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First off, when talking about zombies, we understand that executive brain function is almost none existent.
Zombie as defined is an animated corpse resurrected from the dead by magical means, such as witchcraft. The disease alters the DNA structure of the human as to almost regenerate or disallow infection.
In terms of science and disease, what exactly does a zombie look like and what functions does it lack. Our brains are broken up into several regions that include reward, reasoning and logic, sight, talking, memory, emotion, movement, coordination, and that is just a small aspect of the brain. So even though a leg might be severed, the infection from the leg doesn’t hinder ability or bring upon death. Well infectious diseases, powerful diseases that hide in bacterium and viruses can have effects that can possibly lead to very inactive brain function, an almost brain dead feel.

Some of these regions for knowledge are as follows: cortex, accumbens, thalamus, hippocampus, brain stem, diencephalom, and many more.
In this kind of state, our bodies must use energy more efficiently because the brain isn’t working as hard as well as the other major organs.
When a disease of epic proportions attacks the body, especially the one we are talking about right now, it must be extremely complex and ever changing to take on the challenges of the body and earths extreme conditions. Whether these diseases are real or not seems unlikely, at least to the extreme of losing executive (physical) function of your body and biting into the juicy human. But I will go over a scenario in which a specific disease would have to attack to make the zombie appear more and more real.
Most of these functions such as logic and reasoning, coordination, emotion, memory, speech, pretty much every function that makes humans what they are is thrown out.
Whether the body could go months, if not years, without feeding on something seems to be unrealistic.
It’s like a battle field, knowledge of strategy of the other is important to winning.

But there are diseases that sometimes numbs different areas of the brain making certain normal human abilities harder, if not, impossible.
But the body can overcome a lot especially when energy is being kept and saved and being used more efficiently. The point is, although the earliest belief of zombies came from this notion that a witch could conjure the dead to walk the earth, which is more fictitious.
This leaves the inner core of the brain, the animal brain, the brain that will do whatever it takes to survive or preservation.
Natural occurring zombies is plausible if a strain or altered bacterium or virus is created that has properties that scientists that created it were dormant.

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