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You can spend lot of time thinking about how people treat you badly or how they don’t care about you when they should, OR you can choose to live your own life happily, add positive things, surrounded yourself with those who love you. People that really don’t care as opposed to just being busy with their life, show some kind of avoidance behavior. Selfishness on their part has nothing to do with you, do what you need to do to make yourself happy and take care of yourself. People smile at you, use you, lie to you, right to your face and when you get upset they act like how dare you get upset.

When people are left to their own devices, eventually they will make the right choices (for them) We are only responsible for our own happiness, not for the happiness of others. Then decide by acknowledging with respect to listen or not listen and stay or move on, suggesting better to talk another day. We provide the wisdom that we have accumulated through generations and try to present it in a simplified way. Why are you with someone who treats you like they don’t care What in you needs to be healed?

John's University in New York with degrees in Communications and English, Tony Rossi found a job at the Catholic media organization, The Christophers, that allowed him to indulge his interest in religion, media, and pop culture.

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