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The Coast Guard's Advanced Helicopter Rescue School is where Coast Guard helicopter pilots and crews receive training in conducting rescues in heavy weather and heavy surf conditions. An Army pilot dangles from an USCG MH-65C Dolphin helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point during a joint training exercise conducted between the 2nd Sqdn., 6th Cav. The Army and Coast Guard conducted a joint search and rescue training exercise, July 17, off the west coast of Oahu. The training consisted of 25 Army pilots from the 2nd Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment, 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, being hoisted and recovered by rescue crews stationed at Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point. Army pilots are required to complete training where they are taught how to properly use their aviation floatation devises and markings, how to egress a helicopter that is underwater and how to contact the necessary agencies that would be needed for rescue and recovery. Aviation Survival Technician 3 Maiava Ilima (left), a rescue swimmer stationed at Air Station Barbers Point, assists during the training rescue extraction of Chief Warrant Officer 3 Tyson Martin, an OH-58 pilot with 2nd Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment, 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, during a joing training exercise between 2-6th Cav. This training included rescue swimmers and pilots from Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point and two 45-foot response boats stationed at Sand Island that assisted by picking up the Army pilots and taking them to the training site off the west coast of Oahu. The morning started off with a safety brief and orientation from the boatswain’s mates aboard the two response boats, before the Army pilots boarded the vessel and headed out of Ko‘olina harbor. The Army pilots jumped into the water with full gear and deployed life vests as the rescue swimmers took turns hoisting the pilots in different fashions.
SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. The Tropic Lightning Museum may be able to help if you’re looking for older or missing content after 1955. The Coast Guard Aviation Technical Training Center was a new facility created for rough water rescue and survival training.
Three pools were developed with ADG Wave Generation equipment featuring their award winning WaveTek™ technology specifically designed to mimic real life ocean settings.
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A problem in the engine room led to flooding on board a fishing boat off Alaska's Aleutian Islands, forcing the crew to abandon ship, the Coast Guard said Wednesday.The 46 crew members of the stricken Alaska Juris were taken to the port in Adak, Alaska, arriving late Wednesday morning, Adak city manager Layton Lockett said.
The TAC-AIR G2 Air Crewman Survival Vest is designed to support air crew and pilot operations over land and water.
In the event that you have lost a member of your party and know they may be in some desolate location, it pays to know some basic search and rescue (SAR) skills so that you can go about finding them based on your training and organization.

The goal of SAR (search and rescue) is to locate, stabilize and extract individuals who are or may be in distress. If you have a team of volunteers that are assisting you in finding the missing person, you will first meet to determine the details of the person and their whereabouts.
Once the searchers have been briefed on the situation and all available search and rescue information available, the next step is to establish a search area. If you find a clue north of the place where the person was last seen, you can assume the victim is on a northward setting and will help in reestablishing the search area. Searchers will have to consider how much time they have to find a victim and the length of daylight. If you have the luxury of a team of dogs, volunteers, and helicopters, the search can be easier than by foot. Formerly known as the Advanced Rescue Swimmer School, it was started to provide specialized skills to Aviation Survival Technicians when dealing with the challenges of cold water, high seas and cliff rescue work.
Dustin Perkins, commander, Troop C, didn’t want this type of training to be the only thing his pilots knew; he wanted to add to and give his pilots the opportunity to experience something they commonly wouldn’t. Once the boats arrived on station, approximately a mile or so off the coast, the MH-65C Dolphin recovery helicopter arrived on scene, and the operation was underway. In order to create the real-life ocean conditions needed for effective training the Coast Guard turned to the expert wave technicians at ADG. A 1.2 million gallon main pool included a six-foot wide ADG moveable bulkhead with a massive overhead curtain capable of creating separate environments for simultaneous training exercises. Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer Training Facility is a state-of-the-art facility capable of simulating the unpredictable and dangerous situations that rescue teams often encounter. It provides safety, rescue, and equipment features on a low profile vest to maximize mobility and flexibility.
If a clue such as a fire is found along the way, this point becomes the last known position, or LKP, and is used to help determine the victim’s direction of travel based on the last seen place. While slow searches may produce more clues to previous movement, time constraints may dictate a faster search.
If you are only comprised of a small team of searchers, be sure to have adequate communication and a generous supply of food and water for the team and the victim.

In just an hour and a half, the rescue crews had extracted 25 Army pilots from the open ocean. For maximum programmability and ease of use, the entire pool system and wave machinery is controlled from a single panel on a hoist. A message from The Associated Press seeking interviews with the crew Wednesday at an Adak inn where they were taken was not immediately returned.The agency had planned to conduct a flyover Wednesday to see if the 220-foot (67-meter) Alaska Juris was still afloat and determine if any pollution has spilled from the disabled vessel. The exercise was to recover Army pilots who had crashed over water, build confidence in their water survival equipment and familiarize them with USCG recovery techniques. The training was to extract Army pilots who had crashed over water in order to build confidence in their survival gear and allow them to understand the different type of rescue techniques. Joseph Schlosser said it's not unusual for vessels to run into trouble at sea, given the "gigantic" size of Alaska, which has more coastline than the Atlantic and Pacific seaboards combined."I wouldn't say it's uncommon for a fishing vessel like this to become distressed," he said. The Spar Canis and the Vienna Express heard the Coast Guard's emergency broadcast for help and rushed to the scene. Also responding were two other merchant vessels, the Seafisher and Ocean Peace, which transported the crew to Adak. Greg Isbell, Coast Guard District 17 command duty officer.Video footage showed one of the bright orange life rafts floating some distance from the stricken vessel, while another appeared tethered to it.
The company did not immediately respond to Associated Press for further information.On Wednesday, recovery plans were underway by a salvage company, Resolve Marine Group.
Project manager David Maruszak said the company is sending a 200-foot (61-meter) tug, the Resolve Pioneer, to the scene from Dutch Harbor. Days later, another fisherman was treated for a head injury after a cable snapped again and hit him.In May 2012, the Alaska Juris requested help from the Coast Guard after three crew members were exposed to ammonia from a leak.

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