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The Royal Thai Embassy wishes to inform the public regarding the new guidelines for Tourist visa application as follows: Click here for Embassy notice.
Kindly be informed that due to the security reason for the upcoming Independence Day celebration, Prakash Deep Building will be closed at 12 noon. For the Travel Agents, an Authorization letter would be required on the Travel agency’s original letter head with the list details of the applicants for which the passports are being collected. This is to inform you that Thai visa fees have been revised due to cumulative change in foreign exchange rates, with effect from 1st September 2014. This is to inform that passports collection scheduled on Friday 3 January, 2014 will postpone to Monday 6 January, 2014 due to IT technical difficulty at embassy. This is to inform that from 3rd October, 2013, Royal Thai Embassy will start using “Notice on Entry to the Kingdom of Thailand” along with Thai Visa. From Wednesday 15 May 2013, demand drafts for all non-immigrant visas collected at VFS Thailand Visa Application Centre in New Delhi will be returned if visa is not issued. This is to inform from 13 May 2013 onwards kindly prepare your documents as per requirements listed in visa guideline checklists before submitting your application. It is mandatory to submit checklist along with all visa application forms and supporting documents at the time of submission.
Application for all types of visa: must complete all fields in the application form except for those which are not applicable. Application for Tourist and Transit visa: must provide 1) confirmed itinerary and 2) confirmed reservation for accommodation under applicant’s names. Name and address of local guarantor: must provide name, address, telephone number, and fax numbers of travel agent. The above guidelines must be strictly followed and will be effective for all applications submitted from February 8, 2013 onwards. Demand Drafts should be made in a consolidated amount, consisting of Visa fee and VFS service charge and payable to “VFS Global Services Pvt.
Name and address of local guarantor: must provide name, address, telephone number, and fax numbers of travel agent. The above guidelines must be strictly followed and will be effective for all applications submitted from January 24, 2013 onwards. This is to inform you all that effective 1 April 2012 there is a change in the VFS service charge please find below the details.
This is to inform you all that effective 12-March-2012, Thailand visa helpline number for Chennai, Bangalore & Hyderabad will be changed to 044-43506353. The Royal Thai Embassy will be closed for an official holiday on Thursday 26 January 2012 for Indian Republic Day. Effective from 5 January 2012, Indian nationals wishing to apply for a tourist or transit visa to Thailand are requested to submit ONLY their current passport, valid for at least six (06) months, along with the duly filled–in application form, photographs, and other supporting documents. Application submitted with invalid passport will not be accepted by the VFS Thailand Visa Application Center.
Kindly note, however, that above change does not apply to application of Non-Immigrant Visa or Non-Indian applicants, for which previous passports can still be submitted to support their applications.
Applications submitted to VFS Visa Center in the afternoon session of Friday 30 September 2011 will be charges with the new fees. Please note that fee adjustment have been made due to the cumulative changes in foreign exchange rates, and may be adjusted periodically in the future. Applications for all types of visa: - All fields in the application form must be completed except for those fields which are not applicable.
Date of arrival in Thailand mode of travel (traveling by), flight number or vessel's name, duration of proposed stay, and date of previous visit to Thailand. Name, address, telephone and fax numbers of parents, relatives or friends in India must be given.
Name, address, telephone and fax numbers of parents, relatives or friends in Thailand must be given. The above guidelines must be strictly followed and will be effective for all application submitted from the second session of 17 June 2011 onwards. Passport collections on the same day of application submission are not encouraged by the Thai Consulate. Embassy Of Ukraine, London – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaThe Ukrainian Embassy in London is the diplomatic mission of Ukraine to the United Kingdom. Geography And Map Of United Arab Emiratesembassy: Embassies District, Plot 38 Sector W59-02, Street No.
Mr Suphot Yanthukij, Consul General, Royal Thai Consulate-General, at the visa application centre in Chennai on Wednesday. Any person seeking a visa to India for the purpose of entering into a surrogacy arrangement must ascertain beforehand whether the law of that country permits surrogacy and will provide appropriate travel documents to the child for accompanying the surrogate parents.
The above quoted contents were published on the Embassy’s website in pursuance to instructions received from Ministry of External Affairs. As per available records, no visa application has been received mentioning purpose of visit as “Surrogacy” in Embassy of India, Beijing. For the purposes of drawing up and executing the agreement mentioned at 11 (d), a foreign couple can be permitted to visit India on a reconnaissance trip on tourist visa but no samples should be given to the clinic during such preliminary visit. Few of my colleagues at the American Bar Association had expressed concern over the changing circumstances for surrogacy in India.
