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Activision have also announced a pre-order bonus for the game for on Xbox 360 or PS3 at GAME or GameStop Ireland called the Walker Herd Survival Pack. Devoured by walkers while being left behind in the trailer (Determinant) or while being pinned under the fallen observation deck. Sarah is a main character who first appears in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two. Sarah does not have bad intentions, but often puts others in danger due to her lack of awareness for the world's current state.
Nothing is known about Sarah's life before or as the outbreak began, however, Sarah's overall attitude and her father's rigid sheltering of her, along with the comment that if Sarah knew of the outside world in-depth she would "cease to function", implies that Sarah possibly lived a highly sheltered life before the outbreak. Sarah was a member of Carver's community at Howe's Hardware along with her dad Carlos, Rebecca, Alvin, Luke, Nick, Pete, and Reggie.
It is implied that Becca knew about Sarah's issues if Shel went with Tavia at the end of "400 Days".
Sarah is first seen inquiring about the ensuing chaos outside the cabin surrounding a mysterious bitten girl, Clementine, who was found in the forest.
Sarah's next appearance is after she is discovered by Clementine, who had been searching the house for hydrogen peroxide to disinfect her dog bite. Clementine is left alone to watch over Sarah and "keep her busy" while the rest of the group searches for missing members.
Sarah has a minimal role for the rest of the chapter until the discovery of the survivors at the Ski Lodge. Sarah, along with the rest of the survivors, is hauled off to Carver's camp at the episode's conclusion. The episode begins with Clementine and Sarah going to the bathroom near a tree, supervised by Troy. After the first night during Carver's briefing, Sarah talks to Clementine and Carver becomes angry, forcing Carlos to "discipline" her by slapping her mouth in front of all the survivors. At the end of the episode, she reluctantly allows Carlos and Clementine to smear walker entrails on her to escape through the herd alongside them. Sarah is first seen within a caravan with Luke at a mobile home, hiding and shivering in shock.
Sarah is not seen interacting much afterwards, due to both the aftershock of her anxiety attack and being depressed about her father's death. Later, after the group has moved to the observation deck to escape the herd of walkers pursuing them, Luke and Clementine will push a cannon towards the gate blocking the entrance to the deck in an attempt to keep the walkers from getting in. Sarah is mentioned briefly by Luke along with the rest of the deceased cabin members when he says how he feels guilty that he couldn't protect her and his fellow survivors, blaming himself partially for their deaths. After Clementine, Luke, and Jane find a way out of the trailer, Clementine tries to convince Sarah to leave with them.
During "Amid The Ruins", she stays in shock after his death, sitting in silence in a trailer at Sunshine Village Mobile Home Park and dismissing all outside contact. Sarah's initial curiosity towards Clementine's sudden appearance at the cabin turns to excitement at the possibility of making Clementine her "best friend". During "In Harm's Way", Clementine looks after Sarah frequently, especially when she is forcibly separated from Carlos by Carver or his men. When Clementine and Jane find Luke and Sarah in the trailer park in "Amid The Ruins", Sarah responds to Clementine even after she would not respond to Luke.
If Sarah is saved, back at Parker's Run, when Sarah has a break with reality and believes that her father was not killed, Clementine is visibly concerned for her sanity. After Sarah is pinned under the observation deck, Clementine can tell Jane to risk her life to help Sarah.
Sarah and Luke are good friends and have survived with each other for some time during the apocalypse. Nick and Sarah are good friends and have survived with each other for some time during the apocalypse.
Sarah and Pete are good friends and have survived with each other for some time during the apocalypse.
Rebecca and Sarah are good friends and have survived with each other for some time during the apocalypse. Sarah and Alvin are good friends and have survived with each other for some time during the apocalypse.
Kenny and Sarah initially distrusted each other, but buried the hatchet once Kenny allows them to stay at the ski lodge.
Walter and Sarah initially distrusted each other, but buried the hatchet once Kenny allows them to stay at the ski lodge. Sarita and Sarah initially distrusted each other, but buried the hatchet once Kenny allows them to stay at the ski lodge. Sarah and Jane have become acquaintances when the former is captured and sent to the pen by Carver. Reggie and Sarah have known each other during their time in Howe's and were on good and friendly terms. Sarah and the cabin survivors were initially members of Carver's community, but escaped him possibly due to Carver's tyranny.
Troy and Sarah have known each other during their time in Howe's, but didn't have a good relationship, due to Troy being one of Carver's right-hand men.
Although not seen interacting, Sarah and Becca have known each other before Sarah and her group first escaped Howe's Hardware.
