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Out of curiosity I searched for maps that would reveal nuclear targets in the United States, and I’ve posted them here for your interest. The nuclear targets map shown above is one that I put together based on a number of factors while looking at other maps and data including military installations, nuclear weapons storage and silo locations, bases, cities, etc.. The real effects surrounding the nuclear targets on any given map will depend on the type of nuclear detonation. A ground burst detonation will not only pulverize everything within a given radius, but will also pulverize many countless tons of soil and dirt into the atmosphere.
An air burst detonation will still destroy buildings and everything on the ground from its shock-wave (within a blast radius), but it will not pulverize the soil and ground like a ground burst detonation would. In both circumstances, radiation (particles) will reach into the atmosphere and drift with the lower and upper level winds. The Russians (and others?) are apparently ahead of the US with regards to EMP research and technology. The next map is one that I made a few years ago (this post is actually an update of a previous version of the same article – added more informational text, new map or two, and improved-resized several maps). One point; these maps are based on an assumption that military targets would be the only or the prime targets. Then the kicker that probably means we all die or at least most of us; if Russia has 12,000 nukes why wouldn’t they use most of them if they decided to attack? I did work for the pentagon for 20 years and very close to the command and control of our nuclear weapons (I saw everything they saw). I do not believe China OR Russia will do such a thing they keep their arsenals as a detrrent against others possibly using theirs againt them. I personally feel that misinformation isnt always the charector of spys or the unintelligent. This would allow Russia and its Allies to then use a vast array of weapon to annihilate every City in The United States of America. You are right about the EMP’s taking out everything electronic, but there are ways to shield some things.
With a nominal nuke detonation over Kansas at an altitude of 225 miles, the US power grid is toast…and so are we. Stage 2: The suicide igmos then scuttle the ships in deep water, killing all aboard, along with all evidence. Now, why would the attacker want to destroy the world when the US is back to the 17th century?
There is another consideration that no one here, or for the most part, anywhere, has thought about or even knows about.
Here is the problem with any exchange of nuclear devices, including EMP devices; it is an attack using nukes. Second point is that the plan every super power has to retalliate against a nuclear attack is a massive nuclear reaction.
Any nuclear explosion has the capability to create an EMP effect but they tend to be weak unless the device is specifically designed to maximize the EMP.
The scenario where a nuclear attack is launched from a cargo ship or any commercial type vessel just offshore is a very serious and scary threat in terms of gross damage and civilian deaths. For a strong EMP, sufficient to cause wide scale destruction on the electrical grid, it is only necessary to detonate a large fission weapon at high altitude.
High altitude means an ICBM, but any credible nuclear deterrent involves ICBMs so this is not some special hindrance. Thermonuclear weapons are inefficient for EMP as the detonation of the primary causes pre-ionization which reduces the efficiency of the thermonuclear stage in creating EMP. Large fission weapons are no more difficult to make than small fission weapons; the extra fissile material is expensive and the device is not particularly safe but these are trivial hindrances. To get that kind of efficiency as the mark 18, boosting is necessary; but if you can do thermonuclear weapons, a tritium-boosted primary is also trivial.
You could get fancy and try to optimize the gamma-ray transparency to eek out some more gamma yield, which is what causes the EMP; but it is by no means necessary.
Secondly, no one seems concerned about the INEEL in the desert east of Idaho Falls, it stands for Idaho Engineering and Energy Laboratory. One thing I have yet to see in any of these fallout maps is one that accounts for drift out of Asia and Eastern Russia. Jericho’s ratings were actually good the producers thought otherwise, they were just going to end the series halfway through the second season, this caused huge protests and boycotts by fans.
I recall (working in a small hospital N of GT Falls, Mt) finding a evacuation map in case of Nuclear exchange from our location. Having received some training in USAF near end of Cold War (NBC) I have a dismal view of nuclear war survival. Remember when the US and Russia were at each other’s throats, causing mass global angst?
Let’s just ignore the black centre of this nuclear eye, which is helpfully marked TOTAL DESTRUCTION.
