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Own a small cottage (Litet Hus) in Sweden with white walls, worn wood floors, and a Kakelugn wood-burning stove. I am one of those insanely fortunate souls that spends her professional time in a very personal way- I help people create spaces that bring them joy.  Home is a reflection of our spirit, our identification, and I feel honored each time a client enlists our company to help them create that space. I have been practicing Interior Design for 16 years in myriad ways ranging from new construction to remodeling, residential to commercial, and multi-million dollar homes to modest cabins in the woods.  I find something to love with every project, big or small, and the variety suits my curious spirit.
I am a lover of life!  When I’m not in the office I’m a girl-on-the-go with a penchant for cycling (I’m a bike commuter as well), music, yoga, cooking, traveling, reading, gardening, spending time with a community of lovely humans, and anthropomorphizing my cats. The Moto X series is where Motorola usually places its fancy phones: the ones that’ll bludgeon your budget at least a bit, but tend to look and feel fancy. Motorola has quite obviously gone for a more affordable, heavy duty feel with the Motorola Moto X Play.
It has a 5.5in 1080p display, the same as the OnePlus 2, and somewhat-similar to the Sony Xperia Z3+ and HTC One M9.
I find a lot of turbo-charged screens kinda difficult to look at, but I could live with either mode. Motorola’s Moto X Style does offer that next level of screen quality, with a 2560 x 1440 screen like the Samsung Galaxy S6. The one giveaway element that the Moto X Play isn’t the most expensive screen panel around is that the backlight is a tiny, tiny bit inconsistent up at the top.
As ever these days for Motorola, the Moto X Play has software pretty similar to a Nexus device, with zero app bloat loitering in its app corridors. So far it’s a case of: nothing offensive, but nothing worth much more than a shrug of the shoulders. In Geekbench 3 the Moto X Play scores 2641 points, a solid mid-ranger result but around 2000 points less than top phones and — more importantly — the OnePlus 2. It still uses contrast detection at times (the giveaway contrast detection back and forth is there at times), but the Moto X Play is about as fast to focus as you’d hope given this tech wizardry. It’s no high-speed shooting wizard like the Samsung Galaxy S6, a phone that can be found for around ?410 SIM-free these days, cheaper than you might assume. You don’t really get an accurate preview of what your photo’s going to look like before you hit the shutter button.
Absolutely boatloads of detail, good dynamic range and rich colour get you images with plenty of pop. Light noise reduction means you end up with some quite noisy low-light shots too, although you do get pretty nice colour (aside from those errant reds) and good contrast. As much as it may not challenge the LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 generally, the Moto X Play has a good camera for a ?270 phone. Yes, although it’s still not going to last a full two days for you YouTube-guzzling, Clash of Clans addicted hardcore users out there. That positively steamrolls the Moto G, by about three hours on the video test and two hours on the streaming one. Using the Moto X Play more generally, we still managed to drain it down in a day on occasion, but it’s a tank you have to batter pretty hard to see it die before bedtime. The Moto X Play offers fast-charging too, seeing battery life zoom up to an amount that could get you through most of a day in 30 minutes.

