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For those that are familiar with Winkler Knives and those that are not, I thought it might be important to tell a little about where Winkler Knives all got started. Gunstock War Club patterned after some features from original 18th and 19th century originals. Back in High School in Boone North Carolina in the late 1970’s I started shooting Black Powder guns to extend my hunting season. My first shop was a car wheel I had made into a forge using an old vacuum cleaner as a blower, a group of files and a hand drill. I made a lot of knives, a few Tomahawks and about 10 Muzzle loading guns, mostly Flint lock. It only took one trip to realize that a nice looking knife with a slick round handle did not serve well when chopping wood for a fire or shaving fuzz sticks as it tended to slip during use. I made a lot of lifelong friends and learned a lot about making knives and life for about 13 years before I went to the next stage. The next stage actually started a couple of years before I went full time as a Knife maker. I worked for Karen for a while and although I felt I was the best employee a company could have Karen had the opinion I was the worst. It seems I had a free spirit and took my hobby business more serious than perhaps the owners of the company we worked for thought was reasonable.
Making one-of-a-kind, one-at-a-time, knives and tomahawks continued on and still does, but on a more limited basis. An important segment in the evolution of Winkler Knives was my involvement in Cutting Competitions. A very large Rifleman’s Knife and matching Tomahawk made from Damascus with the copper overlay. The next phase of Winkler Knives started as a result of our involvement with the Movie “Last of the Mohicans”. As word of mouth passed through the Special Operations community we started getting quite a following with the SOF Teams.
For a long time folks in the knife community have speculated on whose knives and axes are carried in the field by our Military. Evidence of the first man-made fire (campfire) dates as far back as the stone age, while no other living creature on this planet has acquired the ability (intelligence) to make fire.
While today’s technological advances have enabled alternative light sources such as flashlights and lanterns, a campfire at night will shed some lumens on the subject. Perhaps the most often used benefit of a campfire particularly in days gone by is for its warmth.
Predators of the 4-legged variety will stay away from a campfire, making it an effective deterrent and benefit during the night if sleeping outdoors or in a minimal make-shift shelter.
Similar to a campfire’s use as a literal predator deterrent, it also provides a psychological sense of security. Perhaps the most common use and benefit of a campfire today is the psychological aspect of everyone sitting around it and socializing.
Clear out a wide circular area (10′ diameter) of any flammable debris so that shooting sparks and embers will not ignite the area outside the fire. Another lean-to fire can be made with a large piece of fuel wood or log placed on the ground next to the tinder pile. Of all the fire-builds, the log cabin is the least vulnerable to premature collapse, but it is not very efficient because it makes the worst use of convection to ignite progressively larger pieces of fuel. An effective and longer lasting fire is a hybrid consisting of a log-cabin design with a tipi structure built inside of it. Also known as an Indian Fire, it consists of five or six logs laid out like the spokes of a wheel (star shaped).
This fire is ideal for calm conditions and can be kept burning all night long with little maintenance.
Love a fire myself , there is also the fire for when SHTF , to draw out the criminals in the woods that are stalking you , but then you are hiding out and move in on them after they pass your hideout , and take whatever justice on them that comes to mind at the time . It’s useful for cooking (use the coals), light and camaraderie but on the down side is OPSEC. Noise at night will be another problem as a person chopping wood can be heard from a distance. If you must have a fire, then have your bivouac (sleeping area) many yards away from it and have security in your bivouac area not in the fire area. For those of you who aren’t too keen on survival TV, Naked and Afraid is a show where each episode, two new individuals, one man and one woman, are placed together in the wilderness with only one piece of survival gear each, to survive without clothing using only these items and their personal skills alone.
While Naked and Afraid may not be the right show for those looking to learn useful survival techniques straight from their TV set, the show is definitely valuable in that it aptly addresses the mental stresses and frustrations of being in a survival situation. Jaclyn is a particularly fascinating individual to have been on the show because, while she is stubborn about staying true to her ethical code by resisting meat during her time in the wilderness, she isn’t deluded about this mission being easy. But what happens in survival situations, where they will likely have to go back on these ethical decisions or face certain death?
Was it ethically questionable for Jaclyn to eat meat when doing so is against her principles? Subscribe to More Than Just SurvivingNo fancy free e-book or shiny product bribe incentive offered here! When you havent eaten meat for a couple of years your body stops producing the enzymes needed to digest meat.
