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Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. This product is out of stock.Please enter your email address, we will let you know, when it will be available. The Schnauzer is a terrier dog type that is kind and loveable, and very calm around people. A standard sized Schnauzer is about 3 feet high and weighs anywhere from 26-37 pounds, the miniature breed is about 1 foot high and weighs about 5-13 pounds, and the giant breed is about 2 feet tall and weighs from 75-85 pounds.
There are several famous schnauzers like "George" the cancer-sniffing dog, "Tramp" from Lady and the Tramp, "Colin" the dog in the UK comedy series "Spaced", and "Shunaema" from the "Fortune Dogs". The Schnauzer is a loveable friendly dog that is very protective of its master and as long as they have a pack leader that takes charge and allows them to get lots of exercise they will be a happy dog.
August 18, 2016 by Sarah White There are many times in the year when you just don’t want to take your kids outside, whether as a parent or a teacher.
August 18, 2016 by Sarah White A reader sent me a post about a children’s book she has written involving Huggable Henry, a little knit bear who helps people who are upset by giving them hugs. Jess from Gracious Threads shares a free pattern at Fleece Fun for making a fall cardigan for girls.

August 18, 2016 by Sarah White There was a lot of great knitting-related news happening while I was too busy to share it, but just in case you didn’t see the story of Morrie Boogaart before, I wanted to make sure you did. For meatless Mondays or just when you don’t want any meat in your diet, these tostadas will be a great choice for you.
As much as I hate the idea of summer ending, I am looking forward to the wonderful comfort foods in the fall.
Summer is coming to an end soon, but there are still some days in the fall where the weather can be really hot. Origami is one of those School crazes or fads that comes and goes, but it seems at least every 1-2 years it makes a sudden comeback.
Come and find great craft and DIY ideas for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and all year round! The name Schnauzer means snout, this name was given to this dog because of its beard and snout like features.
The Schnauzer is very friendly, great around children, very protective and they make good watchdogs. This breed is famous for winning best in show at Westminster in 1997 (Parsifal Di Casa Netzer).

Perfect for carrying your bag for jotting down notes or making lists or as a tiny planner when you don’t want to carry your large planner with you.
Our editors have found knitting, sewing, crochet, quilting and needlework patterns that actually work.
One unique fact about Schnauzers is that they are used in the United States as bomb detection and search and rescue dogs.
Our DIY editors look for kids crafts, lesson plans, home and garden ideas and edible crafts so you don't have to.
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