In so many areas the Moto X Play is sort stuck between being a high-end phone and one that has more in common with the Moto G. The Mototola Moto X Play is one of the best phones to consider if you want a quality phone without paying a high-end price.
It does seem a bit more like a Moto G XL than something that belongs in the Moto X line-up, though. The phone’s look and feel probably won’t make you fall in love in an instant, and the core specs, the CPU, storage and RAM, are just about right for the money. I am a word nerd, a sucker for Scandinavian design, and I’m obsessed with Neil deGrasse Tyson.
I have created a cleaner brand focusing on kids and building a more interactive experience. What you end up with is a phone with a dashing screen, impressively detailed camera and long-lasting battery, just without the flashy design bits you get on the Moto X Style or something like the Samsung Galaxy S6. Thanks to a tubby-but-smoothly curved design, the phone feels good, but isn’t exactly going to wow your digits.
However, its screen is a good league or two ahead, cutting out all the sense of compromise you get with a 720p screen.
This is an IPS LCD screen much like those, and while it’s not quite up there with the best mobile phone screens in the universe, it doesn’t seem too shabby put next to them either. From the company that made the Moto X (2014), a phone with colours so vivid they look as though they might burn right through the screen, the Moto X Play has nice natural-looking shades. But it’s a much smaller leap than 720p to 1080p, getting you about 90 per cent of that phone’s visual pop. You get the Android Lollipop Google Now look, with just a couple of extra Moto apps and little tinker-y bits under the hood like that screen colour flicker I mentioned earlier.
The Moto X Play has a Snapdragon 615 CPU, which is kinda like a turbo eight-core version of the Snapdragon 410 used in the Moto G. This is one of the first phones to use Sony’s new IMX230 sensor, a camera brain that comes with a fistful of hardware bits worth boasting about.
Just about all other phones use plain old contrast detection autofocus, which involves peering at part of the image and then just looking for the sharpest point as the lens focuses, the point of starkest contrast. The Moto X also lacks a couple of other things that make shooting with a phone that bit more fun and intuitive. You can see that this is one of the most advanced phone camera sensors ever in the results. It maxes out the camera and battery while offering a nice big screen that isn’t shown up too badly by any phone, anywhere. And having just come from reviewing the spec hero OnePlus 2, the Moto X Play isn’t quite as amazing. Utilizing both the cartoon children and the illustration children helps to build a solid theme and campaign. It’s like the Moto G stepped into the Moto X factory and ended up having a bit of an XL-size makeover. The phone has a plastic rear, and plastic sides that have a slight metallic glint to them: but it’s all in the paint job.

The deep-ridged contouring on the back is a clear sign the phone is designed for practicality too.
As the battery cover is just yanked off with the help of a fingernail, buying them later on should be no problem too. And if you want that bit of extra boost, there’s a Vivid mode that offers slightly more saturation than the Natural one. Moto sets up the Do Not Disturb function and a few others bits, while Migrate helps you transfer all the rubbish from your last phone, just to make sure your new mobile runs as badly as your old one. It’s called Active Display and is a new sleep display that turns on whenever you get a notification. It’s a true mid-range CPU, not a high-end one like the Snapdragon 810 used in the OnePlus 2.
Phase detection is altogether smarter, putting special bonus sensors in front of the camera sensor that can check for focus.
90 per cent of the time I shot using the ‘Auto HDR’ mode, and in certain situations it’ll have to think for a second or two before it’ll let you take another shot. Even when you head into the gallery to see a photo you’ve just taken, there’s a delay of a couple of seconds as the Moto X Play applies the optimisations that turn the raw data into the final image. The Moto X Play has a slight tendency to overdo its reds, there are better Auto HDR modes out there and right down at pixel level images tend to look a bit scratchy. You have for fork out an extra ?25 for one, although I used a fast Samsung charger I had lying around and it worked just as well. Only the bottom one is a speaker, and the sound quality isn’t exactly going to rekindle your love for bangin’ dance music. But it is still great value if you can’t stomach the idea of queuing in a virtual line to buy a OnePlus 2.
Remember: there’s nothing wrong with a fresh start now Google remembers all your phone numbers. It also works whenever the sensors pick up that you’re handling the Moto X Play making it that bit snappier to use. There’s just the very occasional slight glitch as you move between areas of the phone or load some apps. I’ve seen this in top Sony sensor cameras before, and it’s part of why most 20-megapixel Sony phones actually capture 8-megapixels photos as standard. As with the Moto G, it has enough volume to compete with the kitchen extractor fan, just about, but doesn’t have the extra mid-range and bassy welly that separates the best phone speakers. The SIM and card slot are kept in a little tray up top, which should help keep them fairly safe, mind. It’s the sort of performance we expect from a mid-range phone running Android Lollipop, which is unfortunately a lot slower than the Android 4.4 KitKat software that came before, for some reason.

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