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Don’t forget to check out Seoulistic’s post on the highest paying (English) teaching jobs in Korea! There are of course students that learn languages other than English, but generally, the money and the benefits are not as good as teaching English in Korea. Tip 2: Depending on the subject, tutoring rates can start from 25,000 won an hour to even a 100,000 won an hour or more! Even if you don’t like coming out on camera, you can take your acting talents behind the mic.
If you’re not a teacher, but pretty good with words, there are a number of editing jobs in Korea (mostly for English). The English-teaching industry in Korea is so big that there are non-teaching jobs in Korea for education companies. If you’re uber talented and have specialized skills, you might be able to score a few jobs in Korea. Hello, Is there any opportunities to teach chinese or other jobs such as diploma level jobs? I understand why Korea wouldn’t regard Singapore as a native english-speaking country. A well reputed English medium Institution urgently request following teachers for its campuses located at Gulberg.
Applications are invited for the post of teachers as per following details: Pre-Secondary, Primary Classes Teachers, Montessori Classes.
The job or a role of teacher has been evolving over time, and the days of just a teacher teaching in a classroom I think no longer exists! Before you think about training to be a teacher , take a look at the comprehensive list of the role of a teacher.
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Are you a qualified or aspiring teacher who feels that you would enjoy living and working amongst the refreshing Cumbria surroundings?
From the highly acclaimed University of Cumbria to the adult learning centres, there are a variety of educational institutes in the Cumbria area which offer a selection of exciting roles in both teaching and non-teaching positions. If you are an enthusiastic and professionally outstanding individual then the University of Cumbria could be the ideal place of work for you. Alternatively, if you are soon expecting to leave education or have recently finished your courses, then there are an abundance of career resources and help available to help you to take your first step onto the career ladder, successfully. On the other hand, if you have left education but know that you would like to train to be a teacher yourself, then a PGCE course within your local area would be the best place to start.
Established in 2001, Shane English School China offers exciting English teaching jobs in over 24 major cities across the People’s Republic of China. Shane English opened its first school in Shanghai back in 2001 and now has thousands of students coming through the doors every year. The majority of our students at Shane English School China are young learners aged from 3 to 14 years old allowing teachers to teach to a variety of ages throughout the week.
Classes are very much student centered making use of role plays, games, drama and task based learning to maximize students’ use of the English language in a natural a setting as possible. Shane English School China also teaches adult students, typically aged from 25 to 40 years old. Students can decide to study from Shane’s own course material or to structure courses around their own material. Shane English School China uses a wide range of teaching material including course books such as EZ Colour, The FAB book series, SPEC, Chatterbox and Cutting Edge to name a few. Teachers are encouraged to adapt teaching materials to suit the learners’ needs and make full use of our comprehensive resource library and digital material, which include flashcards, posters, songs, toys and games. Starting a new job teaching in China, in a new culture, is exciting but also can be a daunting prospect. Teacher training and support is seen as key at Shane English and we provide a one week training program at the start of your contract as well as on-going training and support in the form of workshops, seminars and class observations from your Academic Manager. Shane English School China offers a comprehensive package which allows for a very comfortable standard of living. Although the requirements vary slightly from province to province, typically the visa application process works as follows. Over the next 3 to 5 weeks, the school will complete all the necessary paperwork needed for the visa. Many Korean people feel that they need to learn English to gain a step over the competition.