Did a bad typography choice mean Coca Cola invited French people to share it with their anus?
Realistic Facebook Privacy Simulator How long can you outwit Facebook’s crazy privacy controls? Donna Summer’s Disco Sausage Quiz Face the Sausage’s quickfire questions about both disco and preserved meats. The Cold War ended over two decades ago, and many people have never lived under the shadow of nuclear and radiological threats. Fission (A-Bombs) are the most basic nuclear weapon and are incorporated into the other weapon classes. Once you have survived the blast and the initial radiation (for now at least; radiation symptoms have an incubation period), you must find protection against the burning black soot. A shelter's PF against radiation will tell you how many times less a person inside the shelter will receive radiation compared to open space. Even after it is safe to leave the shelter, local law and the federal government will be in crisis mode. Bruce Clayton's survivalist masterpiece, Life After Doomsday, certainly belongs in any collection of weird non-fiction. Bruce Clayton's fantasy derives from the myths of frontier America: we have only to draw our wagons into a circle to survive a nuclear war.
This bomb's power comes from splitting heavy nuclei (plutonium and uranium) with neutrons; as the uranium or plutonium split each atom releases great amounts of energy - and more neutrons.
Aside from the geopolitical warning signs, your first warnings of an imminent nuclear attack will most likely be an alarm or warning signal; if not, it will be the blast itself. However, many new developments no longer have cellars; if that's so, consider constructing a community shelter or a private one in your backyard.
They pose a serious threat, however, to the eyes, should they be exposed for a prolonged period. After that, there is a 7 to 14 day latent phase, after which generally the same symptoms appear as with 3-4 Sv irradiation, with increased intensity. Devair Alves Ferreira received a dose of approximately 7.0 Sv during the Goiania accident and survived, partially due to his fractionated exposure. Has spent a excellent deal of time researching the details and myths acrobat Reader to open. Substantial quantity of frequent, each day foods and am now focusing on Mountain that use Windows can assist. War sounds horrifying enough even without mentioning the presence of nuclear weapons we know exist.
As a true survivalist, you want to get prepared for anything that can happen and meet any SHTF scenario ready and with a plan. Nuclear fallout map is made to help you prepare for potential scenario where your town might become a target of the nuclear fallout. In order to understand what nuclear fallout map exactly is, you need to learn what nuclear fallout means.

After explosion, all nuclear bombs create clouds and nuclear “leftovers” which are radioactive. The nuclear fallout is more dangerous and more massive if the bomb explodes near the ground – in that case larger area will be affected. Fallout is exactly what you want to avoid, including the blast of course, when it comes to facing nuclear SHTF – fallout may and will cause casualties within the area impacted by a nuclear bomb detonation.
You don’t want a nuclear bomb exploding in your city or in the area you live in, but if the nuke SHTF occurs, you might suffer massive consequences: think of Hiroshima – long term consequences, casualties and genetic illnesses and conditions. Also, you will be safer in case you are prepared and are staying in the underground atomic shelter instead of staying in your house – you need dirt and concrete to protect you and that is why a house is not the ideal choice.
It is great to have a plan for a SHTF including nukes – given that there are almost 17000 registered nuclear weapons (and what about those we are not aware of). Another SHTF must-have is a fair good stash of medical supplies: antibiotics, alcohol, rubber gloves, sewing needles, bandages, etc. Exposure to radiation can and probably will cause a large number of casualties and thus it is recommended that you respect and follow up with the protocol. Now, as far as the Nuclear Fallout Map concerned, here is how you can use the map to survive and avoid all the bad consequences. There are several programs and systems that are made and designed to help you determine the fallout reach in case a nuke bomb gets detonated near your city or town.
There is a system called Ground Zero II – this is an interactive fallout map that calculates the impact of the nuclear fallout, counting on a 6 hour breeze – the amplitudes of the fallout will be a bit different in reality in case of different weather conditions, which is more likely to happen – on the other hand, this program is pretty much useful as it will provide you with the closest image of the fallout impact, so you could get ready and prepare. The app is designed by CarlosLabs and shows the impact of the damage nuclear weapons cause upon and during detonation, showing the first, second and the third line of the impact. Speaking of choices, you can also choose a nuclear weapon you want to see the impact of, choosing from several different weapons with different impacts and damage strength.
