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So, you have an Indian passport and have been enjoying smooth Visa process for countries like Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore . Schengen Visa: It is a common visa that allows visitors, entry to multiple countries in Europe which have signed Schengen  agreement. Last Six Months Original Bank Statement (Personal) with Name & Address to be mentioned on it. If you have been refused a visa by an Embassy or High Commission in the last 3 years: Written explanation about the reason for trip and refusal and the copy of refusal from the concerned Embassy or High Commission.
I had applied to embassy for Czech Republic as I was going to spend maximum number of days there. You will be asked to reach embassy around 10 AM in the morning though actual process starts around 11 AM. I came out of the interview room thinking how do I classify this interview as good or bad ? Final Note : My first country of Entry was Austria and immigration process at Vienna airport was very smooth. The documentation process for Canada is almost the same, minus the drilling you had to go through for the interview..
In case the conditions of the travel have changed, it is necessary to inform about the situation the consulate that issued the visa. I do not know all the rules but I would try to answer in a way that if I was in your place what I would do. Again I am not an expert on this and yes people do it all the time but I wouldn’t do that. Change in accommodation would be perfectly acceptable though.I have done that as while applying visa you do not get much time to research about hotels and also you want to book only hotels which are 100 % refundable, so for visa purpose you can book such hotels and after getting visa you can book hotels of your choice. Just one more thing, If I plan to go to Paris first and then return to India, from Prague, will they need me to show the travel reservation from Paris to Prague ?
Yes you will have to show bookings for internal travel across cities which are part of your itinerary.
So, I was off to the Embassy next day (Feb 16th, Monday), with all the documents listed by you. Then on Feb 20, Friday same week, I got a call around 6PM about my interview scheduled for Feb 23rd, Monday at 1130.
All in all, a great experience, I also heard and now know that Czech Republic is fairly good to to the tourists. I have few questions as well, I am traveling to France, Spain and Italy with my fiance in Dec this year. Apart from the documents mentioned below, the immigration officer can ask for some additional documents as deemed necessary. NOC Letter from the authorized signatory of the present employer clearly indicating the applicant’s name, designation, occupation, the purpose of visit, etc. Females below the age of 25 and males below the age of 21 are issued a visa only if they file their application with their parents. Once the payment for the visa fees is done, it cannot be reversed under any circumstances even if your visa is rejected. Applicants with an unskilled profession as stated in their passports are also at the risk of being rejected.
Since the entire process is online, there is no need for the applicant to physically visit the embassy. The fees for the tourist visa Dubai for Indian citizens would vary depending on your period of stay. Please take note of the list of holidays observed by the Embassy to avoid any delay in your visa process. A visa is generally considered a tedious process for all applicants irrespective whether you are a first timer or a seasoned visitor. Although this does not apply to me personally, it’s interesting to know what citizens of other countries need to do to secure a visa. About us We at Small Budget Big Trips believe that traveling is the best way to enjoy the life.