Any person seeking a visa to India for purpose of entering into a surrogacy arrangement must ascertain beforehand whether the law of that country permits surrogacy and will provide appropriate travel documents to the child for accompanying the surrogate parents.
Further, this notification left commissioning couple perplexed as to what are the requirements to be fulfilled to take up surrogacy in India.
I had taken the initiative to investigate over this matter and sought clarity over the regulations based on which such notifications have been issued. What are the legal circumstances on which the said notice has been published in the Embassy Website? Which authority approved the publication of the said notices in the websites of the embassies? Which category of VISA is required to be applied for taking up surrogacy in India by foreign nationals?
How many VISA applications have been received till date where the applicants have stated “surrogacy” as their purpose of visit?
Till date, how many “EXIT VISA stamping” have been done for children born through surrogacy in India?
I await to hear from the Ministry of External Affairs and the Embassies on this drive to obtain information on international commercial surrogacy in India. The question whether a child born in India to a surrogate mother, an Indian national, whose biological father is a foreign national, would get citizenship in India, by birth, is a momentous question which has no precedent in this country. For information on locating a surrogate mother or Egg Donor of your choice, please contact GiftLife Egg Bank, India's First Professionally Managed ART Bank. Hari G Ramasubramanian is a pioneer in the field of Indian surrogacy law. He founded India's First Fertility Law Firm, Indian Surrogacy Law Centre and has been grown with the field. Therefore submission from 1st October, 2013 onward only TWO OPPOSITE BLANK PAGES on Passports or travel documents will be accepted at VFS Thailand Visa Application Centre. Applicants with pending cases can reapply within three months from the first submission date with out VFS service charge. In some cases, applications may take longer time to process, especially when documents submitted do not meet the guidelines announced on March 7, 2013.
In case of individuals, must provide name, address, telephone number, and fax numbers of parents, relatives, employer, or friends in India. In case of individuals, must provide name, address, telephone number, and fax numbers of parents, relatives, or friends, in India.
13 April 2012 VFS Thailand Call Centre number of North India will be changed from 0120-6641075 to 022-67866003.
Thailand Visa application Center will not accept applications which do not meet the above specified guidelines.
9 THE Royal Thai Embassy announced the opening of the Visa Facilitation Services' (VFS) Thailand visa application centre here. The material published in the website is with regard to the new Surrogacy Visa introduced by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Entering into surrogacy arrangements under any other visa not sought for surrogacy is punishable under Indian law.
Entering into surrogacy arrangement under any other visa not sought for surrogacy is punishable under the Indian law. Without proper information from the Indian Embassies, several intended parents have been unable to satisfy the authorities on the documentation for obtaining the new surrogacy VISA. Many Indian Embassies also required specific letter from the Government which states that surrogacy is recognised in their country and that the country would allow the child born through surrogacy back into their nation. As part of the initiative, I wrote to  Ministry of External Affairs and various embassies that have published such Notification as the above.
Please specify the origin country, category of the VISA applied for, Year wise Split-up and the result of such applications.
Petitioner is a German national and is a biological father of two babies given birth by a surrogate mother by name Marthaben Immanuel Khristi – a citizen of India. Petitioner and his wife, though German nationals, are working in United Kingdom, stated that they are desirous of settling down in U.K. Still the matter is pending in Hon’ble High Court of Gujarat and this is the citizenship related issue and also the endorsement regarding your surrogacy is to be taken in the Passport of your sons.
We may at the outset point out that lot of legal, moral and ethical issues arise for our consideration in this case, which have no precedents in this country.
Commercial surrogacy is never considered to be illegal in India and few of the countries like Ukrain, California in the United States. Ukraine Surrogacy Laws are very favourable and fully support the individuals reproductive rights.
We have indicated, in India there is no law prohibiting artificial insemination, egg donation, lending a womb or surrogacy agreements.
Mother child relationship is fraught with various problems, emotional, moral, ethical, legal, social etc.

We are in this case primarily concerned with the relationship of the child with the gestational surrogate mother, and with the donor of the ova. Passport Authorities are willing to issue a certificate of identity under Section 4(2)(b) of the Passports Act, which is issued only for the purpose of establishing the identity of a person.