Once you have chosen the city, you just need to press the button “Nuke It” and you will be able to see the horrifying results that will certainly scare you and make you want to get prepared if you haven’t started already. Another great and handy feature is the additional choice where you can type in the address you want: the one you live at or the address where your family members and friends live at.
As far as the geographical factors concerned, although the features programmed and used in this system aren’t per say perfect, you can still adjust one factor: wind direction. It is considered that Ground Zero II system is one of the best ways of preparing for the impact as knowing the size of the impact and damage that different nuclear weapons can cause, may save your life and the lives of those you love.
Does the site have a map of existing government-controlled, nuclear fall-out shelters that the public can access in the event of a SHTF? British Protect and Survive movie series speaks about nuclear fallout survival at great lengths. A field-tested guide to surviving a nuclear attack, written by a revered civil defense expert.This edition of Cresson H. Nuclear War Survival Skills: Lifesaving Nuclear Facts and Self-Help Instructions ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files.
They vary with regards to nuclear proliferation and opinion of the day during the time they were published years ago. History has shown that there have been psychopathic leaders – who had they possessed nuclear weapons, they surely would have used them. While they will eventually fall out (some quicker than others), the effects could be long lasting. Looking at it again, I believe I shaded yellow (safety) a bit too far north into Oregon and maybe could have included several additional regions here and there (e.g. I worry more about the true theats like IRAN with an Islamic ideology they want to spread worldwide through death or North Korea whose leader believes he is a GOD…lolololol crazy huh?
You are obviously one of the low information people that exists in every society that is equivalent to a human body having cancer cells present…always ready to corrupt and destroy if not watched for and dealt with before they can destroy the healthy cells around them. That said, my personal experience and extra cirricular studies lead me to believe that a preemptive strike on the US isnt only possible, but very likely. Would have to be on a barge on the Mississippi, up near I70, or in the lake at Chicago, and would have to be one of the latest N.Korean models to get the combination of range and altitude. We have known about them since the first test all military tech is protected air force one is one big ferraday cage forgive my spelling.
One of the few comments that I’ve read that someone actually has their eyes wide open!!
What good is the land if it can’t be inhabited for decades but alas they maybe could care less as they may be ready to just kick off the next mass extinction. However; the chance of a singe or multiple detonation of small yeild devices is very likely. If you can use a better trigger, such as the flying-plate two-point-initiated design, you don’t need thick explosive lenses, only a thin plate surrounded by high explosives that deforms into a sphere over an air-gap and impacts the explosive which compresses the fissile material.
If a nuclear war broke out, i would flee to northern Maine, as it is according to the map a safe place, the safest haven to my state.
Simply anyone was to head NW from our spot in a general direction of Glacier National park. Airfields and naval bases, especially those known to house nuclear bombers, ballistic missile submarines, or ICBM silos. However, if the attacking nation does attack again, it will likely be in another part of the country. If a nuclear attack does happen, it won't be safe to venture outside for food a€” you should stay sheltered for at least 48 hours, preferably longer. You will need to ration to survive, obviously; therefore you will eventually expose yourself to the radiation (unless you are in a specific shelter with food and water).
Below is the 1981 Newsweek review of the book, as well as Clayton's diagram of how to turn your home into a fortified bunker. Keep in mind that even after 8-9 days, there will still be a lot of radio-iodine around so limit your exposure. And hey, why not read it together with Paul's After the Collapse to get a real apocalypse vibe going! Many countries all around the world have declared the existence of such weapons and it is supposed that there are more countries that have nuclear bombs without announcing or admitting the fact. Those leftovers are called nuclear fallout or just fallout as the remains of the nuclear explosion are falling out.
