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If The Government Collapsed Tomorrow Can You Feed & Protect Them?Will They Die Because You Have Idea how to Survive ?
They are too expensive and miss important items, such as medication, pet care items, and so on. That’s why I decided to make a separate list of the non-essential items, meaning the ones that may be important for some but not for others. And you don’t need to worry about the Wi-Fi signal giving away your location, you can just turn it off.
First, you can take photos every couple of miles so you can find your way back if you get lost.
Sullivan Share Facebook Twitter Google + Pinterest ' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' width='600' height='250'>' target='_blank'> About Dan F. I'm taking matters into my own hands so I'm not just preparing, I'm going to a friggin' war to provide you the best of the best survival and preparedness content out there.
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A Roof on the Run – Bug Out Shelters Everything You Need to Know about Survival Raingear Check out These TACTICAL EDC items Don’t Throw That Away! But, securing these things can be different when living in the city than in the countryside. The circumstances will be different and you need to adapt depending on the location you are in.In an urban setting, the major challenges that you will have to face are constraints in space and the people. Living in a crowded city presents many dangers when looking for shelter and storing your supplies.
So when the time comes, you need to be prepared for it.Here are 20 urban mistakes that people commit in the advent of a crisis. Not Having a Bug Out LocationIn the event of an evacuation, having a bug out location is a must. Staying in the city, especially if you live in a crowded neighbor, will make it impossible for you to survive since you can’t grow food and you won’t find alternate sources of water.
In addition to injury from damaged buildings and infrastructure, you need to get away from the riots that will soon follow.The perfect bug out location (BOL) is a remote area, either in a small town or in the wilderness. It’s safer than the crowded city, as long as you’re careful and stay away from bad neighborhoods.2.
Not Having Enough Fuel in Your TankIf you need to bug out, it’s better to travel with a full tank of gas, especially if you’re headed into a remote area. And if you need to be always on the move, you wouldn’t be able to go far with an empty tank.
Once a SHTF or natural disaster has occurred, gas station lines will be long, there may be a gas shortage, and pumps may not even work at all.3.
This will help you avoid being caught in a traffic jam like everyone else when bugging out.4.
Not Having a Flexible PlanSome people make the mistake of limiting their preparations to one type of situation only. A good survival plan should plan for small emergencies like breaking your arm, to a full blown crisis like TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it). Breaking the Law?When SHTF, all hell will break loose and people will abandon the law to survive.
You may get caught in a riot or get hurt by people who only see a means to an end so prep ahead of time so you can stay away from the danger.6. Not Knowing How to Escape a RiotIf you end up in the middle of a riot, you need to get out of there immediately. Not Securing Your HomeIf you choose to bug in instead of out, your home security must be comprehensive and done in advance of a crisis.

Install deadbolts on your doors, make windows smash-proof by using Plexiglas or adding grills or bars, and put motion-activated floodlights near the entrances. Bragging About Your PrepsIt’s only natural to feel proud of the hard work you’ve done to prep. When disaster strikes, people desperate to survive may remember and try to take your supplies. This puts you in a position to have to fight a neighbor or lose everything you worked to stockpile. Talking too Loudly Inside Your HomeIn a post-SHTF scenario, it is better to talk in a low voice so as not to attract the attention of potential burglars. Refusing To Bug Out?In the event of a disaster, you can choose to stay in your home or bug out.
If you are facing a natural calamity like a hurricane, refusing to leave your house will be putting yourself in danger.
No Stocking Up on WaterWater is one thing you can’t survive without so this goes at the very top of your stockpile. When a disaster, such as a typhoon or earthquake threatens to hit, gather as much water as you can. It is a portable water filter that can remove almost all waterborne bacteria and parasites.13. Apartment living limits the space for your stockpile and makes the probability of bugging out high. Not Being in ShapeIf you want to make it out alive, you need to be physically fit to do so.
You need to have the strength, stamina, endurance, and speed to protect yourself and your family. Not Having a Self-defense WeaponIn the face of a disaster, people will take the law into their own hands.
And using it for protection will just attract attention to yourself and some might try to take it from you. Don’t rely only on one weapon and proper training and practice is a must for the weapon you do carry.18.
Shooting Looters on Sight?Tempting as it may seem, morals aside, shooting them is a bad idea. Using your gun often makes it known to everyone that you have a gun, including those who may want it for themselves. Just know when to shoot, such as self-defense, and when it’s unnecessary and actually safer, not to shoot.19.
House pets usually depend on their owners for food and shelter, and they will be no different in case of a calamity.
Not Including Your VitaminsIn prepping for your supplies, adding multivitamins on your pile can be easily overlooked. Your multivitamin will keep you healthier amidst the danger and physical exertion you will be facing.ConclusionUnlike other situations where you can learn from your mistakes, committing one of these may cost you your life. You might not get a second chance to make things right so don’t leave it for tomorrow to prepare. Go through every scenario, anticipate any problems that can arise, and know how to deal with them.Discuss plans often with your family. Everyone should be aware of the bug out location, evacuation plan, and where the supplies are hidden. They should not depend solely on you because if something happens to you, they will not have a clue what to do. The more heads you have working together, the better ideas will come up when planning and implementing these survival measures.What other survival mistakes can you think of? Sullivan December 8, 2015 at 8:41 pmJerry,I just checked and those buttons are disabled on mobile.
The grip and hook are a single piece of branch or carved wood that engages the end of the shaft, a spear that can be as long as 6 feet. The shaft has fletching on the end and sometimes a weight is added in the middle of the shaft to increase velocity and accuracy.As far back as the Paleolithic era, 300,000 years ago, early humans were using the atlatl to hunt animals up to the size of mammoths.
A hunter could throw a long spear up to around 100 miles per hour (by modern estimates) and penetrate deep into an animal’s hide. There is evidence to show that the atlatl was used in every continent in ancient times with the possible exception of Africa.While the atlatl was a common hunting tool in ancient times, it because an offensive weapon in some early Western societies.
Roman armies would use leather slings called amentum similarly to the handle of an atlatl to throw projectiles before charging or defending.

