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The average adult human body is made up of 60 percent water and therefore, replenishing water is crucial to survival. Duhh… we need food energy to keep our bodies running, so what are you going to eat and how are you going to find edible foods out in the wild? Matches would be ideal in this case, since they are a quick and easy method for starting a fire, finding your way through darkness, keeping warm, making an emergency signal through smoke, burning off parasites such as ticks (yes, there are other methods, but when taking desperate measures…), etc. Depending on where you find yourself stranded, staying warm could be very difficult, but it is essential for survival.
If you’re one who has a habit of carrying a knife in your pocket wherever you go, you’re on the right track to wilderness survival. Insects can be not only annoying as you are focusing on trying to survive, they could be decreasing your chances of survival due to spread of bacterial and parasitic diseases.
Rain, sun, snow, hail, wind, insects, maybe even lions, tigers, or bears … you’ll need shelter to protect you from a variety of natural environmental factors. If you injure yourself out on your own in a wilderness environment, you will be vulnerable to infection and illness.
Who knows … maybe you’ll enjoy wilderness life so much that you won’t want to return to urbanized society. A group of Palestinian schoolgirls have embarked on an ambitious project to establish the very first not-for-profit, vegan cafeteria in Palestine.
Mosha the elephant was just seven months old when she stepped on a land mine and lost most of her front leg. There are easy ways we can help these heroes in their fight to put an end to pet homelessness.

Leakey helped to facilitate Jane Goodall’s long-term field study of chimpanzees in the wild,Dian Fossey’s work with mountain gorillas in Rwanda, and Birute Galdikas-Brindamour’s work with orangutans in the Sarawak region of Indonesia. Disclosure: One Green Planet accepts advertising, sponsorship, affiliate links and other forms of compensation, which may or may not influence the advertising content, topics or articles written on this site.
We're your online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals and the planet. Perhaps by minimizing fossil fuel use, buying eco-friendly products, consuming locally grown, organic plant-based foods, and carefully considering daily decisions made at home, we are benefiting the environment. So, when you are out on your own without a sink, hose, or water bottle, find a piece of cloth, a hollow log or a piece of bamboo, or a plastic bag (you can sadly often find plastic anywhere) to use as your water filtration and collection devices.
Be prepared to have a list and description of wild edible foods such as certain flowers and learn how to grow and re-grow plants that you find. We don’t care so much about your pretty smile when you’re out in the wilderness, but we do care about your hygiene and health. If you don’t have matches, sure … use the most cliche survival tactic in the book: find two sticks and rub them together.
Making sure you have warm, insulating clothing with you, including a heavy jacket and under layer, is ideal. A knife can be very useful for cutting branches and vines to build shelter, creating other survival tools, and preparing food or finding water sources (e.g.
There are many different ways you can create a shelter structure with natural materials depending on the environment you find yourself in. But just in case, it might be wise to have a directional device to have a plan for your travels.

Bookmark, share and help further build our directory of Animal Rescue Hotlines and let's be prepared to help animals today! If you anticipate being out in the wilderness, it would be wise to take along an ample supply of superfoods like maca powder, wheatgrass, and spirulina, as well as a sprouting kit in case you need to be able to sustain yourself for a while.
You can make a toothbrush by chewing on the ends of a small tree branch to create soft, moist bristles. We can survive in nature because we are a part of nature – just as long as we are prepared! Although you might believe your cell phone, laptop, and iPod are basic living necessities, let’s be real.
You can also use pine needles as a method of brushing your teeth for a refreshing pine flavor. We know we really need water, food, and shelter, but are you truly prepared to survive on your own? Check out these 10 things you would need if you found yourself closer to nature than you ever expected to be!

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