The very same companies that offer English teaching jobs in Korea will also offer non-teaching jobs in Korea, including human resources, trainers, content development & research jobs. If you do, and don’t speak much Korean, there are still some marketing job opportunities in Korea (usually full-time work with visa sponsorships).
Being in a unique position as both a Korean and a non-Korean, he's put all his experience and knowledge for surviving in Korea in Survival Korean .
As long as i could afford goshiwon rental fee ?? As a Malaysian, we only offered with travel visa. Are there any specialised (yep, specialised – we don’t use American spelling in SA) sites I can go to? I am from India and working as a Research Executive in a Market research Company here itself.
I am Singaporean but I did my degree in Australia and am currently studying for my MA in Australia as well. I can handle all the matters regarding students , teachers , perents as well as educational controlling authorities. The teacher roles entails very high levels of expectations and responsibilities that have developed over time, and more recently changed exponentially.
Therefore, if a school, college or university environment appeals to you then why not consider taking a look at all of the latest vacancies in the Cumbria district?
Offering a beautiful campus in the heart of the Cumbria countryside and with an array of distinctive courses available to both its students and staff, the University would make an exceptional choice of workplace for any qualified teacher. From Spanish to computing, the adult learning courses offered in the Cumbria further education centres are vast and varied, which means that there is something for everyone. Whether you are soon to leave your college, University or adult learning course, you should ask your place of study where to go for careers help and advice. Shane English School China invites you to experience this fascinating country first hand with the support and expertise of one of the largest British owned TEFL organisations in Asia.
Shane English School China makes every effort to maintain the highest standards in education by providing excellent course materials, technology and a stimulating learning environment.
Classes are lively and fun with clear lesson aims and teachers are encouraged to use their creativity and personality to bring the course materials to life in a stimulating way.
All students are placement tested when they first arrive and are placed with students of the same level with around 8 students per class.
The course books are chosen based on their appropriateness for the age and English ability of the students.
All the schools at Shane English have Welfare Officers whose primary task is to help you settle in. Most teachers find they can save between 20 – 50% of their salary while still eating out, shopping, taking Chinese classes and going on short trips. Once you have been offered and have accepted a job with a school you will provide them with a colour scanned copy of your passport, degree certificate, TEFL certificate, recent photo, home address and telephone number.
They will then send you these documents and you will take them, along with your passport (valid for at least 6 months) and visa application form to your nearest Chinese embassy. When you arrive, the school will register you at the local police station and take you for a medical checkup. We have teaching jobs in Korea as well as non-teaching jobs in Korea along with visa sponsorship information as well.
So even if people don’t want to learn English, many Koreans feel like that have to learn English. But European languages such as French, Spanish, Italian and German also have a presence here in Korea. If you’re sexy enough, talent agencies in Korea will offer visas for the right candidate.
The more experience you have in voice acting (and of course, the more awesome your voice), the better paying jobs you can get. These jobs usually have to do with teaching English but will not require you to be in front of a classroom teaching kids that’ll run circles around you. Many of these will still greatly prefer Korean speakers to make inter-company communication easier, but it is not a must. I work at the Taco Bell right now and I make enough that in a little time i could get a one room flat in seoul. My boyfriend is Korean and we plan to settle down in Korea in 2 years so I’m worried about not being able to find a job there.
If you decide that University life would be for you, then you should take a look at the University’s official website as this is where you will find any current vacancies.

If you are an already qualified tutor or are hoping to embark on a tutoring qualification then you are in luck – as the Cumbria adult education centres allow prospective tutors to work towards a recognised teaching qualification. They all have an eagerness to learn English and to interact more on the global stage, whether it be for work or pleasure.
You will be met at the airport and taken to your apartment, helped with setting up a bank account and everything else to ensure your transition is a smooth one. All teacher training is designed to ensure you get the best out of your teaching experience and that by the end of your contract you can say you have truly grown as a teacher.
Be careful when talking to other schools, you need to make sure they are not hiring you illegally, this can lead to big fines and deportation. In some provinces a certain number of years teaching experience can count instead of a degree. And for kids, whether they love or hate learning English, pretty much every Korean kid is sent to an English hagwon (academy) at some point in their life.
But even for those with no experience at all, many of these jobs simply look for native speakers of other languages. By the way my course is BS Information Technology.I need your advice if i should pursue my plans in working in korea. Afterwards I did Management with Marketing , so looking for the opportunities to work in korea, but one thing that I would like to mention is my Korean language is not up to mark.
I’ll be majoring in media (and communications) at University, do you think that could help me for getting a job? My problem is next year I want to move in with my girlfriend and am looking for a better job.
To apply, you then fill out a very straightforward application form which should then be submitted online. Therefore, if you were hoping to earn a wage whilst bettering yourself, then a teaching position which offers training on the job could be perfect for you. Teaching English in China to students who are motivated to learn makes the job all the more enjoyable. Throughout your time at Shane English you will have the full support of your Academic Manager. You can try registering on Korean tutoring sites, but they’re not so easy for most non-Koreans to navigate. Not all voice acting jobs are advertised on the internet, so if you have a demo tape (or can make one), try going by foot to these studios to sell your services. The pay is comparable to teaching English in Korea, and there are many opportunities for full-time, visa-sponsored work.
Because these companies sometimes have to market to non-Koreans, they’ll need someone with a non-Korean mindset. One of my managers used to teach english and he says its a good job, but I will only have a 2-year associates degree this time next year.
Please check your country’s Chinese embassy website for the visa application form and country-specific information. Typical benefits include free housing, paid round-trip airfare, insurance, year end bonus (1 month’s salary). There are plenty of part-time opportunities advertised on the internet at decent rates, but visa sponsored jobs are extremely rare. Most of these will be advertised on the internet, but are of course not as numerous as teaching jobs.
I was wondering if anyone knew if this seems like a good option, going for this english teaching job so I can afford living with my girlfriend. Make Korean friends, join a knitting club (with Korean people), join a biker gang or just chat it up with your janitor. There is more part-time work than full-time, so it’s perfect for supplemental income. Putting yourself out there will make sure you’re the person everyone thinks of when they’re looking for private tutoring lessons! How are your classroom displays?Lian Li on Intelligence Test >> Let’s see how intelligent you are >> How many triangles do you see?

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