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There are many instances where one may need to send messages to a large number of people at once.
Usually, most online gratis sms sites will limit the number of SMS messages that you can send. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
For one of my Pi projects I wanted the ability to send SMS text messages from a Python script.
In previous years there were services that allowed you to send free text messages via the Internet. Sending messages via a legitimate gateway costs per message but this cost is low (approximately 5p per message) and you know the service will be available and reliable.
As each message will use up your credits on TxtLocal so you should consider carefully how many messages your script sends.
Make sure you enter the mobile phone number correctly so you do not send messages to the wrong person.
Anyone in the US or UK can get a free Google Voice number that will allow you to text for free.
A guy named Ehsan Foroughi created a python library to interface with google voice, and I modified it to send sms messages. I looked into Google Voice as people kept mentioning it but couldn’t find any decent information on what it actual does and how you could use it via Python.
Your Python code works really well with the TxtLocal provider and I live outside of the UK! Thanks for this – just signed up (via your link) and it worked beautifully immediately :o) Nice one!
Assuming you’ve got credits in your txtlocal account, did you set the test_flag to 0?
Check the online dashboard to see if there is any record of the service receiving your request to send. But despite these huge numbers, when it comes to brands reaching their consumers, email marketing is still the more commonly used tactic. Of course, email marketing does have its benefits and each channel should be used appropriately to communicate with customers.
In fact, when used in tandem with SMS, marketers can effectively reach their target audience, engaging with a robust, multi-channel communication stream.

Consumers opt in to mobile programs and make a careful decision on which text campaigns they choose. Because users limit themselves to brands they truly care about when opting into SMS promotions, brands are able to market more directly to a captive, and loyal, target audience.
While email communication is a one-way street, people can actually reply to an SMS promotion and engage with the brand through two-way SMS dialog. By opening the doors of conversation between brand and consumer, and creating customer engagement, marketers ultimately create a stronger relationship and build brand trust. Unlike email, which tends to drive online sales, text promotions drive engagement to bring consumers in-store. Once in-store, the consumer is more likely to buy other attractive products, and a consumer’s basket size is on average three times larger than if you drove their purchase online. With so many customer acquisition points with SMS programs, brands can easily track where users are texting in to join (via in-store advertising, print advertising, etc.) and measure the relative effectiveness of that advertisement. SMS practices are not just an efficient way to reach today’s consumer but also the most relevant way to engage with them, build brand trust, and even track the effectiveness of advertising.
In such cases, it is much better to make use of text messaging, as it is the only way of sending messages in such a manner that you can be sure that other people received them.
When you are looking for a way to do this, you need to keep in mind a few issues which may help you find the best service. This means that if you need to send the same message to very many people, you may need to split them into groups and then use different sites which offer the same service. These messages would be sent to my mobile phone and alert me about specific events recorded by my Pi. In general these services were either illegal or relied on loopholes in mobile phone networks that have since been fixed. This gives you 10 free messages so you’ve got a chance to test your code before having to pay for more messages. How expensive this facility becomes is really down to how many messages you get your Pi to send. This means if you sign up using it any purchases you make via their system will earn me a small amount of commission. Would marketers be more open to implementing SMS practices if it felt like less of a mystery and they learned how to use SMS in tandem with email-based campaigns? We’re all familiar with the pros of email, but when you take a step back and look at what SMS based programs can offer, you’ll see the huge opportunity that your brand is missing by not embracing SMS.

This differs from email campaigns, where consumers subscribe more generally for brands they may only be temporarily interested in.
SMS gets your consumer in the store and opens their eyes to additional offerings they might not otherwise have been interested in. This allows marketers to measure advertising in a way like never before, and is a valuable tool for marketers. If you’re not already engaging with customers via SMS based campaigns, it’s time to go mobile. However, the process of having to send these messages to a large number of people could cost you a lot. At the end of the day, though all this seems like a lot to go through, it is worth it since you can make a lot of savings. There was no possibility of connecting the Pi to a mobile phone so I decided to send the SMS via the internet. Also whenever I go to the Google Voice page it doesn’t let me do anything but download an application. Could be worth a shot, that way you will not have to send the texts to your phone via an external site, but can send straight from the USB device and out.
While an email might sit in a customer’s inbox all day, a text is read within minutes, making it a great channel for flash sales and same-day promotions.
Since we know texting is one of the most popular mobile activities today, brands are missing out on a major opportunity by not leveraging SMS based marketing. In such cases, it may be easier to simply make use of gratis sms services online, which can allow you to send the messages to a number of people for free. You can send such messages to anyone in the world, and it would not cost you a single cent.
This will send a real message to your phone and deduct 1 credit from your TxtLocal account.

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