Sarah's red glasses may be a reference to the term "Rose Tinted Glasses", which refers to those who look at an untrue and positive perspective, as she is protected from a harsh reality. In "A House Divided", Clementine has the option of showing Sarah how to use a gun, similarly to how Lee taught Clementine in "Long Road Ahead". Clementine will repeat the advice Lee gave her, referring to the gun as "just a thing", and instructing Sarah to steadily squeeze the trigger, aim for the target's head, or to hold her breath before shooting, depending on the player's choice in "Long Road Ahead". If Lee remained silent when Clem asked if there was anything else she should know, Clem herself does not respond when Sarah's asks what to do. Though Sarah may be trained to use a gun, she never gets the chance to use one in a real situation. This is seen in "A House Divided" when Clementine talks to her about the events taking place after reaching the house.
After Carver forces Carlos to smack Sarah, she can be found sitting in the green house crying to herself.
It is seen towards the end of "In Harm's Way", as they were escaping Howe's Hardware through a herd of walkers, she started to panic. Shortly after convincing Sarah to leave the trailer, she will later fall after the observation deck collapses beneath her. Sarah was helpless against the zombies that had surrounded her either in the trailer park or at the observation deck.
Sarah is the first Determinant character to be killed in same episode as her Determinant statue starts in.
In the game, players assume the role the crossbow-wielding survivor Daryl Dixon, brought to life by TV series star Norman Reedus, alongside his overbearing brother Merle, voiced by Michael Rooker.
It contains a horde style mode called the Herd Mode where players fend off endless waves of the zombies.
You may be looking for the TV Series character, the Rise of the Governor character, the Road to Woodbury character, the Social Game character, the Survival Instinct character, or the actor. She followed her dad as the group decided to leave the community as it was an unsafe living environment, due to the continuous conflict between Carver and other members of the group. After Clementine enters her bedroom, Sarah is initially reluctant to offer the medication at the risk of getting in trouble from her father.

The player has several choices they can make when interacting with Sarah at the start of the episode, choosing whether or not to humor Sarah about taking her picture and whether to "train" Sarah on how to use an empty handgun she managed to find.
There, she helps to decorate a Christmas tree with Sarita and has dinner with the rest of the survivors. Troy then loads them back on the truck with Kenny, Sarita, Carlos, Rebecca, Alvin (Determinant) and Nick (Determinant). As she follows behind her father, she begins to go into a panic, with Carlos asking Clementine to say something to her. She will remark that she is waiting for her father to return, showing that Sarah is either losing her grip on reality or that she is clinging to the idea that her father is alive for comfort. The plan fails, for the added weight of the cannon causes part of the observation deck to collapse, taking Sarah down with it. As Clementine and Luke try to push a cannon towards the door, the observation deck will crumble under the weight of the moving cannon. Presumably since the outbreak, he has done everything in his power to shelter her and keep her oblivious of what the world has become. If she is rescued from the trailer, she will return to Parker's Run, and if Clementine talks to her, Sarah will state that she is waiting for Carlos to return, showing that she doesn't want to believe Carlos was killed. Despite Clementine initially being put off by Sarah's childish nature, Sarah forms an attachment to Clementine. After Carver forces Carlos to smack Sarah as punishment for her talking over adults, Clementine comforts her and later has the option to help an upset Sarah with her gardening work. Clementine tells Sarah that she wants her to live, despite Jane's assertion that she will only pull the group down. Sarah's death upsets Clementine greatly and she is shown to be melancholy, though she understands that nothing could have been done. Luke cares for Sarah's well-being, and doesn't have any arguments about Carlos wanting to shield her from the horrors of a post-apocalyptic world. Nick cares for Sarah's well-being, and doesn't have any arguments about Carlos wanting to shield her from the horrors of a post-apocalyptic world.
Pete cares for Sarah's well-being, and disagrees with Carlos on his exclusion of her, for her own sake, from group discussions, possibly wanting her to take part in discussions instead of her being told to stay in her room. Sarah mentions to Clementine that Rebecca is okay for a friend, but too old to be her best friend in the whole wide world.
Alvin cares for Sarah's well-being, and doesn't have any arguments about Carlos wanting to shield her from the horrors of a post-apocalyptic world.
Since then, Sarah and Kenny have formed a good friendship and looked after each other during their stay at the ski lodge.
Since then, Sarah and Walter have a good friendship and looked after each other during their stay at the ski lodge. Since then, Sarah and Sarita have a good friendship and looked after each other during their stay at the ski lodge. Sarah and the group offered Bonnie a chance to join them when they escaped, though she ultimately decided not to join them.
Their relationship had been improved when Reggie helped Sarah and the cabin survivors escape Carver's camp. Since then, Sarah has become very fearful of Carver, immediately noting that she had seen him before when Carver first enters the cabin. After Sarah escapes with her fellow survivors, the two became enemies and were hostile towards each other.
While escaping Howe's Hardware, he advised Luke and Nick (Determinant) to make sure she stayed on course.