True, the first few meals will likely be very uncomfortable, but you eventually do regain the ability to process meat – many sources say it takes up to few days or a few meals for your body to get back into it. How can you say she was aligned with her moral convictions when she put herself in the position?
What else would you call someone who artificially manipulates a situation to create a false sense of need to bypass their own personal belief system. Well trapping isn’t quite as hard as “sitting around with three yards of dental floss and a bent safety pin” trying to catch a fish out of water. A friend of mine has had periods of vegetarianism on ethical grounds and I fully support her, although I’m not ever likely to emulate her. These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Google Hot Girls Marijuana" keyword. We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here. Later I traded for an old hand crank forge and added a small 1” X 48” belt sander to my collection of files and sanding blocks.
I also learned a really hard knife was impossible to sharpen in the field and if your sheath was not secure you might have to spend a weekend with nothing but a patch Knife.
This was when Winkler Knives really started to take off and the driving force was Karen Shook. We attended Knife Shows and juried Craft Shows across the country and continued to grow and enhance our following and sales.
We have stopped taking orders for the forged pieces and only make a very limited number these days, filling old orders and an occasional piece for sale or as a presentation honoring a fallen or retiring Military person. For a while I was an active competitor in events put on by the ABS, ICCT and BladeSports International.
In the early 1990’s a Navy SEAL attending a primitive skills class in New Jersey was asking around as to who made Magua’s Tomahawk in the film. I honored the 10 year old price I originally quoted for the axe as a way of helping these men acquire what they needed to best do their job. We still wanted to use the years of knowledge and success we had making forged working knives and axes.
Winkler knives, Uber Group, and Blue Force Gear are three family oriented companies (meaning excellent people with honest values) that I support every chance I get.

Staying healthy by eating safe food and purified drinking water is crucial during outdoor excursions. A campfire has a mesmerizing, comforting and soothing effect on us – promoting pleasant social interaction. Too many forest fires have torched millions of acres due to careless regard to campfire safety. First, the tinder is piled up in a compact heap followed by smaller kindling arranged around it like the poles of a tipi.
Then, a long, thick piece of kindling is driven into the ground at an angle, so that it overhangs the tinder pile. Then kindling is placed with one end propped up by the larger piece of fuel wood, and the other resting on the ground, so that the kindling is leaning over the tinder pile. However, these qualities make the log cabin an ideal cooking fire as it burns for a long period of time and can support cookware. A hole dug in the ground about 1-foot deep and wide for the fire, and a vent airway tunnel from the bottom of the hole to about one foot away from the edge to the surface. Then set 5 or 6 lengths of wood in a star around the ditch with a little bit of the end sticking in over it. The fire can be controlled easily, and is a great cooking fire especially if you will be cooking using a T-bar hold or tripod for roasting and hanging pots for boiling and cooking.
While a nice campfire raises the spirits of all who gather around it but it consumes vast amounts of fuel so you run the risk of being a slave to the fire. If on a clear night you can see a single candle from over 100 feet how far can a campfire be seen. Once the fire has been burning lay long logs across the fire to burn in half then put the two pieces on the fire. Naked and Afraid raises interesting discussion on what it would feel like to be stranded in the wilderness, with only one other person and very little gear, for a full 21 days. She tries her absolute best to find enough edible vegetation for her and her partner to live off of, as hard as this mission may be. That being said, vegans and vegetarians who choose their no-meat lifestyles due to ethical convictions, whether or not we agree with those ethical convictions, should be applauded for sticking to their guns about something they believe in. If you believe that when life gets nasty, you can lax a little on your ethical code purely for the sake of survival, then you’re going to have a bit of an easier time when you do have to make those tough calls in the face of danger or death.
Where she could not do so without putting her life in danger, she put her ideals down temporarily.
Do you think a person should be looked down upon if they do something morally questionable in a survival situation?
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In the woods it would be pretty horrible and in a survival situation it would be just stupid. I’m referring more to survival situations where you’re stranded for longer, and you’ve already tried finding civilization with no real luck. So, generally, as far as the ethics of the situation goes, I doubt most of the sensible vegans or vegetarians will consider it problematic. I thought your point about the practices by some in the meat and dairy industries was well made. Everyone who has empathy for the Donner party understands the ethical difference between need and want. I live and travel Internationally on my sailboat so also need to keep my gear and skills polished. I do think that some would hold true to their ethics, I just happen to believe that number is probably very small by comparison to the number of people who would give in. I sometimes question what the point of being a vegan is if being a vegan in a survival situation would be impossible. I believe morality changes depending on your situation, and I don’t believe anything is wrong from that! I wanted to outfit myself with the historic accessories that were correct with the guns so I started making Shooting Pouches, Powder Horns and Knives. Using mostly Bone, antler and wood handles I made knives and sold them at Rendezvous across the Eastern US. I went to work for Karen in the mid 1980’s in product development in the giftware industry.