Our aim is to provide a platform to all the travelers where they can guide and help each other in planning the trips in the best way. We wish you all a happy traveling in your life and urge you to share as maximum as possible your travel experiences with the world !! O livro contem estudos de caso em seis paises sul-americanos, apresentando uma ampla gama de experiencias inovadoras e seus impactos nas formas de organizacao e de atuacao da sociedade civil, partidos politicos e governos. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. You can find complete details here.  If you are planning to visit one or more countries out of these, then you need to apply for Schengen Visa. Make sure you maintain a good balance (1 Lac or above) consistently over a period of last few months in your bank account.
It would be better if you have visited some other countries earlier and thus do not have a blank passport. Embassy wants to make sure you would return to your home country hence NOC letter becomes important indicating you have to return to your job.
Though application procedure is same for all countries in Schengen region, still it would be a good idea to visit embassy web site of specific country you want to visit. You are first given a token number and then candidates are called for interview as per token numbers given. You can cross borders of countries without any immigration stamp but your passport would be checked every time. Minor changes in plan should be fine like if your original plans is 6 days France plus 2 days Italy , you can later make it 5 days France and 3 days Italy but if you change your travel plan completely that wouldn’t be correct. The strategy here should be to book refundable mode of transport which should also be your preferred mode of transport once you get the visa. The booking can also be cross-checked on the website as it stays active and confirmed for at least 5-7 days.
Found myself cramming to learn about places to visit, sights etc ?? Pleasantly surprised to see the application process going quick.
No tokens this time, they were calling names and the person has to go in for the interview. The guy opened the counter at 1545 and I was the second one, gave him my submission receipt. Your website was a huge huge help in this, it also helped me a lot with my Thailand trip last year. I will be sponsoring her trip, what is the minimum balance in account to be kept for two people for 10days if all the tickets, hotels have been booked?
Dubai is no longer a land of oil and the desert, the high tech infrastructural city has risen leaps and bounds from the city of oil to the city of tourism. Embassy prefers Indian citizens with a previous travel history in the last 5 years to countries such as the USA, Schengen countries, UK, Australia, European Union, Russia, Canada, Japan, and Switzerland, etc. Our groups of experts are trained to help and guide you at every stage of your visa application.
I am a German expat living in the US and I know that finding a resource like your article can be such a helpful resource for someone doing this kind of research!
Traveling not only just give new experiences but also brings lot of improvements and zeal in one's life. Ha muitas coisas diferentes entre a escola publica e a particular, mas o que elas tem em comum? Hoje temos um nivel de endividamento comparavel ao da Coreia do Norte, um dos paises mais isolados do mundo”. As transicoes politicas podem ser explicadas em 180 dias, mas as transicoes culturais necessitam de mais tempo”. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Also remember that if you want to visit any other European country not listed  below, then a separate Visa is required from respective country. I got a phone call from embassy, so make sure you enter your contact information correctly in application form.

Once I entered it looked like an interrogation room ?? where the interviewer was sitting behind a glass window and I was asked to sit on chair with a mike in front of me. I had just gone through details about some sites in each city but didn’t remember any name. I share my travel stories to introduce the wonderful places that I have visited and thus have virtual tours with readers:). For which country you had applied and do you think you had provided every document as per above list. Schengen visa are issued from the country which is your major destination among multiple countries so that shouldn’t be changed. I will definitely keep in mind to not make any major changes in regards to the Entry and country of major travel. I printed out the booking confirmations of hotels in different cities which I am going to visit.
At one point, I was planning to buy a refundable ticket (expensively priced at Whopping 1lac+) just for Visa purpose and then I was to cancel it (for a service charge still amounting to 3-4K) after getting the Visa. He asked me to sign on it confirming delivery of the passport to me and gave me my passport.
Will they question on, If sudden money is transferred to the account to be shown two months before Visa application?
The government has taken note of the importance of tourism in the country, and the results are there to see. Now get the pick and drop off your documents at your doorstep or at any place of your convenience in no time. Also a current balance of 2 lac would be a good number to show that you can bear the expenses in Europe yourself.
This was too much of drilling but I guess he wanted to make sure I visited all countries for tourist purpose. I can understand how frustrating it is to get your visa denied but unfortunately we Indians have to go through a long and complex process to get a visa :(. Prague and Paris are quite far so I guess you will have to book a flight as a bus will take a lot of time. BTW, I applied for my Schengen Visa from Czech Embassy, made a good long 12 days itinerary of Czech Republic. Didn’t try to upsell me anything either and provided me some advise about Visa application too. The guy at the window went through all my documents and started keeping some of them aside.
I always wanted to go to Europe and April End is known to be the best time to visit Czech Republic.
Our motto is that the customer should spend maximum time in finalizing his itinerary, rather than running after visa application processes.
This was the first question which I couldn’t answer instantly and started thinking is it the show stopper ?
If your budget allows then look for eurorails as well which are on most expensive side among three modes of transport. Told about my last and only foreign trip to Thailand last year, she didn't go into details.
The travel agents whom I have consulted in past have always been skeptical and said that my application will have high changes of getting rejected because of not enough stamps in passport and traveling solo. Basically, in INR, ensure there is a minimum of over a lakh for two people for 8-10 days trip. Once you enter Schengen area you are free to move across countries so I am not sure whether they check whether your plan changed as long as your start and end point doesn’t change but still your major destination should remain same. A pretty lady (Czech, I assume) in her early-mid 30s, sitting on the other side of the glass.She started with the interview.

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