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AUTHOR rajmanali ADD TO FRIENDS SEND A MESSAGE PICNIC SPOT By rajmanali on Dec 03, 2009. Through these values-based Athlete stories, students discover that our athletes reached great success not only through tremendous physical talents, but also through character and intelligence. COSP is designed in accordance with the founder of the modern Olympic Movement, Pierre de Coubertin’s, philosophy of Olympism. The worldwide Olympic values of leadership, respect and healthy active living act as a foundation for these stories. To mimic the physical development of our Olympians, each Athlete story links students to physical activities in our Canadian Olympic Movement Skills resource. Each Athlete story is tailored to three reading levels: Bronze (grades 2-3), Silver (grades 4-5), and Gold (grades 6 and into secondary school). Through many facets of the 2011-2012 Canadian Olympic School Program, children and youth can connect values to their lives at home, at school and in their local community. Razer being the world leader in high-performance gaming peripherals and hardware has unleashed the new Kraken 7.1 Gaming headset. The Razer Kraken 7.1 comes equipped with an advanced virtual surround sound engine capable of ultra-low latency audio processing that simulates a 360-degree surround sound experience that is usually achievable only by incorporating more than one positional speaker driver in each ear cup. The omnidirectional digital microphone on the Razer Kraken 7.1 comes equipped with an optimized algorithm, promising crystal-clear voice chat that offers better frequency response, sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio than a standard analog microphone. The State of Virtual Reality & OSVR InterviewFeaturing a retractable microphone hidden in the left ear cup when not in use, the Razer Kraken 7.1 maintains a sleek form factor, all while protecting the microphone during transportation and storage.
Each Athlete story, featuring a well-known Canadian Olympian or Olympic hopeful, is brought to life with activities that engage students in literacy, physical activity, character challenges, numeracy extensions and audio and video podcasts. Complementing these captivating stories is the Summer Sports Day resource and Personal Best Challenges.
By recognizing the value of Olympians and Olympic hopefuls as role models, the program engages students with the joy found in effort while blending sport with culture and education. Each Athlete story will focus on the development of a character value within your students. Physically literate students are not only experts at moving their bodies, but understand how to do so in ways that are respectful of themselves and others.

Each comes with progressive activities that are open- ended and tailored to address a diverse range of learning styles and proficiencies. It also has a mic mute button and an LED indicator on the tip to clearly indicate when the mic is active. This headset adopts the comfortable form factor of the Razer Kraken Pro, tested by numerous professional gamers to determine the optimal ergonomics for extended gaming sessions.
This flexible, omnidirectional digital microphone comes equipped with an optimized algorithm, promising a pristine voice quality unachievable through traditional analog microphones. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more.
Together, these resources create a foundation for teachers to inspire their students to exercise their mind, body and character.
Our Athlete stories balance intellectual instruction, cultural development and physical education.
By engaging students in each narrative, they have the opportunity to expand their understanding of this value and to expand their moral capabilities. Students, much the same as Olympians, must first learn movement skills that enable them to balance, walk, run, jump, skip and throw proficiently. They can move their bodies in creative, intelligent ways that demonstrate their ability to adapt to different situations. They focus on six main facets of understanding: explaining, interpreting, applying, taking perspective, empowering and developing self- knowledge.
They have adjustable rubberized hooks to ensure that they stay in place during a run or a workout. The headset’s 40mm neodymium magnet drivers power a sound signature that features deep bass, warm mids and crystal-clear highs, for total gaming immersion.
Boasting an impressive signal-to-noise ratio and an extended wideband frequency response, the digital microphone ensures a clear, natural sounding voice reproduction with minimal noise.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. The heart of our curriculum focuses on participation, effort and the pride in knowing you have given your all to the pursuit of excellence.

As well, Personal Best Challenges will challenge students to reach their personal best by applying the values in their everyday life at school, at home or in the community.
Such individuals enjoy success in a range of physical activities, and are more likely to be motivated to adopt healthy behaviours in all aspects of life. These critical thinking skills are woven into all three stages of the learning sequence in order to promote deeper understanding of the values and concepts.
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