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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Elle Paula has a Bachelor of Science in nutrition from Framingham State College and a certificate in holistic nutrition from the American College of Healthcare Sciences.
When swelling occurs in both legs and feet, it usually indicates damage to the organs or one of the organ systems, rather than direct injury to the leg. Cirrhosis is a condition characterized by excessive scarring of the liver due to gradual damage over time.
The most common causes of cirrhosis are hepatitis C and chronic alcohol abuse, says MedlinePlus. The pericardium is a thin sac that covers the heart in order to protect it and keep it in place. The most common cause of pericarditis is a viral infection, but the inflammation may also occur as a result of autoimmune diseases, chest injury, genetic diseases, kidney failure or tumors. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. With Father’s Day fast approaching, we wanted to pass along some helpful hints and tips on how to make this year a success.
Remember whether he’s your Dad, Grandpa, Brother, or Best Friend, he deserves some recognition. Ok… we know what you’re thinking; you live outside the city, and are a bit discouraged that there’s anything around? Last but not least, we have to suggest a pair of our knee highs for not only Dad but the both of you.
This entry was posted in The Latest & Greatest and tagged Support, Father, father's day 2016, Ideas, Dad, For, Guide, Gift, Father's Day, Socks, Compression, RejuvaHealth on June 2, 2016 by Kelsey Minarik. When I first began wearing compression my doctor instructed me to wear full-length compression. After over 10 months of research, development, and countless prototype iterations, we finally had a version I loved & which I thought other wearers like me would love too. This entry was posted in Healthy Tips, Style Your Stockings, How To and tagged tips, leggings, style, RejuvaHealth on July 27, 2015 by Kelsey Minarik. So you’re shopping for compression and you notice different labels & categories for open-toe and closed toe products.
In this video, I break down highlights of each style and key takeaways for deciding which of the two options are right for you. Like you might guess from the name, these cover the toes just like traditional socks or hosiery you’d buy at the store.
While most people are familiar with traditional closed toe stockings, few know exactly what open-toe implies as it relates to compression. Open-toe outfit tip for women: Try pairing sheer nude open toe thigh highs like these with a maxi dress and sandals.
In addition to footwear flexibility, open toe compression stockings are ideal for wearers with toe conditions like ingrown nails, bunions, open sores, etc.
Tip for putting on open toe items: Be sure to pull the end of the garment all the way past the ball of your foot and to the base of your toes. Knee-highs are out of the question so what’s the next best option: thigh highs, pantyhose, or leggings?
Here are a few of the top pieces of advice I’ve learned over the years along with some of my favorite tips for choosing the best length compression garment for your needs. When prescribed compression stockings, it’s not uncommon for a doctor suggest a full-length style. Compression pantyhose are similar in style to typical department store pantyhose, the largest difference lying in the firm compression contained in the legs. Footless variations aren’t for everyone so be sure to ask you physician whether it will adequately address your needs.
This entry was posted in Healthy Tips, How To, Leg Care & Health Information and tagged How to choose between full-length compression stocking styles, leggings, Compression legwear, pantyhose, thigh highs, RejuvaHealth on July 1, 2015 by Kelsey Minarik. Driving to work this morning with sunglasses on and windows down, I couldn’t help but be pleasantly reminded of spring’s arrival. I love opaque compression stockings for winter, but suggest moving them to the back of your dresser drawer come summer.
Opt for a solid sheer nude to achieve a “bare leg” look (I love this version if going for the no-stocking at all look) or select one with pattern or light color for an interesting pop of texture or color. In addition to calling to mind images of sand, mountainside, and dirt trails, tan & khaki compression socks complement light-color pants beautifully.
When I first began wearing compression, the stocking + sandal combination was my biggest fear and challenge.
This entry was posted in The Latest & Greatest and tagged summer trends, spring fashion trends, wearing compression socks in heat, warm weather compression socks, hot weather, compression stocking tips, warm weather compression, spring compression stockings, Rejuva, summer fashion, RejuvaHealth on April 17, 2015 by Kelsey Minarik. Let’s start with a quick overview of what DVT is and the risks that pose a problem to all walks of life, young and old alike. After the diagnoses, I felt like the nine days I spent recovering in the hospital had aged me 50+ years. A part from the lifestyle changes mentioned above, I also noticed some interesting changes in my body. One weird, but also really interesting observation was that the pain in my leg was significantly affected by the weather.
