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The most basic and most important tool you can have in a survival situation is a good knife. In modern times, we have of course gone over to steel instead of stone, but the principle is exactly the same as in the Stone Age. Below we have listed the top 5 survival knives you can have, but that doesn't hurt your wallet.
The Cold Steel SRK is the only knife on our list that has a blade made of stainless steel, which makes it suitable for use near the coast because you don't want to use your carbon steel blades in salt water. But even though its 6" long blade is made ??of stainless steel, it keeps the edge very well. The Cold Steel SRK's Kraton handle ensure that you have a solid grip around the handle even if the handle is wet. If you want an allround utility and fighting knife that you also can use in salt water to, for example, gutting fish, we would strongly recommend the Cold Steel SRK.
We would also recommend you to have this knife as a backup knife in your Bug Out Bag in addition to your carbon steel knife.
The KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife has probably the most famous knife design in the world. Ever since World War II, the Ka-Bar, which is made in Olean, NY, USA, has been the standard military issue knife to the United States Marine Corps for 70 years. Since World War II, it has also served in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq and the soldiers use it for almost everything - They open cans with it, search for mines with it by stabbing the knife into the ground, use it for close quarter combats with enemies and so much more. The knife itself is designed for close quarter combats and has a 7" long non-reflective, epoxy coated blade made of 1095 Cro-van steel which makes the knife very strong, but still very easy to sharpen.
The standard Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife's handle is made of leather and comes with a nice leather sheath.
Don't underestimate the Swedes when it comes to steel because although they are sweet and have some very hot chicks, they know their stuff when it comes to tools and blades. Sturdy blades made of high-quality steel is an old tradition in Sweden dating from the Viking Age when the Swedes had to have the best steel to fight against their enemies - The other Vikings in Norway and Denmark. The full tang Fallkniven A1 is a result of this 1200 years old tradition and it works great as a mid-sized, alround survival knife. The blade itself is made of high-quality, Swedish VG10 steel, which is the same type of steel that's used to make Japanese chef knives. The handle is made of kraton which gives you a solid grip around the handle even if the handle or your hands are wet. It's made by the same company who manufacture the Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife, but the BK7 Combat Utility is more "survival knife" than the USMC fighting knife, which is, as the name implies, a fighting knife. The Becker BK7 with its "7 long blade is the most badass knife on our list and it's perfect if you want a big knife either for self defence, chopping or batoning.
The Ka-Bar Becker BK2, also known as the Becker Campanion, is rated by survivalists as the best survival and adventurer knife of all time! The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 comes with a nice glass-filled nylon sheath which locks the knife securely into place so you don't lose your dear "Campanion" when you're out on adventures or in survival situations.
You are out in the woods alone, (this is not advised) and you have nothing but your survival knife to accomplish all of you basic needs to survive.
This illustrates the importance of buying a quality knife for all of your survival purposes. This knife is very durable, A I have read hundreds of reviews on the KA-BAR website as well as Amazon where a lot of people have been very pleasantly surprised because of the fact their knife had lasted so long and so well. The handle is a man made Kraton G handle made to fit comfortably in the hands (right or left) of the user. This is the second choice because in reality its pretty close to the KA-BAR but it didn’t quite make the cut for first place.
When you hold the Schrade SCHF9, it has a great handle that is meant to fit the contours of your hand as well as aid you in maintaining your grip. The Ontario 499 knife is a super durable knife issued obviously to the Air Force, also available to the public. This monster of a knife has the look of a true survivor knife and according to the hundreds of happy people who have bought this very knife off amazon, it is very well built and feels super sturdy when they handled it.
Best Law Articles"I've been looking for knife and weapon law guides for awhile and KnifeUp's articles are amazing. Your Rights Advocate"I'm relieved that there is someone out there protecting me and my weapons rights.
The ESEE-5 is a brilliant knife for your survival kit and has the bombproof build quality that we really like. It is a great size and is just the sort of product you would happily add to any Survival Kit or Go Bag and similarly use as a general propose knife for camp duties and general use.

ESEE (formerly RAT Cutlery) manufacture in the USA to the highest standards (unlike many nowadays) and make their products out of top quality materials. Please bear in mind that ESEE knives are made from Carbon Steel which is the perfect balance for edge holding and toughness but does need a little maintaining, we recommend simply cleaning it after use and oiling it with gun oil to help prevent corrosion.
Because you will not get far without a sharp blade that you can cut, chop, baton, slice and carve with. A two million years old invention that is as important today to survive as it was when the first knife was crafted of stone by the early ancestors of modern humans. But you can also get the new ACU (Army Combat Uniform) edition which has a foliage green rubber (kraton) handle and a sheath made of Kydex.
It can withstand some batoning if you need to baton firewoods in the wilderness, but don't put to much preasure on the knife because the tang is not as wide as the blade. But because it costs about $200, which is kinda expenisive compared to the other knives, we place it as number 3 on our list.
And that is with good reason because the BK2 Campanion is basically made of a big, heavy chunk of high-quality steel that can withstand some serious abuse over time.
We would strongly recommend you to get it as soon as possible because it's so superb that anyone should own one. A These five survival knives are great examples of survival knives that that will do what you want and do it well.
A  Customers have said that they have been able to use their KA-BAR to split wood, pry things open and just slash things for fun. A Kraton G is a synthetic rubber, so it has that texture of a hard rubber, which is great for increased grip. A It is a great knife, it is a military issued knife, so it is a little smaller for convenience.
