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One of the major components of having Borderline Personality Disorder, and often for sufferers of PTSD who were traumatized as children, is an intense fear of being abandoned. As we get older, we may realize that continuing to engage in certain behaviors around this issue may no longer serve us and may be standing in the way of our continued healing and growth.
This was working "fine" for me until I started having the eye opening moments that I mentioned and then shamed myself.
In DBT, I've learned and am continuing to learn that there is cause for the things we think, feel, and do. Many of us were abandoned or rejected by important people in our lives when we were children. A moment of realization came for me when he heard me on the phone speaking to my sister and to colleagues, and he mentioned that I am a "totally different person" when I speak to them -- confident, and adult-like. I seem to have had (and sometimes it still happens) a pattern of reverting to behaving at an age when I was more helpless, in an effort to get others to "save" or "rescue" me.
Do you tend to behave in ways that you hope will cause others to believe you are much younger than you are?

When i am talking to my mother, I am always talking like a little child and the other way around, she also talks to me that way. I have experienced some inner turmoil over wanting to relate to my significant other as an equal but often feel compelled to relate to him as someone younger.
During routine interviews with doctors and nurses, when they'd ask, "And your age?" My mind would either go blank, and I'd have to literally count up from the age I "felt" to my actual current age, or I'd darn well know my age and feel ashamed to tell the practitioner.
We have moments where we discuss and talk normal, but mostly i talk like a little girl, especially when i am saying good morning, i wave with my hand and say hiiiiiii and just want to see them (my mom and my stepdad) to smile at me.
As a child, after all, it's critical that you retain the love and protection of your caregivers. I do that to see that they feel alright about me, that they are not mad at me, that i did not screw anything up.
I never experienced anything bad when I talked like this except from my real father who is the main cause of my bpd.
I'm glad that you can see this behavior in your life in a non-judgmental way and that it is not causing you any perceived harm.

I was the baby of the family and want to stay that way, but it's also to do with what you are describing. But I do recognise where it comes from, the need to be treated differently, as though I'm fragile, cos that's how I feel!
It's my excuse to be treated a bit differently and have less expected of me cos life kinda scares me as an adult. I am proud of you for noticing, acknowledging, and being able to put into words your experience.

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