Lastly, I can’t talk about DVT without mentioning, drumroll please… the dreaded COMPRESSION STOCKINGS! Whether you need some style advice, or have a specific question about the fit, reach out to us - we’re all here for you.
This entry was posted in The Latest & Greatest and tagged blood clot awareness, survivor story, DVT survivor, vitamin K, Coumadin, warfarin diet, INR, post thrombotic syndrome, DVT Awareness, blood clot, Compression, DVT, deep vein thrombosis, RejuvaHealth on March 24, 2015 by Kelsey Minarik. Surgery is something many of us take for granted, but it’s also one of the more expensive and risky components of healthcare. Alexander Graham Bell said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” This wise advice can make both the surgery itself and its subsequent recovery quicker, more effective and less painful. Last year I underwent an emergency surgery and learned firsthand what happens when you don’t have that chance to prepare for what you’re about to get into. As in my case you can’t always know when a hospital stay or surgery may be in your future, but you can prepare for scheduled procedures to make your overall experience a little easier. Before leaving for the hospital, stock your fridge, freezer, and pantry with plenty of healthy foods and drinks to tide you over while homebound recovering.
As your anesthesia wears off, you may begin to become aware of pain or pressure where you were operated on. Once you’re allowed to resume more regular eating and drinking (most surgeries require no food or drink for a period of time before going under the knife), be proactive about hydration.
This entry was posted in Healthy Tips, How To, The Latest & Greatest and tagged Rejuva, Traveling, Compression Tips For Travel, Minarik, Kelsey, Socks, Compression, Health, Healthy, RejuvaHealth on December 30, 2014 by Kelsey Minarik.
As the founder of RejuvaHealth, I’m often asked and challenged on this topic by those who ask me what I do.
Did you know compression legwear actually comes in a variety of support levels for just that purpose? This entry was posted in Fabulous Fans and tagged safe travel, swelling relief, pain relief, graduated compression, why wear compression socks, compression sock, summer style, compression stocking, Compression legwear, Travel & DVT, knee highs, dvt treatment, RejuvaHealth on June 12, 2014 by Kelsey Minarik. All too often, we hear stories of doctors giving the compression suggestion with no guidance beyond that. The swelling often occurs as a result of excess fluid buildup in the body, a condition referred to as edema.
The lymphatic system sends lymph fluid throughout the body to pick up harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses and waste products. Treatment for lymphedema usually consists of medications, massages, exercises and compression stockings.
Other possible causes include medications, metabolic disorders, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and chronic inflammation of the liver.
Most cases of pericarditis can be effectively treated with a combination of anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers.
Consider researching what’s around your town, there’s sure to be a local event going on, whether a traveling show or an outdoor market.
A day full of exploring is bound to have your legs aching by the afternoon, so be sure to pick up both of you a pair. This sneaky trick let me wear some of the clothes I craved, but left me with a few annoying side effects. The black’s designed to be your easy, everyday staple (afterall, who doesn’t love a slimming black pant?) while the indigo is more similar to a “jegging” in hue – think a bit more casual and fun.
Their compression is most effective when pulled down below your ankle so just be sure to pull down their bottom ends as low as possible when putting on.
I love this combination for weekend nights out – my friends & I call them our Spanx on steroids! Footless compression leggings are also great for flights, long drives, or any long periods of sitting or standing.
Offering full foot coverage, closed toe items are ideal for frequent wearers of closed toed shoes and instances where you don’t want to have to wear another sock or stocking over your support garment. If you need to wear an open toe for conditions like these but also want to wear a closed toe shoe, try layering your open-toe compression knee high under a pair of normal cotton ankle socks. This could apply whether you have DVT, POTS, an advanced varicosity, or are coming out of surgery.
The stay up band style varies by item and brand, however the most commonly used is enhanced with a sticky “dot” pattern on the thigh bands interior. Since the garment starts at the base of the ankle, it doesn’t offer compression in the heel area, which can render it less effective than full foot options for wearers with advanced conditions or varicosities. Changing blooms, longer days and warmer weather - all welcomed changes to winter’s short days, cold nights & layers.