In case the nuke explodes in the water or near the water surface, the fallout will be softer and smaller. In case a nuclear bomb explodes in your area, it is for the best that you stay in your house for as long as possible and for at least 48 hours – again, you should know that is recommended staying in your shelter for 9 days and over. If you are a survivalist, you are probably working on collecting food and water and stashing everything you might need in case of SHTF – make sure you have enough food around and make sure you are renewing your stash. If there is a possibility, it is recommended that you watch the news so you would be able to completely understand what is going on. Those systems are designed to calculate the impact of the fallout, so you would know which area will be safe to be at and go to in case of the nuclear bomb detonation. Most of the systems for calculating the impact of the nuclear bomb also don’t take geographical factors into the account.
The application is offering several maps, and the choice includes: a pressure map, thermal map and fallout map. The only thing left to choose then would be a place of the impact where the detonation with hypothetically occur – probably the city you live in. You can change the wind direction and the time of impact upon nuke detonation by pressing the button “Fallout” until you adjust the needed factors. As a true survivalist, make sure you have everything you need to survive: food, water, shelter, medical supplies and communication tools to stay up to date of what is happening outside of your shelter. Any survivalist knows that being prepared is what will give you the advantage of surviving and having a chance to survive, so you can try using fallout map as one of your survivalist plan sources and get the best out of the worst SHTF scenario.
If you are interested in getting an accurate one, you should get in touch with local authorities and see if they can help you.
It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Kearny’s iconic Nuclear War Survival Skills (originally published in 1979), updated by Kearny himself in 1987 and again in 2001, offers expert advice for ensuring your family’s safety should the worst come to pass.
I feel sorry for you as I do to a child that thinks they are so smart at 12 but really is clueless about what is really important in life. An EMP attack could be used to cripple enemy nuclear weapons, missiles, bombers and even submarines (if they have deployed an antennae buoy).
Power grid nuke plants and cars put off their on electro radiation thus built to withstand them. Its a bomb or missile that detonates in the air that disables anything electronic or electrical. If you think an all out nuclear war option is strictly up to the discretion of the earthly beings as we know them, you’re sadly mistaken. Getting fissile material is no special hindrance for a country with a credible nuclear deterrent. If you use a thinner or less dense tamper such as aluminium or beryllium, you lose some fission efficiency, but you let more gamma rays out; that trade-off can be played with and optimized to create the worst EMP for a given amount of fissile material. The big yellow area in central Idaho indicating the best place to live, unfortunately is roughly the boundaries of the 2.3 million acre River of No Return Wilderness Area. I find it hard to believe the a cutting edge place like that is less of a target than a 60 year old missile silo. Due to the post -apocolyptic popularity in recent years they have actually considered bringing jericho back, it is one of the most popular tv showes streamed on netflix. Where we lived in this small town we had on MM-3 south of town 3mi just off I-20 and another east of town 5mi just on north edge of Hwy 2.
Non-perishables can last several years, whether it's in storage or in sustaining you after an attack. Other symptoms are similar to the 2a€“3 Sv dose, with uncontrollable bleeding in the mouth, under the skin and in the kidneys (50% probability at 4 Sv) after the latent phase. If within the vicinity of the blast (or ground zero), your chances of survival are virtually nonexistent unless you are in a shelter that provides a very (VERY) good blast protection. He shows us, too, how to convert our houses into efficient fire zones, and suggests we store away five years' supply of wheat, milk, sugar and salt. People are thus held in the dark, thinking that such thing as nuclear war is less likely to happen, but mere existence of nuclear weapons tells another story – a story where suffering the consequences of nuclear bombing is reality. It is said that there are over a 16000 different nuclear weapons in the world and chances that your neighborhood might end up in a nuclear blast are getting higher as the number of these weapons is rising. Of course as you have probably heard, nuclear fallout can and will cause nuclear contamination that affects all living beings in the area of contamination.
The same goes if the bomb is air detonated as the stratosphere will absorb most of the fallout consequently being released after the bomb detonation.
In case you have thought of protecting yourself and your close ones in time and built yourself a shelter to protect you from the nuclear fallout, you should go to the shelter immediately.