A comprehensive legislation dealing with all these issues is very imminent to meet the present situation created by the reproductive science and technology which have no clear answers in the existing legal system in this country. Further, under the Indian Evidence Act, no presumption can be drawn that child born out of a surrogate mother, is the legitimate child of the commissioning parents, so as to have a legal right to parental support, inheritance and other privileges of a child born to a couple through their sexual intercourse. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has issued certain guidelines on surrogacy and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in 2005. We, in the present legal frame-work, have no other go but to hold that the babies born in India to the gestational surrogate are citizens of this country and therefore, entitled to get the Passports and therefore direct the Passport Authorities to release the Passports withdrawn from them forthwith. He has advised and argued landmark cases pertaining to surrogacy and other fertility laws in India.
Applying for a visa to Ukraine is a two-step process.Firstly, you are required to obtain a tourist voucher (also referred to as a visa support, invitation, visa invitation or invitation letter) which is the main document which is required for formal visa application at the Ukrainian Consulate.
All Thai missions in India (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata) will be using these new fees. Thailand Visa Application Centre will not accept applications which do not meet the above specified guidelines or contain unverifiable documents.
Thailand Visa Application Centre will not accept applications which do not meet the above specified guidelines or contain unverifiable information. Starting from August 2008, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore introduced a new visa facilitative measure, known as e-Visa. The centre will cater to Indian residents who wish to apply for transit visas, tourist visas or non-immigrant visas. The basis on which the new VISA category has come into force is a matter of question as there is no special legislation on surrogacy in India.
This proves challenging as no Government would provide such a letter at a preliminary stage and grant of citizenship for children born abroad allows depends on the circumstance surrounding the birth. Petitioner then applied for registration of the birth of the children in the prescribed form to Anand Nagar Palika. Petitioner now seeks a direction to the Regional Passport Officer to return those Passports so that he can take the babies to Germany and then make an application in Germany so as to acquire German Citizenship. Further it is also stated that parents of the children are not Indian citizens and therefore, children are also not Indian citizens as per Section 3(1) (b) of Citizenship Act, 1955.
Anshin Desai appearing for the Passport Authority submitted that children are not Indian citizens and therefore, not entitled to get Passport under the Indian Passport Act. We are primarily concerned with the rights of two new born innocent babies, much more than the rights of the biological parents, surrogate mother, or the donor of the ova. Law Commission of India in it’s 220th Report on  Need for Legislation to regulate Assisted Reproductive Technology Clinics as well as rights and obligations of parents to a surrogacy has opined that surrogacy agreement will continue to be governed by contract among parties, which will contain all terms requiring consent of surrogate mother to bear the child, agreement of a husband and other family members for the same, medical procedures of artificial insemination, reimbursement of all reasonable expenses for carrying the child to full term, willingness to hand over a child to a commissioning parents etc.
Clause 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine and Order 771 of the Health Ministry of Ukraine regulate surrogacy. Supreme Court of Japan, on March 23, 2007, denied parenthood to genetic parents since the twin babies were born to a surrogate mother at United States.
Study conducted by some organizations reveal that surrogate mothers have little difficulty in relinquishing their rights over a surrogate child to the intending parents and that the majority of surrogates are satisfied with their surrogacy experience and do not bother upon their bonding with the child they gave birth.
In the absence of any legislation to the contrary, we are more inclined to recognize the gestational surrogate who has given birth to the child as the natural mother, a view prevailing in Japan. In the instant case, the identity of the two babies has already been established, they are born in this country to a surrogate mother, an Indian national, and hence citizens of India within the meaning of Section 3(1)(c)(ii) of the Citizenship Act. Views expressed by us, we hope, in the present fact settings, will pave way for a sound and secure legislation to deal with a situation created by the reproductive science and technology. The new Bill ART (Regulation) Bill and Rules, 2008 is yet to become law, and there is extreme urgency to push through the legislation answering all these issues. He advises on complex international surrogacy arrangements involving conflict of law situations. He writes on developments on surrogacy law in India and around the globe.
In addition, applicants must provide 3) proof of sufficient funds available during their stay in Thailand, e.g. In addition, applicants must provide 3) proof of sufficient funds available during their stay in Thailand, e.g. Due to biological reasons, the wife of the petitioner was not in a position to conceive a child. Anand Nagar Palika issued a certificate of birth to the children as per the provisions of Registration of Birth and Deaths Act, 1969.
