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I often hear people who have no connection to disability ask, “How should I treat someone with a disability?” And the answer is, “Treat them how you want to be treated.” Right? But here is the deal, it does not mean, “Treat them how you would want to be treated if you had a disability.” Because if you’re an able-bodied person like me, we really don’t know what it is like to have a disability because we don’t have one. If you say, “I am fully capable,” do you want people to respect you and treat you with dignity and allow you to make your own choices? If you ask, “Please stop, I do not like what you are doing.” Would you want people to stop even though they think they are being helpful? If you say you are good at graphic design would you want people to believe you and not doubt you based on only one aspect of your life that has nothing to do with graphic design? Because often times, it doesn’t matter what she says, well intentioned people do not listen to what she has to say, or they simply do not even ask. I have several friends with disabilities who have shared with me this is a common occurrence for them too. It’s the golden rule, and let’s do the best we can to make sure it applies to the way we treat people with disabilities.
I created a guide with 13 practical ways to help you find peace in the midst of chaos, opt in to make sure you get a copy of this freebie! I have lived with Cerebral Palsy all my life like your daughter and this reminds me of a recent experience.
Ellen Stumbo writes and speaks about finding beauty in brokenness with gritty honesty and openness.

The golden rule “treat others like you want to be treated” is part of the code I try to live by. And imagining what it would be like to have a disability would be based on our perception, not a reality. Treat them like you want to be treated right now, exactly the you that you are now, same circumstances you have now.
She's passionate about sharing the real – sometimes beautiful and sometimes ugly – aspects of faith, parenting, special needs, and adoption.
No Ones Perfect But At Least We Should Try Our Best To Do And Be Our Best Everyday And That Is The Best That Any Of Us Can Do Ya Know. In each case I have added a link to Wikipedia, or elsewhere on the web, for additional information about the life and times of the author.
Yesterday I was re-reading one of my favorite books “ The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and this passage really sank in – forcing me to dive deeper and see the golden rule in a new light. I’ve had a friend say to someone, “I am fully capable,” and that person not listen until I said the same thing, “She is fully capable.” As if my words about my friend had more power. Ellen’s writing has appeared on Focus on the Family, LifeWay, MomSense, Not Alone, Mamapedia and the Huffington Post. Try Talking To Them Or Show Them That They Cannot Rob You Of Your Joy And Come Out The Better Person For It. Karma happens, we have to let it go, in time they will evaporate just like a tear that you may have shed over them when they hurt you.

The original map has been shared in Biggerplate but I do not expect quite so many views, or downloads in this case! Live & Learn And The Important Thing Is That You Did Not Stoop Down To Their Level, Though It May Have Been Tempting To, And That You Learned The Valuable Lesson From It. We provide the wisdom that we have accumulated through generations and try to present it in a simplified way.
I wanted to insist that I help but stopped myself when I remembered how much I hated when people would freak out when I fall and insist on helping me even after I told them I was fine.
I watched as he regained control over the symptoms calmly just as I had seen him do in other stressful situations before the stroke. I remembered that this guy was the EXACT same guy he was before the stroke and I should treat him as I always had. He tells me when he does want help,other than that I let him handle things the way he wants.

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