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You will never know what will happen in the wilderness; a flood might derail your plans, forest fires or whatever natural catastrophe.
When you go camping, you might encounter harmful wild animals, inclement weather and other emergencies.
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These same people are those that make plans and plot maps on how to explore the unexplored.
Whether you are a beginner or experienced camper and trekker, you still need to prepare for your trip to avoid making mistakes that may cost you your life.
Keep track of your supplies to determine how much you have before you start worrying about your next meal or drink.

Bring essentials such as light bars, a tent, sleeping bag, lighter, matches and other items you may need for a few days or weeks in the wilderness. Metallic objects, whistles, signal mirrors or a flare will help you catch attention when you get stuck in the middle of nowhere in a mountain or island.
A broken or sprained leg will make it difficult to fend for yourself in the middle of nowhere.
This feeling of discovery is gratifying; the moment one stands alone in the middle of nowhere with only nature as company. These items will keep you safe in the dark, warm when it’s cold and provide you with a certain level of protection.
Bringing the essentials and learning certain skills enable you to survive in the wilderness alone when a catastrophe strikes or when an emergency arises.

After all, your income helps feed the family, keep the roof over your head, and clothe you.
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