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When he felt mild tremors, as many other city residents did, on April 11, 2012, Anoop Madhavan took evasive action. Having worked for eight years as a logistics scientist, in the field of disaster relief, for the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Anoop has learnt what to do when caught in the eye of a natural calamity and he knew making a dash for the exit during an earthquake was a dangerous thing to do. Following the panic of April 11, Anoop conducted surveys on Facebook to find out how well-informed city residents were about natural disasters.
The three levels of training fit into two broad categories — dealing with dangers in the urban environment and those in the wilderness. We have seen this type of group training with many emergency organizations who have cross-trained their employees in case one employee has to compensate for the other during a disaster. What happens if Mom is bedridden for several months with a risky pregnancy?A  What if Dad breaks his leg and the wood is not chopped, with winter fast approaching? The fact is, family or group members all need to possess the minimum skills needed to run and protect the homestead. We must remember to stretch ourselves in order to become better at prepping and living a preparedness lifestyle.A It is paramount that we remove those gender and age defined roles and stereotypes so that more than one person has the ability to perform the self-reliant skills that are vital for a familya€™s survival. Likewise, kids need to learn to be comfortable and respectful of firearms and other weapons, and this can only come through practice. One week, at an organized scout camp, a survival expert named Ephraim Feather Cloud came in to teach us how to stay alive in case there were some emergency where we found ourselves separated from our troops and, subsequently, our clean socks and two-liters of root beer. Later on, we found out he was a high school math teacher named Dave, so that shattered some of the mystique.
Don’t Panic- Anyone who is put in a survival situation is scared, but they channel that fear into action.
Keep Warm or Cool- At any cost, stay warm and dry if it’s cold or wet, and cool and if it’s hot. Eat (and conserve) Food- In survival situations, food isn’t necessarily an immediate concern.
Yet, as all of us at Food Insurance know, the most important survival tip we (and Ephraim Feather Cloud) can offer is to prepare.
Santa Clarita residents can learn life-saving emergency skills by signing up for the City’s Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) program.
Earlier today, Mayor Laurene Weste and the Santa Clarita City Council held the annual State of the City luncheon.
Santa Clarita residents looking to learn life-saving emergency skills can sign up for the City’s Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) program. Through a dedicated team and a set of student volunteers, this 36-year-old CEO of a software firm now reaches educational institutions and corporate groups with a three-level programme for safety in multiple environments and situations. The skill set includes first-aid, evacuation and rescue techniques, disaster-preparedness, making distress signals, fire and shelter building, navigating with a lensatic compass (which can prove handy when GPS systems fail), wilderness rescue techniques and hydration and nutrition skills. Individuals bringing a variety of skills binds the group further to create a solid, well-functioning team.
This helps cut down on dependency on one or two of the stronger members, because each member can pick up where the other has left off in the event the primary responder is incapacitated or has to perform other tasks. What if Mom and Dad both were stricken with an illness, or even worse, died, leaving the kids on their own? Becoming comfortable and proficient with things like a crank wringer, an axe or hatchet, a filet knife, or a weapon not only allows you to use them more easily and efficiently, it keeps you safer while youa€™re using them. Give them age-appropriate responsibilities and allow them to help you when you perform the necessary tasks for survival.
Take for example the recent case of a 12 year old girl who shot an intruder through her bathroom door when she was home alone and forced to defend herself. Ensure that your family doesna€™t rely too much on any one person by having everyone pitch in to learn the different tasks necessary for survival. This man, clad in buckskin pants and a flannel shirt, could survive an entire day on the dew from a blade of grass. Mental preparedness is crucial to survival, as is staying calm and exercising common sense.