Compression thigh highs or pantyhose that looked so chic with dresses begin to raise eyebrows when paired with shorts.
During the course of this I’ve discovered a few tricks for surviving spring while wearing compression.
Instead opt for Sheer styles that offer a transparent peek of your actual skin tone beneath their yarns. My favorite is to combine both trends – nude + texture – in something like Rejuva’s Sheer Dot Buff.

As a Californian more time outside means more time by the caramel-colored sand and sparkling blue ocean water.
Pair with denim, white, khaki or army green pants plus brown shoes for instant cappuccino-inspired cohesion.
At the time of my DVT diagnosis, I was literally living 1 house from the sand at the beach. In the office, Stacy (our VP of Ops & a fellow compression wearer), were secretly cutting off the feet of pantyhose to make makeshift leggings. Either way, your feet will be fully free to frolic in sandals, feel the sand, and experience all spring & summer has to offer. To facilitate this we asked our REJUVA team member, Stacy, to share the details of her own DVT story and what she learned along the way. As if suffering a blood clot at the mere age of 20 wasn’t enough to make me feel like a walking dinosaur, family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers were sure to remind me. DVT is a medical condition that arises from the clotting of blood, usually in the calf or thigh, but can also occur in the pelvis area. You can read all about the signs and symptoms with a quick Google search, but I’d love to share those “feelings” on a more personal level. I was released on July 3rd and tormented with the idea of celebrating the 4th in a swimsuit, as the battle wounds left on my belly from the Lovenox shots weren’t all that appealing. While taking warfarin I gained some weight, which mostly was attributed to the change in my diet and the inability to workout given the injury. If a drastic change in the weather was on the upcoming forecast, I’d feel incredible amounts of pressure near the site of my clot.
On top of all the physical and emotional changes, you’re forced to change your wardrobe and it isn’t quite that easy. We also enjoy sharing war stories and hearing more from our fellow DVT-ers personal experiences.
With over 50 million inpatient procedures performed every year in the US alone, studies suggest that most of us will undergo not just one, but MULTIPLE invasive procedures during our lifetime. As a result of entering the procedure uneducated about its details and naive about the recovery thereafter, the experience was a difficult one.
These complications occur with a blood clot forms in the deep vein of a limb and can be life threatening if the clot breaks loose and travel to your lungs, brain, or heart.
Most assume supplements like daily vitamins, fish oil, and Echinacea are exempt from this (and up to 70% of people don’t mention it to their doctor for this reason) but they’re not.
But in the case you’re recovering from surgery, it’s one of the kindest things you can do for yourself. Depending on your surgery, you may have dietary restrictions in the weeks immediately following your procedure. In addition to ridding you of any post-surgery cottonmouth, drinking plenty of water will help flush medications through your system, promote healthy circulation, and encourage recovery. Being unable to participate in your normal routine can be frustrating, but your body went through a major trauma & needs time to recover. Check out what Kelsey has to say about traveling in style all while keeping your legs and feet healthy. If you’re like many, you probably think they’re for the sick, the elderly, or someone who recently had surgery.
Unlike an invasive procedure or risky oral medication, elastic compression garments offer a holistic remedy for the common achiness, heaviness, and fatigue that can accompany a busy daily routine. Follow me on the streets of Southern California as I ask real life wearers why they love it. We teamed up with vein specialist Dr Bunke-Paquette, MD, FACPh to get her pro answers and insights to a few of the most common compression questions. Bunke-Paquette, MD, FACPh specializes in minimally invasive outpatient procedures for a variety of venous conditions. She plans to continue on with her education, complete a master's degree program in nutrition and, ultimately, become a registered dietitian. The lower legs and feet are common areas of swelling because of the effects of gravity, notes MedlinePlus. The lymph fluid then brings the harmful substances to the lymph nodes, where they are filtered from the lymph fluid and eventually completely eliminated from the body. The first step in treating cirrhosis is a series of lifestyle changes that include cessation of alcohol use and following a salt-restricted diet. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the inflammation usually happens suddenly and can last for months. They really never ask for much and they’re typically happy with just spending some time with those they love. After the movie, you can head to the local eatery and both give your critiques on the film. They’ve got that old black & white vintage look, plus compression socks are the perfect accessory for a day filled with sitting.