More things to think of and have around just in case are: dust masks, gas masks, flashlights, generators, radio (to stay tuned and informed about what is going on), etc. Still, fallout nuclear map is the most accurate way of determining the impact of the nuclear fallout and will possibly save you from the worst thing that could happen in the case of nuclear SHTF.
You can choose the map you need and set the rest of the preferences before starting with reading your calculations. David's responsibility was to protect people in case of any disaster or cataclysm that might occur.
The primary targets will likely be military installations, while a secondary wave will broaden in scope. EMP destroys communications equipment, satellites, transformers, computers and the electric grid itself.
The European nations have built the worlds largest partical excelerator that is a 17 mile electromagnet that affects the earths own magnetic fields. If dropped by accident during handling, this could have initiated one of the explosive lenses; as the weapon is not one-point-safe this would have caused a fission yield on the order of a few kT.
None of these things would be mass produced anyway, so just adding some more HEU may be easier than making slightly more efficient use of less HEU. I personally feel that the whole state of North Dakota is a target – there are hundreds of actively manned silos up there.
These are likely to be attacked even in a limited nuclear exchange, and certain to be attacked in an all-out nuclear war. A nuclear weapon detonated at a very high altitude will generate an electromagnetic pulse so powerful that it can destroy electronic and electrical devices.
They possess a minuscule threat from the exterior, however, they will be fatal if ingested or inhaled.
For some, especially those in large population centers, it may seem like an entirely futile endeavor.[2] If it is survived at all, it will be by those who are mentally and logistically prepared for such an event and that live in very remote areas with no strategic significance. More likely a reality check – with 16000 registered nuclear weapons spread worldwide, one really must ask himself: “Am I prepared and can I risk not being prepared?” You surely want to know that you did everything that was in your power to save yourself and your loved ones.
Now he keeps on doing it through teaching others about how to prepare and survive flood, earthquake or even war. To combat this they stuck an aluminium-boron alloy chain inside the pit, which was only removed as one of the last stages of arming. These are likely to be attacked even in a limited nuclear exchange and certain to be attacked in an all-out nuclear war.
It comes from a time, not so long ago, when the general consensus was that we were all going to be blown to smithereens in a nuclear war, and Clayton offered detailed instructions on how to stay alive should you survive the actual bombs. Subsequently, there is a 5 to 10 day latent phase, after which the person dies of infection or internal bleeding. Wigner, physicist and Nobel Laureate.Written at a time when global tensions were at their peak, Nuclear War Survival Skills remains relevant in the dangerous age in which we now live.
The first and second wave could be all over in minutes to an hour (point being – it will be fast).
Could it be through a full blown nuclear exchange or a pandemic of some kind I don’t know but I know something is about happen.
Having food and medical supplies on-hand can put your mind at-ease, and allow you to focus on other aspects of survival. The primary causes of death (in general 2 to 12 weeks after irradiation) are infections and internal bleeding. Did you grandfather ever tell you anything about nuclear war being survivable in north america (including Canada)? While arguing this fact with my science teach in the 11th grade i drew him said diagram in five minutes. Besides, without a special use permit, the Payette National Forest Ranger would be breathing down your neck after the two week limit of camping in one spot. The bright light from a detonation of a nuclear weapon can be seen tens of miles away from ground zero. There is only 11 months left until elections and you can be certain NATO will get who they want as US president regardless of the vote even if Obama must declare martial law and run the US as a dictator for 5 more years( as per the Constitution).
So give iran the u 235 and they have a bomb lets see 7 years to get there 8 years to produce figure enough for 5 a year iran has atleast 35 nuclear weapons to let lose anytime they choose.
We may enter our shelters only to emerge into a world in the grip of the new world order with only the semblance of civilization being within camps.
Whether this will be a viable option depends on the construction of the building and how close you will be to the likely ground zero of a nuclear strike.
Its not a question of IF Russia and China launch…its when and indications are spring through fall 2016. Alpha particles will survive for only a couple inches in the air before they are absorbed by the atmosphere.

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