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Pick any band aid images from our site and use it beside others in a book to show different items that are found in a first aid box. Incoming French wounded are carried from the battlefield to a first aid station located just behind the front line in the Somme.
However, First Aid Classes explain how in an asthma attack, the muscles in the airways go into spasm, which causes the lining to swell.
Asthma sufferers normally carry a reliever pump, (usually blue) to inhale when they feel an attack coming on. The aims of a first aider in this situation is to help to relieve and ease the patients breathing, and to get medical assistance if needed.

If the reliever inhaler does not help in 3 minutes, then the patient should take another dose.
It is always essential to obtain medical assistance if this is the first episode of an asthma attack, if the reliever pump is not effective within 5 minutes, if the patient gets any worse, if their breathlessness is so severe that they find it difficult to speak or if the patient is becoming exhausted.
A band aid clip art can be used beside other first aid equipments to educate kids on the use of the different medical equipments found in a first aid box. Below: Now bandaged to slow any bleeding, the wounded are placed in a motor ambulance that can hold six men and taken away for further care. However, the St Mark James First Aid manual states that these are no use in the event of an asthma attack, only the reliever inhalers should be taken.
Do not make the patient lay down as laying flat can aggravate their breathing and make it more difficult.

John Ambulance, St Andrew’s Ambulance Association and the British St Mark James), 2006. If the patient is unconscious but still breathing, put them into the recovery position and continue to monitor responsiveness, pulse and breathing until assistance arrives. In the meantime, encourage the patient to control their breathing by taking slow deep breaths.

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