Being based in Los Angeles, we’re lucky enough to have tons of museums right in our backyard. In addition to the year-round warm weather that made pantyhose a challenge, I ached to look more like my friends & wear my favorite sandals while still complying with my compression therapy. These leggings offer full opaque coverage in the tummy and leg and are NOT simply a pair of pantyhose with the feet cut off. Pair them with comfy sneakers and don’t forget layers if traveling via air– a must for varying plane cabin temperatures. Don’t worry - it’s a common question we receive from compression wearers both new and old at Rejuva. Closed toe compression thigh highs and pantyhose are especially great for colder months when seeking added warmth. Unfortunately doctors don’t always accompany this suggestion with the pros & cons of each style, making it hard to know which may be best for you.
This dot material is made from surgical grade silicone so offers more adhesion than a band you might find in a department store brand thigh high. Some offer moderate compression like a shaping garment while others offer breathing room for comfort.
For those for whom footless compression is an OK option, these are a great style for summer & warm weather. If you like wider or boot leg cuts and have a full shape, a legging or pantyhose may be a better fit. You won’t wear a garment that doesn’t fit comfortably so be sure to give them a test run as soon as you get them home.
And how on earth are you supposed to handle full-length support with open toed shoes or sandals?
In addition to offering a more seasonally-appropriate match to your changing wardrobe, I find the lighter yarns used to knit sheers offer a bit more breathable – another plus with warming weather. I love wearing our Herringbone Sand compression socks with white denim and brown leather ankle booties on spring nights, but you can also match them with denim and a fun pop of color in the shoe for a more youthful, playful energy. Sport them with dress shoes & slacks for work, or swap for Sperry’s and casual khakis on the weekends. Weekends and evenings were always spent outside and I struggled to find a way to enjoy my usual footwear without feeling frumpy. To avoid getting too hot while still looking boho beach chic, I’d pair them with a long maxi dress and sandals. The only bummer was this wasn’t a perfect solution – you couldn’t wear them with a shirt because your bum was still exposed and they often began rolling up from the feet. Read on for more about her story + top tips for navigating the physical & emotional components of recovery. The fact is, DVT can occur at any age and not one single individual is “too young” as they say. The clotting of a deep vein extremity is particularly scary because there’s not always a lot of warning and the severity can escalate pretty quickly.
The pain experienced is often at first localized, but may progressively expand into other areas.
In the search for recipe ideas, I came across “The Coumadin Cookbook,” which I thought worth sharing as it helped keep me on a more healthy diet. My hair was thinning right before my eyes, and it was alarming, as no one had mentioned this side effect of warfarin.
I had brought this up with several different doctors, but none of them had ever heard of anything similar from other patients.
No matter where you live, compression stockings don’t ever seem to fit in with the summer or winter fashion trends. Factors such as smoking, age, weight, and some medications can increase DVT and blood clot risk. You’ll probably be drowsy right after surgery and tired for a few days thereafter while your body recovers. Ask your doctor & research foods that fit within your recovery guidelines so you’re prepped with stress free meal options after surgery.
Communicate openly & often to your nurse, physician, and team about your pain and ask for more medicine if you need it. Wear loose-fitting, breathable clothes that allow you to relax comfortably and easily reach wounds. Instead of resenting your body for not being 100%, thank it for all that it does do properly. If so, he probably scribbled an illegible suggestion on a pad & sent you on your way with little beyond that. Check out our exclusive interview & read on for some more of her  top tips and answers to our most commonly asked questions.
Lymphedema occurs when the lymph nodes do not work properly and lymph fluid and harmful substance accumulate in the lymph nodes. When the liver is consistently exposed to harmful substances, the scar tissue begins to take up more liver area than the healthy tissue, which causes the liver to lose its functions. Fluid may also accumulate between the layers of the pericardium, which causes fluid to surround the heart. If he’s even got a home theater of his own, consider going in with your other siblings on an old fashioned popcorn cart or a director’s style spot light tripod. From the Petersen Automotive museum to the Griffith Observatory and the Natural History Museum… there’s something for everyone around here.