The effect of this would disorientate the other army and give the Romans an advantage on the field.The Aztecs also famously used atlatls as a weapons, even until the Spanish came in the 1500’s. In fact, the word atlatl comes from the Aztec language, showing the prominence of the weapon in Aztec society.In modern times, atlatls are primarily used in competition.
An atlatl is as low-tech as possible, and this means that in a survival or SHTF scenario, it is a tool that can be made with minimal effort but help to throw a spear with greater velocity for longer distance.This is primarily a hunting tool and one that offers benefits different than a bow and arrow. With less skill and resources, an atlatl can be more potent than a homemade bow and the darts are arguably easier to make and master. It is also easy to transport the grip and make new darts on the fly.After construction and practice the atlatl is a powerful hunting tool. The atlatl can be used to throw a 5 foot spear up to 100 yards at speeds close to 100 miles per hour.So, think about launching a pointed golf club the length of a football field faster than a car on a highway. It’s no surprise that ancient people would use them to take down mammoth – I think you’d have no trouble with a deer.How do You Make One?The most elaborate examples of atlatls have carved handles and precision made darts, but in a survival situation, an atlatl can be made with a knife, a few tree branches, some cordage and a little bit of time and patience. This type of atlatl is referred to as a branch atlatl and it is essentially the same design used my primitive man thousands of years ago.You can get very creative with making an atlatl, but for the purposes of this article I will assume you are making this in the outdoors with minimal time and resources.
Like making a fire in the backcountry, it is important to maximize time by finding and organizing the necessary materials before you begin the build.The shaft should be long and straight and have the circumference of about 1 to 2 inches. Picture something like a bamboo shaft when looking for the material, the straighter the better.
Poplar or heather seem to work well from the area I live in.The grip and hook will be one solid piece of wood, thicker than the shaft.
It can be straight, though I have found that a slight curve can make for extra comfort, better throwing mechanics and increased velocity.
A broken branch at least a foot long should do nicely.Prepping the MaterialsUsing your knife, cut off all the leaves or branches to make the shaft smooth.
File down the end into a point, and if you have access to a fire, char end of the shaft to give the point more durability and power. At the other end, use your knife to made a groove in the base of the shaft so that the hook has a place to rest.The shaft also needs fletching to improve the accuracy and trajectory. I’ve seen people use homemade pine tar, glue or duct tape to attach the fletching, but it can be done by holding down the feathers and wrapping them with cord. At one end of the grip you will need to make a hook that fits into the groove you etched into the end of the shaft.
It should be about 1-2 inches, pointed, and facing towards the front of the grip.When you are looking for a grip you can often find a branch that already has a hook because of how the branch grew. This could be less time-consuming, but it will also mean less velocity on the throw.I’ve seen some examples of branch atlatls where a small v-shaped notch is cut into the front of the grip so that the shaft won’t move from side to side.
This isn’t completely necessary, but it can make for improved stability and mechanics.The completed atlatl will have the shaft resting on the grip with the hook engaging the groove that you cut into the shaft.Sounds easy doesn’t it?
Upgrades, including a carved grip, weighted shaft, stone or metal arrowhead and purpose-made fletching can improve the performance of the atlatl, but a simple branch atlatl made in a few hours can still perform very well.How to Throw an AtlatlWhile there isn’t necessarily any special technique to throwing an atlatl, proper mechanics will make for a more effective throw.
I like to point my other arm forward and point at my target with my finger as if it’s a gun sight.
Your hand should wrap around the grip so that you can hook your pointer finger around the shaft and hold it in place.From here, the first motion is to shift your weight to the foot underneath the atlatl arm, then take a step forward with your front foot and begin to throw the atlatl across your body. There should be a rotating motion throughout your body.The Wrist SnapThe wrist snap is an important mechanic to be conscious of. As the atlatl passes next to your head snap your wrist forward and down so that the grip of the atlatl levers against the shaft. This is the important motion that will add velocity to the dart.The Follow ThroughThe follow through is similar to golf in that you want to keep your head up and eyes on the target.
I’d recommend practicing building an atlatl so it is part of your prepping skillset because post-collapse, in a survival situation, you won’t have the time to learn. Survival skills are useless if you don’t learn them before SHTF.In any scenario you will want a list of things that can save your life.
If your gun runs out of ammo and your bow out of arrows having an atlatl as another option could mean the difference between having meat for a fire or going hungry.Have you made a survival atlatl? An affiliate link means I may earn a commission if you purchase something on the website you’re sent to.What Others Are Saying About Me“Dan, you article is very cool! Lastly, I put you under my links page on the blog page because you have some great articles on your website.

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