We had developed a pretty good customer base for Winkler Knives, had learned a lot about how to conduct business from our time in the gift industry and were ready for a change. During this time we did some projects that were “News Worthy” and got a good bit of magazine coverage. I learned more about steel selection, blade geometry, heat treating, handle material, and balance in the three years I actively competed than I did in the previous 20+years of knife making. Within the Special Operations community there are times when a member from one Team will deploy with another SOF Team. These new products were knives and axes with some similar design features and a lot of totally new stuff. Besides the Military community we have set up several dealers as well as accepting orders from individuals. There has been a lot of stuff written and discussions about what the equipment Tier 1 Teams carry and use, including cutlery. If you can use a chainsaw, axe, hammer and shovel, you could probably build this shelter, given enough time.
During the day a campfire can be squelched with green organic material to create billows of smoke.
Then the larger kindling is arranged above the smaller kindling without collapsing the tipi. The smaller pieces of kindling are leaned against the big stick so that the tinder is enclosed between them.
The first two kindling sticks are laid parallel to each other, on opposite sides of the tinder pile. Then line the inside of the ditch and a few inches inside the pieces of wood with kindling.
Of course there would be even more stress for an individual lost in the wilderness, as there would be no guarantee of rescue even after 21 days, but the show does give a reasonably good overview of the mental difficulties and stressors that arise in these kinds of situations.
After refusing a snake, which Adam ends up eating on his own, Jaclyn finds a lizard for Adam to kill for supper.
Though you have no guarantee of surviving anyway, you have even less of a shot if you aren’t willing to bend to accommodate harsh conditions and circumstances. And then reacting as though anything else were ever possible doesn’t make her a hero. I agree with you on not eating meat if you’re a vegetarian if you’re only out there for a short while, but when it looks like there’s no choice left, after a week or so, but to eat or starve, that’s where I’d ask whether an individual would put down their moral code for the sake of their own survival. It is unthinkable for any of us to participate in an act of cannibalism until we are stranded on a life raft with 12 people and one fat guy who looks more and more like thanksgiving dinner. Human willpower can be very strong indeed, but you’ve got to be resolute in your convictions.
You lose energy feeding grain to livestock in the form of body heat, growth, pooping, breathing etc…You would save all that energy if you just ate the crops instead of passing all those nutrients through a cow first. I went to events and Black Powder shooting matches where folks saw the items I had made and were interested so I made a few more and either used them as blanket prizes or to sell to make a little money for gas and food for the events.
This was a fun time and I had a full time job in the manufacturing industry as a supervisor and worked in product development. I worked on developing my primitive survival skills and made primitive treks into the wilderness both alone and with these groups.

I paid for my hobby with money I made from making knives and started building a customer following which would prove important in the future.
She had been with the company for several years and had knowledge and experience in Marketing and manufacturing processes. He got in contact with me and after several discussions I adapted a full tang belt axe I was already making into a tool that suited his needs. This happened and a SEAL from another Team deployed with the Army Team that were carrying my axes. The products we have offered in the Winkler Knives II line are either the same as we developed for the Military or variations from these tested designs. There are many fine makers out there and so many want the recognition afforded by association with those that protect our American way of life.
The second pair is laid on top of the first, at right angles to it, and also on opposite sides of the tinder.
As the many episodes of Naked and Afraid seem to suggest, such an experience would involve a hell of a lot of starving and malnutrition: surviving for 21 days in the wilderness is no easy feat. When or if you come out on the other side what happen if you fall or runinto something and break your skin? I think it was stupid of her to try to survive in the wild like that but if she wanted to maintain her ethic she shouldn’t have signed up for the show.
