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Minecraft Pocket Edition lets you enjoy all the fun of Minecraft right in the palm of your hand. Minecraft Pocket Edition has two main game play modes and depending on your gaming style, you may heavily prefer one over the other.
Aside from naming your first world when starting the game, you also see a section labeled "Seed". And as always, if you guys have found any exceptionally cool seeds, leave 'em in the comments!
I do however always find coal if I dig downwards at least five blocks into stone with a stone pickaxe.
Once you're feeling comfortable with yourself and you've started harvesting quite a few supplies, you can start moving out of your cave by building an actual home.
If you don't want to bother with mobs and monsters at night, but still want to play survival mode for the challenge in itself, you can do away with enemies rather easily.
These are the tips for Minecraft Pocket Edition that I think will keep you alive through the night and get you started with building your own empire, bit by bit and block by block.
Minecraft Chest Survival is a simple minecraft survival map in which you spawn inside an oversized chest. So don’t get too upset by the fact that you can see all the ore out there in your face. Best Minecraft Map Seed For Minecraft 1.10, Two Village Spawns, Minecraft Horse Spawn, Minecraft Temple Spawn! Minecraft Building Inc All your minecraft building ideas, templates, blueprints, seeds, pixel templates, and skins in one place. FOR YOU TRAIN AND RAILROAD LOVERS I HAVE A MAP FOR YOUIF YOU DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE TRAINS AND ZEPPELIN MOD WHICH I WILL POST A LINK BELOW FOR YOU CAN HAVE THIS MAP AT ITS FULL POTENTIAL.At each stop on the workplace line you will find a building for a different thing eg. What you are looking to accomplish are unique yet stylish mansions and expensive, 20 floor luxury apartments. If you would want to sell to individuals how are looking to live in privacy and peacefulness, look to more making mansions.
Hopefully we won’t run into any big problems with a sufficient amount of light to stop mobs from spawning inside the villages. Once you have finished building basic villager homes it’s time to build some new bigger, cooler buildings for the town. From building colossal structures, block by block, to just trying to mine for coal in order to make torches to survive the night, there are some things you need to learn to make the most out of the game.
Creative mode gives you endless supplies of all inventory, there are no monsters and mobs to combat, and you can craft and create until your heart's content.
You'll need to harvest resources in order to build even simple things such as tools and work tables. You can break through stone a heck of a lot quicker with a pickaxe than you can with your fist.
In my experience, you want a stone pickaxe in order to break through stone and get to coal. It's pretty much impossible to have enough time to build a house for protection on your first day.

I make sure I harvest quite a bit of wood and turn them into planks with the Crafting Table. In the beginning make sure you reuse your crafting table so you don't have to keep creating more. Played on any other setting, it’s quite difficult because there are spawners absolutely everywhere.
Some like their basic wooden roofs and cobblestone walls, while some like stylish sandstone and shiny quartz. Made of sandstone, quartz, stained-clay blocks, and lots of glass, these are some builds you want to create if being an experienced and fancy builder.
Wouldn't it be nice to have four huge cobblestone walls around you to encase yourself when the sun goes down? Whether you're battling monsters in survival mode or just having fun building your own 32-bit kingdom, we've got the tips and hints to get you there faster! If you like game play similar to that of the Sims, you'll most likely prefer Creative mode. I've been guilty of this and it's not easy, especially if you don't have any torches on hand and have no sticks to make any. To break the Crafting Table down just punch it until it breaks and then walk over it to collect it again. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. If you are looking to make millions or stacks of diamonds, it’s best to go with the best. Since you want to be a nice guy and not kill these pitiful rotten flesh bags that used to be villagers, store em up in cell inside prison. What are the chances of you seeing a house 50 feet up in the air with nothing supporting it on the bottom? Depending on what seed pack you load you may end up in a world full of lava or one full of ice.
Unless you plan on leaving a few in multiple locations for convenience, which is perfectly acceptable as well.
Once you're further into the game and have mines, you probably won't have such an urgency to find coal. It's another reason I suggest always having at least a few sticks on you, if not full torches.
The best way to learn about them and how to create them is to play in Creative mode for a while so you can explore a full inventory first. Due to the ever-increasing lazy noobs who buy their items and ranks, it’s time to create lavish houses or apartments for a high price. The upper tier section will need building skills that are very advanced and a big understanding of style. Make sure when making mansions, to give them a tremendous amount of privacy so that no other residence can be seen.
Though it may sound very unprofitable and not worth building, over time you will accumulate a big profit.

Since a town hall is a great place for villagers to meet, leave the opening without doors or many sets of doors for big amounts of villagers to pass through.
Once you rounded up all the infected villagers for one night, cure them with golden apples and potions of weakness.
You must create a community that looks up to you if you have other players living in your town (a little bit of fear is good). In Minecraft, you're surely have a 100% chance to see some sort of building up in the sky everyday. They make for a nice change if you want a pre-made layout that you don't have to work so hard for. To create a Crafting Table, just create some wooden planks first and then the option should appear. It's a pain to have to fashion makeshift steps in the dark, and the torches will make it easier if you do happen to get into a tight spot. Oh, and an oversized bookshelf, for you literary types who eschew the brawny emphasis on crafting. Your customers in this tier would vary from veteran pros to money-paying, lame-ass, no-good dirtbags. Just in case you get overwhelmed and are on the run, leave items inside these exits as well. Since you have 50 villagers inside your town, make sure to make the interior big enough for 50-100 villagers to fit in with enough space.
Now you got an effective lock up which you can cure no-good, life stealing zombie-villager dirtbags. Gather about 10 stacks of seeds, and plant them in multiple farm locations around the town.
Make sure to add nice features to each individual room, for nobody is wanting to design a home they didn’t build. If you are online, make sure to constantly have an eye for suspicious name tags around your area. Since villagers don’t need food or attack you, they are the perfect citizens of your town.
Once we get these crops harvested and more seeds to gather, you can go to more bigger size farms.
You don’t want to overflood the amount of villagers inside your town, so start of with about 50 villagers. Store most of your weapons here, so that you and your friends (if you have any) can access if there are hostiles around the area. We now have a populated center for villagers to expand and more buildings to be created if the villagers breed.

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