A One thing that makes this blade a little different from the others is the fact that it is Parkerized. A  Another great thing about all of these knives is that they are all in a very close price range, so if you like all of them they are all decently affordable.
They are made from 1095 Carbon Steel that is hardened to RC 57 and are all coated with a tough high impact coating to help resist corrosion.
This really conforms to our ideal that if a knife is brilliant for one use you can be 99.9% sure it is going to be brilliant at just about anything you set it to. They are that confident in their products they offer a NO QUESTIONS ASKED LIFETIME GUARANTEE which is transferable. This they did and they have come out with what is what we believe to be the best range of Survival knives on the market today. The knife is so simple, yet so incredibly important to our existence and our ability to survive, even in these ultra-modern times with refrigerators, cars and cookers.
The full tang Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Combat Utility doesn't have as thick blade as the BK2, but it has a longer blade which makes it more suitable for self defense and chopping than its little brother. You can also remove the grivory handle by loosening the handle's allen wrench bolts and replace it with your own custom made handle to personalize it. When I say a stout knife you’ll want at least a 1 ?-inch wide blade and fairly thick so it doesn’t snap in half and constructed of hard steel.You’ll also want to make sure that it has a good handle that is easy to grip. A  A Out of the hundreds of great reviews this knife has received on amazon, A  almost everyone was impressed by its beefy bulky features that make it durable. A It is a little different than the first two, but if its good enough for the military its probably good enough for us. A When a blade is parkerized it has a chemical phosphate coating put on it to protect the steel and reduce the amount of corrosion and increase the resistance to wear. A The 1095 carbon steel can hold and edge very well, it just depends on what your uses are with it. A By spreading out the times you use each blade, you will reduce wear in it, so it will last longer. I always do my knife shopping online at Amazon due to the fact that they can offer the best prices. If you could handle this you would buy it, instantly, as you will know that it is one serious piece of kit designed for serious use. Therefore, the knife is the most basic and most important tool you can have in a survival situation.
If you’re in a panic situation you don’t want to whip out your knife to cut yourself or your raft loose and due to a slippery handle it squirts out of your hand into the river.
Then you live to be 100 years old telling this story many more times than you have years and A the story only gets better each time. A  Others who have reviewed this knife have also said that the edge of the blade on the KA-BAR held up very well.

A This ensures that the handle is large enough for most users to use the knife comfortably.
A It comes pre sharpened, so right when you open it up it is ready for all of your survival adventures. A It is a little smaller in comparison but it is a great option for something a little more compact. A Depending on the tasks performed with this knife it will more than likely last you forever. A  It is comparable to the Aus-8 Japanese made steel as well as the 440b stainless steel that contains 0.9% carbon. A The long length of the blade enables a longer reach and more momentum during the swinging motion.
A The length of the handle plus the material it is build out of make it great for survival purposes.
It is designed by US Air Force SERE instructors and should be what every survival knife aspires to.
A good knife for wilderness survival should ALWAYS be your first priority no matter what, and if you don't have a survival knife, we will gladly help you find one that suits you.
A Of course this is the story we all want to tell our kids, grand kids, great-grand kids and everyone else kind enough to listen. A Another said that the blade is made from a thick steel and that it is a full tang construction.
A Follow the links to amazon to purchase any of these five great knives or even just to check out the prices, but hurry, the prices may go up at any time!
One of my buddies had two moose in a raft he was pulling behind the raft that he was in as he floated out on a river in Alaska. A On the back end of the handle is a very strong butcap which can be used for hammering and pounding things. A It also has slip protectors at the top as well as the bottom of the handle, ensuring safety for the user. A That is not as good of a story as the first, and it all starts (and ends) with the knife. What works well for me may not work for you.You may also end up cutting brush to build a shelter with this knife so you’ll want it to be a little heavier than your everyday hunting knife. It may also be called upon to be strapped to a staff and used as a spear for killing hogs or fishing, another reason for it to be stoutly made.Over the years I’ve grown fond of the hard plastic scabbards on my survival knives. They allow your knife to be readily accessible and yet they still hold it firmly in place until you need it. You can also strap them to your pack for easy access.Many survival knives will have a compass as well as a sharpening stone on the side of the scabbard. Browning makes a cool one that the handle can be removed with a coin to reveal some basic survival gear.In the old days no survival knives had a serrated blade, in fact, I don’t even remember ever seeing an outdoor type knife with a serrated edge until the last 10-15 years. Founded in 1769, the first rule of Puma was and still is today, first class quality which is found in their hunting, sporting and outdoor knives.
For an extremely long time it has been part of the PUMA philosophy to create products worthy of the magic name and the high demand of the city of Solingen. For more than 240 years Knives from the experts at Puma are made with extraordinary quality and workmannship, and the Puma Knives Bigcat 12 Pocket Knife is the direct result of their efforts.
This has been achieved through a combination of traditional craftsmannship and the use of highly technological machinery and know how.
Puma Knives offer a full line up of various steel types, that have been designed to retain their edges for longer periods of time over knives made using inferior steels. With the hatchet and saw you can cut down brush so you can roll the moose around to properly process it but it’d be a great survival kit as well. The handle is orange in color for easy location.The knife comes with a tough black nylon sheath, with safety insert. Out of the 31 knives I own, it has served me the best, and is still my primary on long walk-abouts through rough and remote areas.Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Send it to AmmoLand.Email* EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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