After hearing the news, she enters an anxiety breakdown for a few seconds, and then returns to her usual optimistic behavior. She also freezes up during her assignment to cut the berries in the green house in "In Harm's Way" due to the fear of "messing up" and being disciplined again. If you send Jane down to help her, Sarah can be heard screaming in fright as Jane tries to lift the rubble off of her while the walkers draw near. The others being Lee Everett, Alvin, Anna Correa, Luke, Clementine, Duck, Alvin Jr., Greg, Samantha, Paige, James and Alex. The add-on will also grant new weapons in the story mode including a survival knife, sawtoothed machete, kukri, reinforced hatchet and advanced machete.
Despite being kindhearted and liked by others, Sarah's anxiety problems and lack of knowledge of the outside world due to her dad's sheltering often puts her in danger. Her dad Carlos shelters her from seeing or knowing any gruesome or troubling events, causing her to completely rely on her father. Despite this, she complies to Clementine's request after seeing a chance of friendship in Clementine. Should Clementine refuse for the latter, Sarah will point the gun at Clementine and ask if she's using it right, causing Clementine to duck and scold her, sending Sarah into a temporary panic. Later that night though, Carver and his followers find the survivors and take the majority of them hostage.
During a verbal argument between Kenny and the cabin survivors, Sarah breaks down in tears, with Rebecca comforting her. She is later seen hiding in the greenhouse, sobbing once more, prompting Clementine to comfort her. Before she is able to, Carlos gets fatally shot in the neck, stumbles over, and is grabbed by a walker and bitten. Clementine talks to her about protecting others in an attempt to get her to move, but time begins to run out as walkers completely surround the trailer. Clementine then has to decide between saving Sarah, who is trapped beneath the rubble, or Jane, who is holding on to the broken deck. If Clementine chooses to leave Sarah behind in the trailer, the walkers will break in and devour her.
He warns Clementine that, if she were to discover the state of the earth, she would "cease to function." He also keeps Sarah from their group meetings, apparently for the previously stated reasons of shielding her from the truth of the matter.
Later, when she topples off of the observation deck (Determinant), she will call out for Carlos before being devoured by walkers. Sarah becomes loyal towards her, vouching for her trying to keep Carver out of the house and quickly covering for her for taking a photograph that Carver identified if Clementine tries to accept the blame. Sarah will also bravely stand up to Carver for the first time if he smacks Clementine, angrily telling him to leave her friend alone. Depending on the player's choice, Clementine can even slap her to get her to escape with the others. While trapped in the cellar, Clementine tells Nick that losing Pete doesn't mean that Nick has lost everything, and tells him that he still has Sarah and the others, to which Nick agrees to return to his people.
Alvin and Rebecca would usually look after Sarah while the rest of the group engage in activities. Bonnie thought that the group's plan was crazy, though she later regretted not escaping alongside her and the others.
Troy assists Carver in capturing the group, which angers Sarah and ruins any friendship they had. Upon realizing they are being stalked, the group decides to head north into the mountains to elude Carver. Angered that Rebecca will not show herself, Carver begins to viciously beat Sarah's father Carlos, forcing her to watch as she pleads for mercy. After comforting her, Reggie shows up to show them their job: to cut berries from the plants growing.
Having done little to ease her out of her panic attack, Clementine's speech ultimately fails to get Sarah to get up.

Clementine can send Jane down to where Sarah is trapped to try to save her; however, a plank from the damaged deck will fall and strike Jane as she is attempting to lift the rubble off of Sarah. Jane, if told to save Sarah, will try to convince Clementine that Sarah is beyond saving, telling the girl to help pull her up. If asked by Clementine, Sarah will tell her that when her father is angry with her, he tells her that "he loves her, and just wants to keep her safe," a rather anti-climactic punishment in Clementine's eyes. After Carlos' death, Clementine is visibly worried as Sarah runs off into the herd of walkers but cannot do anything to stop her. If Sarah is left behind, Clementine feels guilty, and falls to her knees as she watches Sarah die, her last act being to call out Clementine's name in confusion.
Later on, Luke defends Sarah when Carlos is angry towards her for letting Carver see her picture, and reassures her that Carlos won't hurt anyone. When Sarah runs to her dad after Carver hits him, Rebecca yells for her to come back, showing concern for her safety. Alvin worries for Sarah's safety when she is held hostage, and tells Rebecca that they have to surrender to prevent people from dying.
Bonnie joins Carver to capture Sarah's group, believing it would best in order to protect Sarah, though Bonnie later states to Clementine that she didn't mean them any harm.
Sarah tells Clementine that Reggie was kind towards her group and that she is grateful towards him for helping them escape. When Carver determinantly finds a photograph of Sarah, he instantly recognizes her, proving that they had once known each other.
Troy is shown to be merciless and demanding towards Sarah and the others during their chores. Walking to their confinement, Carlos is taken by one of Carver's guards to help wounded survivors, making Sarah become uneasy, stating that she needs her father. Clementine is willing to do her job, but Sarah only holds her shears anxiously, scared that she will make a mistake.