Since babies were born in India and are Indian citizens, petitioner applied for their Passport in India showing their names as  Balaz Nikolas and  Balaz Leonard. Further it is also stated that as per Passport Act, 1967, only Indian citizens can apply for Indian Passport and as per Section 6 (2) (a) of the Act, Passport cannot be issued to non-citizens. Dave submitted that since both the children are born in India, they are Indian citizens by birth as per Section 3 of the Citizenship Act, 1955 and therefore, entitled to have all the rights of Indian citizens and the Passport Authorities are legally obliged to issue Passports to them under the Indian Passports Act, 1967.
Learned counsel submitted that petitioner’s intention is to acquire German citizenship and in order to facilitate that he is seeking Indian citizenship for the children. Emotional and legal relationship of the babies with the surrogate mother and the donor of the ova is also of vital importance.
Law Commission has also recommended that legislation itself should recognize a surrogate child to be the legitimate child of the commissioning parents without there being any need for adoption or even declaration of guardian. Ukraine laws permit commissioned parents to choose the gestational surrogacy, ova, or sperm donation embryo, adoption, programmes for which no permission is required.
Interpreting the Civil Code of Japan, the Supreme Court, held a mother who physically gives birth to a child is the legal mother. Medical practitioners are also prevented from performing artificial insemination or embryo donation, which are all criminal offences. Public pressure, for a comprehensive legislation defining the rights of a child born out of surrogacy agreement, rights and responsibilities of a surrogate mother, egg donor, commissioning parties, legal validity of the surrogacy agreement, the parent child relationship, responsibilities of Infertility Clinic etc. Few other studies state that the surrogate mothers at time depict deep emotional attachment to the babies they give birth. Factum of birth of the babies has been established and that too in India to an Indian mother, whether to a gestational surrogate or donor of an ova. Legislature has to address lot of issues like rights of the children born out of the surrogate mother, legal, moral, ethical, Rights, duties and obligations of the donor, gestational surrogate and host of other issues. Further the question as to whether the babies born out of a surrogate mother have any right of residence in or citizenship by birth or mere State orphanage and whether they acquire only the nationality or the biological father has to be addressed by the legislature.
It’s a legal document issued in the name of the passenger to specify their right to take a service at particular country on specified dates and cities. Even the Immigration Office at Siberia is also insisting production of the Passport and not Certificates of Identity issued by the Passport Office, Ahmedabad. Further it is also stated that as per direction of the Government of India, Ministry of External Affairs, Passport Authority can issue identity certificate, showing name of surrogate mother, which does not entail citizenship to the children but would enable him to take his children out of India.
Learned counsel submitted that surrogacy is not prohibited in India and admittedly, children are born in India to a surrogate mother who herself is an Indian citizen.
Learned counsel submitted that in exceptional cases Passport Authorities can issue certificate of identity as was done in the case case of one Baby Manju Yamada. Surrogate mother is not the genetic mother or biologically related to the baby, but, is she merely a host of an embryo or a gestational carrier? Further it was also suggested that birth certificate of surrogate child should contain names of the commissioning parents only and that the right to privacy of the donor as well as surrogate mother should be protected.
She has of course a right to privacy that forms part of right to life and liberty guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. In the application for Passport, we have already indicated that petitioner has shown  Khristi Marthaben Immanuel as mother gestational surrogate who is admittedly an Indian national. A tourist voucher can be obtained through an authorised agency or by an organisation authorised by the Ukrainian MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). An approved electronic visa is emailed to the applicant in a PDF (Acrobat Reader) format which will contain a unique identification number. Applications were entertained by the Passport Authorities and Passport No.G-8229646 and Passport No.
Petitioner submits that since babies are born in India and are citizens of India, Germany would not recognize them as its citizens.
Further, it was also pointed out that the Central Government is yet to legalize surrogacy and hence, children born out of surrogacy, though in India, cannot be treated as Indian citizens. Learned counsel submitted that petitioner and his wife are German citizens but as the children are not born in Germany, they would not get German citizenship, especially when German law does not recognize surrogacy.
What is the status of the ova (egg) donor, which in this case an Indian national but anonymous. Exploitation of women through surrogacy was also a worrying factor, which is to be taken care of through legislation.