I love pairing them with a skirt or dress just like you would normal tights for some added flair in fall and winter. Whereas a footless garment ends just below the ankle, an open-toe garment will extend past the entire ankle and heel, over the entire arch of the foot, and up to the base of the toes. The lack of a tummy top offered in a thigh high makes this style a great option for ease of getting on and off (think quicker bathroom breaks and dressing time than a full pantyhose).
When reading about different pantyhose across brands, be sure to check out the item’s waistband. I love wearing them with sandals, open top shoes and flats to feel a little more normal when dressing up in summer compression.
On the other hand, if you like very tapered cuts and have a straight shape, thigh highs may also hold up well on your build.
If nude or sheers aren’t an option, consider drawing upon nature for your sock inspiration. Pain and swelling in the area is common, and some people, like myself, notice a drastic difference in the temperature of the skin to the touch.
I was prescribed blood thinners, not knowing if I’d ever stop taking them, and was destined to draw blood every week to keep track of my INR (International Normalized Ratio), or as I like to refer to it, the rate at which I bled. Seeming I had gone mad, I turned to DVT support groups online, like, and found that just like me, other people were discovering anomalies happening in their own bodies, many of which were also unexplained by their physicians. However, I want to send along encouragement, because I found that compression stockings were my saving grace. Meet the members of your medical team and ask them questions about all parts of your surgery – everything from possible complications and risks to healing time. Review your current medications with your doctor prior to surgery and ask about suggested means of prevention.
Your doctor may recommend stopping the supplement a week or two before your procedure to avoid complications.
Some of my recovery meal favorites are soups, whole wheat bread, herbal tea, fruit, fresh greens, and smoothie ingredients. This can help keep you more comfortable, promoting your ability to sleep (a critical component to healing). Some of my favorites can be used in both directions – just microwave it to use as a hot compress or throw it in the freezer for a cold pack.
Like the anti-embolism socks your medical team may have you wear immediately after surgery, graduated compression socks can help blood move upward from the limbs and back to your heart to prevent the risk of post-surgical DVT.
If you can, also pack these in a bag with you to put on once discharged for travelling home from the hospital. And yet despite this – support legwear remains a topic clouded by confusion & misinformation. Suddenly, in simply trying to follow his orders, you’re confronted with an overwhelming array of options, sizes, support levels, and styles.
In addition to directing her practice at La Jolla Vein Care, she’s a Volunteer Clinical Instructor of Surgery at UCSD School of Medicine, member of the Scripps Ximed Medical Group & VA Medical Center. We put together a list of some cool places to go, things to see, and even some inexpensive gifts to throw in the mix. We think this throwback Coca-Cola insulated 6-pack tote was the perfect addition for the retro man, plus it’ll keep the drinks cool through the day. Admission fees range in pricing, but often times it’s free to visit the permanent exhibitions or at least a portion of the museum. These closed styles are also great for those who don’t want to “fuss” with any rolling or bunching that could occur with improper fit or donning of an open-toed garment.
This is an important design feature for wearers with advanced conditions along with those targeting swelling in the foot and ankle region. Rejuva’s in particular are knit in a wide honeycomb style designed to hold up without binding.
Like pantyhose, they offer more torso support than thigh highs, lifting the bum & shaping the midsection. What kind of features do you like: Garments that stay up without any adjustment (ex: pantyhose)? It took months just to get their special 4-inch wide waistband designed and completed, but the result was worth it. So chin up… you’re not alone and even more so, here at RejuvaHealth we’re the last ones that will throw you a dowdy pair of compression stockings and say problem solved. A slight pain in you arm or leg may seem like nothing at first and you’ll initially think to just shake it off, however, don’t let such conditions prolong. For example, my leg was significantly warmer near my pelvic region and ice cold at my toes. In addition to this, I was on a restricted diet, and for the first time in my life my doctor told me to stay away from greens and cranberry juice. There are many different thickening agents out there, and while I encourage you to do your research, I found the brand Nioxin was what I preferred, as the minty smell wasn’t overpowering.