Dazed, Jane stumbles away, and is too late to save Sarah from being devoured by the time she regains consciousness. This adds to the impression that Carlos coddles his daughter terribly, although Sarah's behavior and her father's wording hints to her having a mental disorder, being literally unfit to comprehend, or survive, unsheltered in the apocalypse. Alternatively, if Nick survived the events of the ski lodge, Sarah and Nick respect each other's opinions when they discuss their plans to escape and are shown to be supportive towards one another.
After being captured, Rebecca comforts Sarah, who cries when Carlos and Kenny's argument becomes intense. After being taken hostage, Sarah is shown to be worried for Alvin when he is dragged out by Carver to force Kenny to surrender, and is saddened when he is executed. After witnessing Carver's brutal actions, Bonnie joins and helps Sarah and the others escape, to which Sarah appreciates her for. Reggie appears to be worried for Sarah's mental state after Carlos is forced to smack her, and tells Clementine to keep an eye on her.
At the ski lodge, Carver holds the group hostage and tortures her father in front of her, an incident which has likely increased her fear of him. However, Sarah doesn't show anger towards Troy, but rather shows confusion as to why Troy is hostile towards her. This mental disorder is further evidenced during "Amid The Ruins" when she, if Clementine saved her at the house, will remark that she is waiting for her dad to return; this implies she is either unaware of the fact that he died, or that she was actively in-denial over his death. Clementine can either comfort Sarah and help her do her job, or Clementine can leave her alone, in which case she gets her job done but Sarah does not. If Clementine chooses to leave Sarah, the latter will cry out for Clementine in confusion, reaching out to her moments before being devoured. After being captured by Carver, Sarah becomes worried after Carlos is taken away from the main group as they arrive at Howe's Hardware. When Luke is found by Carver's group, Sarah is shown to be worried for him when he is beaten up.
When conflict arises between the group and Carver's, Rebecca is always shown looking after Sarah, further proving that they are close friends. Sarah and Kenny respect each other's opinions when they discuss their plans to escape and are shown to be supportive towards one another.
If Sarah is rescued from the trailer park, she becomes trapped under the rubble when the observation deck collapse. Due to her being unable to complete her work, Carver, thinking that Reggie is incapable in leading others, pushes him off the roof, an event that frightens Sarah.
Carver orders Carlos to smack Sarah when she talks during his speech, and should he fail to do so, Troy would be the one to smack her, an offer he gladly accepts. If Clementine slaps her, Sarah will suddenly spring into action and haul up out of the sky roof in the caravan, thus being saved. Sarah and Luke respect each other's opinions when they discuss their plans to escape and are shown to be supportive towards one another. When Sarah runs off following the death of her father, Nick, along with Luke, run after her, showing that he cares for Sarah. Sarah and Rebecca respect each other's opinions when they discuss their plans to escape and are shown to be supportive towards one another.
Sarah and Sarita respect each other's opinions when they discuss their plans to escape and are shown to be supportive towards one another. If Sarah survives in the trailer, when she falls off the observation deck, Bonnie is worried about her and yells at her that they are going after her.
Clementine can ask Jane to help save Sarah from walkers, and she reluctantly attempts to rescue Sarah, but fails to do so and the walkers devour Sarah.
When Sarah talks during Carver's speech, he reacts to it by ordering Carlos to discipline Sarah by smacking her across the mouth, even though she apologized to Carver as soon as she knew she was in the wrong. If Sarah is left for the walkers in the trailer park, Rebecca breaks down in tears after hearing about Sarah's death. Jane is seen to be apologetic to Clementine for her failure to save Sarah, suggesting she either did care for Sarah or was simply sorry that she disappointed Clementine.
When Sarah interrupts Carver's speech, Carlos is forced to smack Sarah to discipline her, an event which saddens both father and daughter. Luke immediately runs after Sarah when she runs off following the death of Carlos, thus showing that he cares for her protection. If Sarah is saved from the trailer park, Rebecca will ask Sarah how she is doing once she returns to Parker's Run, showing that Rebecca still cares for Sarah. When leaving the group Jane cites to Clementine that Sarah's death was too similar to Jaime's for her to deal with, being one reason that she left the group. He attempts to convince Sarah to leave with him when he finds her in a trailer, though unsuccessful.
Carlos later helps Sarah escape by rubbing her walker guts to pass the herd undetected, and promises that nothing will happen if she remains calm and that he will protect her.
If Sarah dies at the trailer park, Luke is saddened, but states that there was nothing that they could have done. Upon Carlos' death, Sarah is devastated by her father's gruesome death, helpless to do anything. After Sarah is trapped under the rubble, Luke is shown to be worried for her, and tells the others to try and save her.

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