Child born legally belongs to the commissioned parents and the surrogate mother cannot keep the child to herself. There exists no specific laws in Japan concerning parent-child relationship for artificial insemination, and the mother   and   child relationship will be based on the fact of delivery. Further elaboration on these ethical, psychological or moral issues are not necessary for our purpose. Both the babies in this case are persons born in India, indisputedly one of their parents is an Indian citizen, a surrogate mother. The type of the required invitation depends on the purpose of your visit to Ukraine and the type of Ukrainian visa you will be applying for.When ordering a tourist voucher through us, you do not need to send any original documents. The visa can be printed on an A4 sheet of paper and presented to the immigration officer together with the passport and completed landing card at passport control.2. Investigation revealed that wife of the petitioner would not be in a position to reproduce ova (eggs) as a result of which it would not be possible to conceive a child even with the help of a surrogate mother by using the sperm of the petitioner.
Denial of Passports, according to the petitioner, is illegal and violative of Article 21 of the Constitution of India.

Learned counsel submitted that for the purpose of obtaining VISA from the Consulate of United Kingdom, it is necessary that children should have an Indian Passport since they are born in India and not in Germany. Union of India   (2008) 13 SCC 518 where the Passport Authorities have issued only certificate for permission to travel out of India. Law Commission has expressed its desire that Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill with all safeguards would be passed in the near future.
California is also accepting the surrogacy agreements, which has no statute directly dealing with surrogacy.
Question as to whether surrogacy can be seen as a ray of hope to otherwise a childless couple, so as to build up a family of their own, necessary for human happiness and social stability also calls for attention.
Babies born are not in a position to know who is the egg donor and they only know their surrogate mother who is real.
The two babies have therefore satisfied the ingredients of Section 3(1)(c)(ii) and hence they are Indian citizens by birth. All required information for your visa invitation is obtained through our Ukrainian tourist voucher order form. What documents are required to apply for a visa to Singapore?A completed online form for every applicant on the Apply for a visa to Singapore page.A scanned copy of the bio page of the passport.
The Japan Supreme Court rejected the Japanese commissioning parents bid to register their twins born to a U.S surrogate mother in Japan, on the ground that the law presumes the woman, who gives birth to a child as its mother.
Few are the case laws and precedents defining the rights of those who have a vital role to play in this reproductive technology. Wife, of the biological father, who has neither donated the ova, nor conceived or delivered the babies cannot in the absence of legislation be treated as a legal mother and she can never be a natural mother.
Petitioner, it is true, has not married Khristi Marthaben Immanuel, surrogate mother of the children or the egg donor. Passport to travel abroad therefore, cannot be denied to those babies, who are Indian citizens, which would otherwise be violative of Article 21 of the Constitution of India. Petitioner and his wife had entered into a surrogacy agreement with the second respondent – surrogate mother.
So many ethical and legal questions have come up for consideration in this case for which there are no clear answers, so far, at least, in this country. One case law worth mentioning in India is Baby Manje’s case decided by the apex Court of India (2008) 13 SCC 518. Please note that the passport must be valid for a minimum of 7 months at the time of application.
True, babies conceived through surrogacy, encounter a lot of legal complications on parentage issues, this case reveals. Calvert (1993) 5 CAL 4th 484 held that gestational surrogate has no parental rights to a child born to her since a gestational surrogacy contract is legal and enforceable and the intended mother is the natural mother under the Californian law. Various issues which we have highlighted in this case were not discussed or answered in that case. Even if the children are described as illegitimate children, even then they are born in this country to an Indian national and hence, they are entitled to get Citizenship by birth as per Section 3(1)(c)(ii) of the Citizenship Act, 1955, since one of their parent is an Indian citizen. Section 6 (2)(a) says that Passport can be denied if the applicant is not a citizen of India. Nayanaben Patel of the Clinic, surrogate mother was made known about the method of treatment. In the above case the intended mother donated the egg and a surrogate mother gave birth, in such a case the Court held that the person who intended to procreate should be considered as the natural mother. That was a case where the Japanese Embassy in India refused to grant the child, born to surrogate Indian mother, VISA or Passport on the ground that the Japanese Civil Code recognizes a mother only to be a woman who gives birth to a baby. Human fertilization is the union of a human sperm and egg usually occurring in the ampulla of the urine tube.
In the instant case, we have already found that two babies born to the surrogate mother are Indian citizens by birth and hence entitled to get Passports.
For each child, a separate visa is issued regardless of whether the child has a separate passport or is included in the passport of the parent, in which case you should attach a copy of the passport page with the child’s details, and specify the passport number of their parent, where the child is included.A colour photograph for every applicant. Attempts made to adopt Manji also did not fructify since Guardian Wards Act, 1890 did not allow single man to adopt those babies. A photo must be made against a light uniform background; you can even take a picture on a mobile phone against a lightly-coloured wall. Further surrogate mother had also agreed that she would not take any responsibility about the well being of the child and the biological parents would have legal obligation to accept their child and that surrogate mother would deliver and the child would have all inheritance facts of a child of biological parents as per the prevailing law. Further, a host of scientific materials are made available to us to explain what is traditional surrogacy, gestational surrogacy, altruistise surrogacy, commercial surrogacy etc.