As much as I absolutely despised the look and feel of the orthopedic ones I originally owned, they kept my Post-Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS) to a minimum and had me on the road to recovery, with a reduced chance of developing a new clot. If any part of your team or procedure makes you nervous, do the research to see if there’s a better physician of facility for you. Many physicians apply “intermittent pneumatic compression devices” to the legs of patients at the conclusion of surgery to help combat post-surgical DVT risk. Before discharge, ask about at-home pain management options and fulfill the prescription within the hospital pharmacy (if available). If you don’t have the time or budget to buy one, use a bag of frozen vegetables for cold (my favorite are corn or peas) or a washcloth warmed under hot water.
Just don’t wear the anti-em socks you may have received in the hospital once you’re back home.
Be patient with your body if you experience post-surgical swelling – not only at your incision points but in your abdomen and face as well. Since you’ll most likely be letting dad do the grilling, consider a pair of our CoolMax support socks which will help keep his feet dry and give him some extra pep in his step for the cornhole lawn games.
Their added sparkle and detail on your hands and wrist will accentuate your leggings when standing or sitting with arms by your sides.
For many, this is remedied with an easy adjustment – a garment with proper fit shouldn’t move too much. Personally, solid elastic bands give me tummy aches when worn for more than a few hours, so this is something I look out for to ensure I don’t have when shopping. Rejuva’s are knit with an extra wide 4-inch waistband, a special feature we spent an extra 9 months developing and very rare in the world of compression. Call a support team member to see if you can gain added advice on what may be right for you.
Rather, take the initiative for further examination, as this little precautionary check-up could save your life. In the beginning, my leg felt as though I had merely pulled a muscle, but within a couple of hours, I had lost the ability to fully extend it and walking felt as though I was dragging an anvil. They’re inflatable, fit around your legs, and are intermittently inflated and deflated with pressure to keep your blood flowing away from your feet & towards your heart. Whether they bring soup, help you complete things you can’t yourself, or even just offer a needed hug, don’t feel guilty. If in-hospital fulfillment isn’t an option, ask a loved one to pick it up for you so you have it as soon as you’re home.
Whether the effortless beating of your heart, the natural rhythm of your breathe, or even the ability to see your surroundings with crystal clear vision, focus on those 3 things. Bunke-Paquette is also physician & scientist actively leading award-winning clinical research studies. The swelling can range from mild enlargement to so severe that it causes walking difficulty.
Other symptoms of cirrhosis include swelling of the abdomen, abdominal pain, confusion, nausea, vomiting, nosebleeds, blood in stools, weakness, weight loss and jaundice. It was clear something wasn’t right and that’s the point at which I decided to seek medical attention. As it turns, high levels of Vitamin K can alter the way warfarin works, making it difficult to effectively prevent blood clots. To help you find fashionable compression stockings that make you feel GREAT, as well also help combat leg pain and fatigue. Anti-embolism socks are also commonly suggested for post-surgical patients as another minimally invasive means of preventing blood clots during recovery. Pushing your body to do things that hurt or will only delay recovery & increase your risk of complications. Anti-em are designed specifically for immobile, bed-ridden patients while graduated compression socks are for active patients, who will be moving, sitting, and standing. He probably played long before you were around and we don’t want him to have to go easy on you.
We’ve found pear shapes often prefer pantyhose to avoid band slippage in the upper thigh area whereas straight shapes may experience adequate hold. These are similar to what you might find in a child’s pant with a hidden button sewn into the waistband that you can adjust through a small opening in the elastic. Chances are a well-trained customer service representative has heard similar questions before & can guide you in the right direction based on what they’ve heard from other wearers. It took a while to get used the changes, but eventually I found a happy medium, where I could still get a taste of my all time favorite Brussels sprouts, and also test within range on my weekly INR. So don’t be a stranger, we have several different options that will get you through a hot summer day or provide a little extra warmth on a cold winter night. I find pantyhose to be great for more formal occasions when you want shaping under a dress. They’re more difficult to get in and out of than a thigh high, but also offer the added benefit of light back support when standing for long periods.

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