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Nova and Callisto's lost Father, taken by The Shadow Hooves 14 years ago and never seen again. Okay, fine, it's not even a fighting game, but here's the deal: it takes place in TWO THOUSAND TEN!
That's right, this mix covers music from the very topical & timely NES action game Street Fighter 2010.

In the Japanese original, the protagonist was apparently a cybernetic policeman named Kevin Straker, but for the English localization they actually tried to pass him off as the one-and-only Ken Masters, insulting both our intelligence and our proper sense of time. Actually, "solid" really undersells it - this is one of those tracks where we can safely toss around adjectives like "face-melting, "epic," and "badass" without risking hyperbole. Nevertheless, in spite of an overall funky concept, an extraordinarily pessismistic, glass-half-empty view of the not-too-distant future that we're now living, and questionable gameplay execution, the music - as in nearly all Capcom titles of the era - was pretty solid.

Plenty of shredding, burning solos, backing harmony, drum fills & breaks, meaty bass, and balls-to-the-wall rock.

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