Process in this case followed is In Vitro Fertilization, a process by which egg cells were fertilized by sperm outside the womb in vitro. Question arose as to who was the real mother whether it was anonymous egg donor or the surrogate mother. Resultantly, the only conclusion that is possible is that a gestational mother who has blood relations with the child is more deserving to be called as the natural mother.
Birth certificate was then issued by the local Municipality, by showing the father’s name.
She has carried the embryo for full 10 months in her womb, nurtured the babies through the umbilical cord.
Since the visa’s 9-week validity period begins from the issue date, application should be initiated no sooner than 2 months prior to the trip. VFS will also undertake the data entry portion and take care of the software, which would allow the Royal Thai Embassy to concentrate on evaluating the visa applications. Later the Regional Passport Office, Rajasthan issued a certificate of identity as part of a transit document and not the Passport. Even if we assume that the egg donor is the real natural mother, even then she is an Indian national so revealed before the learned Single Judge, we are told.
However, if you are planning to travel in a few months’ time, we will accept your application but will start the application process 2 to 3 weeks before the specified entry date into Singapore. Court held that when a married couple uses non-genetically related embryo and sperm implanted into a surrogate intended to procreate a child, they are lawful parents of the child. Both the egg donor as well as the gestational surrogate are Indian nationals, and hence the babies are born to an Indian national. In another U.S case decided in 1998, In Re Marrijo Moschetta awarded legal parent rights to the intended father and surrogate mother. Issued visa allows multiple entries into the country during its period of validity (9 weeks, 63 days), which begins from the date of issue of the visa.
Surrogate mother who conceived the child via artificial insemination was granted visitation rights. Please bear in mind that the duration of each stay in Singapore cannot exceed 30 days, i.e. For each child, a separate visa is issued regardless of whether the child has a separate passport or is included in the passport of the parent, in which case you should attach a copy of the passport page with the child’s details, and specify the passport number of their parent, where the child is included.6. Since PayPal entered the market in Eastern Europe relatively recently, perhaps some of you do not have an account with them yet. Fortunately, this is not an obstacle, since payments by credit cards, issued in majority of the countries, can be made as a guest without creating an account. The final decision on granting and the validity of the visa is made by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoint Authority. Similar to any visa to any other country, possession of a valid visa does not entitle a foreign national to enter Singapore automatically. Even those who do not require a visa to enter Singapore are often asked to produce a return ticket when checking in on a flight.10.
Am I required to obtain a visa when transiting through Singapore to Malaysian and Indonesian islands? A visa is not required if your stay in Singapore does not exceed 4 days (96 hours) and you are arriving to and leaving Singapore by air.
For example, if you are flying from Moscow to Bali through Singapore, at Singapore passport control you will be asked to produce an air ticket (and a visa if it’s required) to the third country. However, bear in mind that an officer from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority may inquire into your frequent short-stay visits. Please bear in mind that recently there has been an increase in a number of comments from travellers on various tourist forums and blogs speculating that airlines check-in staff are not always aware of this visa-free transit rule and delay passengers, or even prevent them from boarding the flight bound for Singapore without a visa.
To be on a safe side and to avoid spoiling your trip, you are advised to apply for a visa to Singapore.12. Is the visa-free transit through Singapore applicable to me if I am leaving Singapore not by air but by train, coach or car?
In accordance with the ICA, visa-free transit is allowed if you can produce an air ticket to the third country.13. Is the visa-free transit through Singapore applicable to me if I am arriving to Singapore not by air but by train, coach or car?
Due to changes in the visa-free transit regulation in January 2013, visa-free transit through Singapore is not allowed when entering the country not only by air but also by land and water.14. Issued visa allows multiple entries into the country during its period of validity* (9 weeks), which begins from the date of issue of the visa.
Can I exercise the visa-free transit through Singapore if I am staying in the country for more than 96 hours?
In accordance with the ICA, visa-free transit is only allowed if your stay in the country does not exceed 96 hours. The stay in the country is measured from the time the plane arriving to Singapore lands to the scheduled departure time.

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