Feather Cloud asked us how long we could survive without drinking water, we responded with what seemed correct: four or five days.
Seems like common sense, but instead of running around, plan on being found where you currently are, and try to be comfortable where you’re waiting. Fires mean warmth, dry clothes, clean water, cooked food, the signal of smoke, and an often underestimated sense of security.
While our brains may tell us we’re starving, food is often overrated in comparison to the other things we need to stay alive. Survival starts with disaster awareness, emergency preparedness plans, and a perseverant attitude. The following videos feature some of the programs, projects and services coming up in the next year. County Fire Department and Santa Clarita lifeguards to show viewers the importance of water safety for this upcoming summer. About 98 per cent of those surveyed had no clue as to what to do in fire, quake and other emergencies. That said, like anything regarding preparedness, you do not want to become complacent and believe that just one person should perform a certain set of tasks. This type of training is both efficient and can easily be incorporated into your preparedness plan. However, one of the most dangerous things we can do when learning skills for SHTF-time is to allow ourselves to be tied into stereotypes, for both gender and age.A a€?Why is that so bad?a€?A  you may be asking. Your survival could one day depend on your 12 year-olda€™s ability to build a fire in the wood stove and keep it going. The more familiar a child is with a certain task, the more confident they will be if ever a day comes when it is necessary for them to perform that task without your supervision.
One day you may have to depend on your child to save your life by providing backup in the event of an emergency where law enforcement doesn’t exist. Get to the very nearest place where it looks like you’ll stay safe and dry—a cave, a fallen tree, under a tarp, your home—but don’t expend too much effort getting a shelter ready. Emergency equipment and 72-hour kits will contain the necessary supplies to start a fire, stay warm, and cook food. Therefore, only eat food when you know it’s safe, or even better—be prepared with emergency food supplies. Having these skills and training will help diversify your knowledge base on survival techniques and disasters. Disasters, Physical Attacks and Serious Events in Life is a subject like taxes or death, no one wants to talk or think about it. Remember, what one man can do, another can do.A Your group is only as strong as its weakest link, and training members to perform multiple tasks will make for a more fluid unit, especially during highly stressful situations. Mom might have to be able to shoot an intruder bent on robbing the homestead when dad is away hunting. One of the things Ia€™ve recently been working on with my daughter is keeping the fire going in the wood stove. Or, perhaps it will be your young adult who will be out hunting for wild game to put food on the table while you engage in other tasks. Feather Cloud, like most survival experts, said we shouldn’t even care what the answer was—drinking water (clean water) is more important than fire, shelter, food or medical attention. Not to mention, these emergency essentials will contain first-aid kits and signals, which can save your life. The more nourished you remain, the better your body will be able to endure tough survival situations. The MAK7 Personal Protection & Life Survival Skills Program is NOT about and totally DIFFERENT from alarmism or paranoia. Initially she was very leery of adding a log to the fire, but after a few weeks of it, she is becoming a pro. Teaching children to build a fire is one of the most basic survival skills that everyone must know. Don’t use too much effort making fire or building shelter, because sweating is just losing precious water.

Conserve what water you do have and consider adding a water filter to your emergency essentials. Too many people mistakenly believe there are no preparation training and life survival skills for disasters, physical attacks and serious situations. Others mistakenly believe all they have to do is wait for help after a dire situation or a serious event. Still others believe nothing bad will ever happen to them personally, and we hope they are right. But when a disaster, a violent assault or a deadly event does occur, will a person be a survivor, a winner or a victim. What will they name the "It Event or It Situation" when it strikes your city, your family, your loved one or you personally?It's your personal right to turn your fears, uncertainty, anxiety, or helplessness into "Survival Mindset and Self Confidence." Each person has the power to learn life survival mindset and skills, personal defenses and prepare themselves and family for all types of possible disasters, assaults and serious events. Disaster Preparedness, Assault Defenses and Life Survival Mindset and Skills is Risk Management for your Life. A few simple tools, knowledge, techniques, know how, plans, and life survival mindset and skills can save your Life. The MAK7 Personal Protection & Life Survival Skills Program will cover different types of emergency, assault defenses and disaster events as a new form of self-development. Life Survival Mindset and Skills is of primary importance to all human beings, only second to breathing. However, none are so strong as to be beyond the panic and fear of a fierce disaster, a violent assault or a violent and painful situation, which justifies Life Survival Mindset and Skills as the Highest Necessity.
Like professional sports, rescue teams and anti-terrorism entry teams training, you’re given a primary skill set and you will easily adapt to the worst possible scenarios. From your first lesson you will see and learn how to become realistic in defending Your Life (The Only One You Got). No matter what you have heard about life survival skills or what your super-being instructor tells you. The WORLD we live in is NOT nice and NOT smooth, foam padded with mats or make believe. That means we have been evaluated, screened and approved to instruct US Military Forces, Specialized Combat Units, Secret Intelligence Operatives, Sensitive Operations Personnel, Extreme Risk Close Protection Personnel, Diplomats and Dignitaries Problem Resolve, Embassies, Consulates and Government Agencies Worldwide.
Firstly, the mentality of most arts is skewed towards what we like to call "sport self-defense or sport combat".
That is they train within parameters designed by the art or their instructors which both usually have a moral code of ethics and a finite socially acceptable level of "defense".The problem with this is that the criminals, terrorists and offenders also train. They work with elements such as real weapons and surprise, and their intent is to get what they came for. Extreme Violence is their work, their expertise, their game, and is king for them.Violent offenders don't care if you are a world champion boxer or an MMA champion or you have a black belt, a gun or a knife, they are counting on the fact that your experience in real street combat and violence is limited to what you practice or train which is not normally near as intense and realistic as what they do every day. They know that despite the hundreds or thousands of hours you spent training in boxing, MMA, martial arts or at the shooting range, they can intimidate and pulverize you, cause you to falter under street violence stress and even fear them--which is exactly what they expect.Why? Because you will not rise to the threat when that time comes, but merely default to your own level of training and mindset.
So what is the solution?Gear your training and survival mindset for the streets and extreme situations! You must be able to meet violence with violence and the only way to do this is to alter your training methods and survival mindset. For example our training centers and our organization, the Eagle Group International trains people to deal with real world threats by re-organizing their thinking and survival mindset. Giving them the "tools" to mentally and physically engage all manner of threat including lethal force threats.We focus on progressive reality based defensive training that does not stop at a single attacker.
More than twice as many untrained as trained individuals experience PTSD following exposure to trauma or threat. During these first few seconds you will likely not react to the threat as the body and mind go thru a sort of temporary freeze while you process what is happening.

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