cause. Hurst is also a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist.
He is the owner of Integrative Health Spine & Disc Center, which is the largest Laser clinic in Virginia specializing in chronic pain conditions.
Hurst and his team have been helping thousands of patients get rid of their chronic pain with his special techniques that you’ll only find in Doctor’s Pain Relief Systems! The spinal column supports the weight of the upper body and protects the spinal cord from damage.
Lower back problems can occur on both sides of the lower back or just one side of the spine. The location of the pain depends on the tissues involved and the cause of the problem.Delayed Onset Muscle SorenessDelayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can cause lower left back pain. This condition is a type of soreness that occurs after an intense physical activity session. Eccentric muscle contractions are contractions that happen when a muscle starts to lengthen. This condition is considered to be the main cause of DOMS.Explosive activities like plyometrics are the leading reason why some people develop DOMS. Example symptoms consist of muscle aching, decreased range of motion in the affected area, or tightness 12 to 48 hours after exercising. Pain or discomfort related to DOMS should start to get better around three days after the physical activity and completely gone after one week. Rest, massages or hydrotherapy should help with reducing the pain.Ectopic PregnancyAn ectopic pregnancy is another condition that can cause pain in the lower back region. This type of pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg becomes embedded in any location besides the lining of the uterus.
When a fertilized egg cultivate in the fallopian tubes, this is considered a tubal pregnancy.An ectopic pregnancy is known as a nonviable pregnancy because the fertilized egg cannot survive and can cause damage to the reproductive tract tissues. Common signs of an ectopic pregnancy are vaginal bleeding, cramping on the side of the pelvis, dizziness, and lower abdominal pain in the affected area. Certain risks increase a woman chance of having an ectopic pregnancy, such as a previous ectopic pregnancy, fertility medication, and inflammation of the reproductive tract structures.Kidney CancerKidney cancer occurs in the kidney and the kidneys are located on each side of the spine. There are also certain risk factors that increase people chance for cancer, such as being male, high blood pressure, obesity, and smoking.Muscle Strain CausesMuscle strains consist of the incomplete ripping of the muscle fibers that is caused by lifting a heavy object or from sudden movement. This condition can occur in the left side of the lower body and in other areas.The quadratus lumborum muscle is a commonly strained muscle in the lower back. It can take a while to feel pain that is caused by quadratus lumborum strains or low back strains because of an injury. Ulcerative causes inflammation to the digestive system for an extended period of time and a form of bowel disease. Commons symptoms related to the disease are diarrhea and abdominal pain.This disease can significantly prevent a person from having a normal life.
Other forms of ulcerative colitis are pancolitis, fulminant colitis, ulcerative proctitis, and proctosigmoiditis.Left-sided colitis can be identified by the inflammation that extends through the sigmoid colon, descending colon, and the rectum.
Common symptoms of the disease are abdominal cramping, pain to the left side of the back, sudden weight loss and bloody stools.There are numerous cases of abdominal pain from the left side sending pain to your back. Common conditions that cause simultaneous lower left back pain and abdominal pain are pelvic inflammatory disease, Crohn’s disease, pelvic abscesses, ulcerative colitis, menstrual cramps, ovarian cancer, and kidney stones.
Abdominal aortic aneurysm is located near the midsection of the stomach and can cause pain in the lower back area. This condition also causes the abdominal aorta to dilate.The symptoms associated with pain to the left side in the back depend on the type of tissue affected and the cause of the pain. Possible symptoms that distinguish left quadrant lower back pain are dull and aching pain on the lower back, nausea, abdominal tenderness, pain when urinating, vomiting, blisters on the side of the body, constipation, or unexplained weight loss.There are different ways to treat this condition, but depends on the cause of the condition. This type of condition can go away on its own after a few hours or a couple of days in some cases.
In some cases, there could be a possibility that more than one condition is causing the pain. This could mean a severe intra-abdominal disease, which could result in surgery.If the pain continues to persist and causes severe pain, then you need to seek medical attention. Related posts:What Causes Lower Right Back Pain and How to Get Rid of Them Lower Back Pain: Why does my lower back hurt?

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