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Ark survival evolved has become the best selling multiplayer game while being on steam as Easy Access title. GeekAlerts has shown you some pretty cool Energy Drinks in the past (Zombie Survival Energy Drink, Moustache Elixir, Bunny Spaz Juice, etc.), but none have been made with hemp seed oil like the Cannabis Energy Drink. Each 250ml can is sure to have you flying high; whether that feeling comes from the niacin and b vitamins or the hemp seed extract is best left to the experts.
James lives in California, but grew up on the East Coast where he received a BS and an MBA with specialization in Financial Management.
If you’ve already read my article on How to Put Together a Survival Kit then you know that I stress the importance of making your kit modular and multi-tiered. The PUSH Pack, short for Practical Utility Shoulder Hold, is a multi-compartmental, modern-day concealed carry bag. The benefit of the concealed carry pocket is that it allows for storage of a full-size pistol. Since this bag is now a common companion in my travels, carrying the full size is no longer a problem. If the 5.11 PUSH Pack had just those two features it would have been enough to sell me on it. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Accomplished doctor, model student and psychiatric intern, Doctor Harleen Quinzel seems like a gifted and promising individual. After falling in love with one of the greatest villains in movie history, it’s not always easy to keep a level head, so we can hardly blame Dr. Wielding a not-so-friendly looking baseball bat, this pint-sized die-cast Metal Art figurine is the coolest accessory for any fan of the Suicide Squad member, and is sure to bring an unconventional charm to your workspace!
Metal Art figures are the highly collectable pop-culture figurines designed to bring a cool touch to living rooms, bedrooms, mantelpieces and offices.

Sloths, or “perezosos,” are quite common in Costa Rica, and can be found everywhere from the cool cloud forests of Monteverde to the steamy lowland jungles along both coasts. Thus, the first rule of seeing sloths, as with most Costa Rican wildlife, is to hire a naturalist guide in Costa Rica.
The sanctuary is on the Caribbean Coast, just north of Cahuita and about 50 minutes from popular Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. You could also add a short, relaxed boat trip through the adjoining canals, where you’ll probably see more sloths—rescues who haven’t strayed far from the facility—hanging from the trees.
On the Pacific Coast, you’re more likely to see sloths in the lush rainforests south of Jaco, much better for sloths than the dry savannahs of Guanacaste.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Prior to joining GeekAlerts, he worked as a financial manager for a high-end estate planning firm. They have a great selection of quality made clothing and tactical gear and this bag is no exception. Fashioned after the messenger-style concept, you wear this over your shoulder and the bag sits to your side allowing for easy access to your EDC gear and firearm.
One of the biggest headaches with backpacks and many other bags is the issue of them bouncing around when you need to be mobile. Made from sturdy die-cast, these awesome models feature all your favourite characters from TV, film and comic books, so start your collection today! They move so slowly that they don’t catch the attention of big cats, circling hawks or would-be wildlife photographers. They know where to look—and more importantly, how to see—sloths in their natural environment. In the wild (perhaps right outside your hotel window), you’re more likely to see the larger three-toed sloth, famed for having the sweetest smile in the animal kingdom.

During a tour of Manuel Antonio National Park and the Osa Peninsula is an excellent time for sloth-spotting.
However, due to clothing restricitions (especially now that the weather is getting warmer) lugging along the Glock is just not practical. Now Harley Quinn is mad, bad and but still as clever as ever, and styled in her brand new incarnation from the Suicide Squad movie, ready to bring a little havoc to wherever she goes. Their coarse, grayish or yellowish coat blends well with the rainforests palette, more so once greenish algae grows in their fur. Two-toed sloths are nocturnal, but easier to care for in captivity and therefore more popular in zoos and city parks. You’ll see a short film, enjoy an informative lecture and meet several adult sloths, most of them rescues who are no longer able to survive in the wild. While you’re most likely to see them hanging out in the trees, they’re also good swimmers and sometimes walk (awkwardly) on the ground.
A trio of conservation areas in beautiful Monteverde—Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Children’s Eternal Rainforest and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve—are also home to sloths.
Both reside at the highly recommended Sloth Sanctuary (formerly Avarios), probably the world’s foremost sloth rescue and research facility. It’s almost always worth hiring a guide, usually easy to find at the entrances of these popular parks and preserves.

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