That means you have to grow the crop feed most of it to the cow and make more pesticide, pollutants, increase cancer rates, increase greenhouse gasses, waste food that could feed people. But I’ll readily admit that if I was in a survival situation, half-starved already, and found an empty cabin in the middle of the woods with a few sandwiches packed away in a picnic basket, I’d take those sandwiches” you made me realize that vegans are not the only ones who will have to break their ethical rules when times are tough. It was a lot of fun and as I got more involved I made more trips and started to make a little extra money. These jobs paid the bills and provided insurance so I could use all the money I made from knives to buy equipment and materials to improve my knife making abilities. It was a lot of fun and quite an eye opening experience and I went hungry and got wet and cold often on these trips. Karen did some free-lance marketing for a short time then joined me in Winkler Knives full time making sheaths and taking care of the business end of the operation. While I was never a great cutter I did place 3rd in the last ABS World Championship in Atlanta. The SEAL was given one of the axes which he took back to his Team after his deployment.It happened to be the same Team the now Army Operator had been on when he was a SEAL back in the 90’s.
Besides the knives and axes the sheaths and axe carriers had to go through extensive design changes to get them to work with the equipment kits the men were wearing. One downside to a Tipi fire is that when it burns, the logs become unstable and can fall over.
If I’m confronted by a wolf or what-have-you and am put in a bad situation, it is what it is. I met a few other knife makers at the Black Powder gatherings and they were very encouraging and helpful. But I learned a lot about survival and what it took to make equipment that would hold up to really hard use. This was a real eye opening experience and we got to goon location and see how the movie was made- pretty exciting stuff but it makes you realize why movies cost so much to make. I suggest that any knife maker that wants to make true working knives get involved with competitive cutting.It is a tremendous learning experience and proving grounds. Funding was not available for the project so he carried the only prototype with him on missions throughout the first Gulf War. The SEAL Team again approved the axe design for their use but this time had some money to outfit the Squadron. First we thought we could just go to an established knife manufacturer and give them our specs and they would make the knives like I wanted them made.
Access, secure carry and comfort are all top considerations and if one of these areas is wrong you might as well figure on the tool being left at camp instead of being carried on missions.
However there are also a lot of bad guy’s in this country as has been proven in recent tragic events.
I also saw some really nice work on knives and guns and decided if I was going to continue I had to improve both my skills and knowledge of how to do things right. From a full size waterfall inside an old warehouse to the spread on the caterer’s table, everything was first rate. You know, those guy’s all had their own ideas of how they wanted to make our designs, regardless of how I specified they needed to be done. No matter how great you think your knife or axe is if the front line guy’s don’t wear it you are just making expensive wall and shelf decor. Getting too specific in “who” and “what”can be a really bad idea when there is a chance of compromising the very people that we should be protecting.
I know I am still an a**hole for having a computer, driving a car with bugs splattered on the windshield, and peeing behind that restaurant. He kept his axe under the seat of his car during his time with the State of North Carolina. In those days I would put the knives on the table for people to see and only after money was handed over did they get to see the sheath. To this day we never go to a show that we don’t get asked about our work with “Last of the Mohicans”. Only some general reference to our history and influence from the professionals we have the opportunity to work with. However when Karen took over making the sheaths we could put them right out with the knives without losing sales.One important encounter we had was when a well-known knife collector took an interest in one of my knives. He asked if there was a sheath to go with it so I reached under the table and handed it to him. This showed promise but when you are working on other people schedules with numbers that are considered kind of low, your place in line seems to get longer and longer despite any deadlines we needed to reach to get product out before a deployment date. This wasn’t going really well so when I got the chance to buy a couple of old Nicholas grinding machines I got them. He looked over the sad piece of leather and said that this time he would buy the knife but unless the quality of the sheath matched the quality of the knife he would not be buying any more. Now we were in the production business but unfortunately these machines that were made in the 1960’s did not come with an instruction manual. We took this to heart and would go to museums in our travels and look at early American and American Indian displays of weapons, tools and clothing. Karen would study the construction and materials and implement a lot of what we saw in the new and improved sheaths.After a short while Karen’s sheaths became as, if not more, sought after than my knives. From here all the blanks are hand ground to finished dimensions using standard machines from KMG, Bader, Weurtz and Wilmont grinders. We also set up Milling machines, Drum sanders, Drill presses, Sand Blaster, a Co2Laser, assorted other machines and a Salt Pot Heat Treating set up.
We hired some help and off we went into the world of Limited Production Knife and Axe production.
We spend a lot of time and effort training the guy’s to do a variety of jobs in the shop so they can move from station to station and keep the product carts moving without much backup in one area. We have been very fortunate to have strong business growth during the slowest economy I can remember.

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