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Either the member choose to remove the submission, a moderator removed it or this is an invalid URL. You and your 23 comrades have ended up in an oasis in the dessert, there are limited supplies in this remote paradise anddefinitelynot enough supplies for you all to survive.
If you manage to make it to night, you are one of the lucky few, however at night, the temperature plumits in the surrounding dessert, the safest place for you is the oasis at the center however everyone else will be heading there to where you will all have to fight. Tribal Clinic Uses Native Foods to Fight Diseases016 Apr 2012Native Americans, Tribal Clinic by Dr. To walk into the central gathering space of the Potawot Health Village in Arcata, a multi-tribal health clinic, is to be made instantly aware of the concept of traditional native food as medicine. Built, administered and owned by American Indians, Potawot is at the front line of a national resurgence among native peoples to address the link between the loss of ancestral native foods and disproportionate rates of diabetes and other chronic diseases. Potawot Health Village opened in 2002 to serve Yurok, Tolowa, Wiyot, Hupa and Karuk Indians who live within a 5,000-square-mile territory encompassing most of northern Humboldt and Del Norte counties.
Native Americans have a high incidence of diabetes and obesity because they are more genetically prone to a disease called Carbohydrate Associate Reversible Brain syndrome or CARB syndrome. The genetic susceptibility of a given race is inversely related to how long that race has been consuming sugar, HFCS and high glycemic carbohydrates. Information and advice contained on this site should not be used for diagnosis or be used as a substitute for medical advice.
Any links to external web sites are provided as a courtesy, and should not be construed as an endorsement by Dr.
GenusOryx (1)At one time extinct in the wild, this desert antelope can once again be seen wandering the dry Arabian Peninsula. Arabian oryx biologyArabian oryx are gregarious animals forming herds containing five to thirty individuals (3). These antelope graze on grasses and herbs and will also take roots and tubers; they can go without direct water sources for long periods of time (8). Arabian oryx rangeOnce widespread on the Arabian Peninsula, reaching north into Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Sinai in Egypt (8). Arabian oryx threatsThe Bedouin people of the Arabian Peninsula traditionally hunted Arabian oryx for their meat and hides. Arabian oryx conservationThe rescue of the Arabian oryx began in early 1960s when Fauna and Flora International had the foresight to capture wild oryx and transfer them to Phoenix Zoo in Arizona (8). Terms of Use - The displayed portlet may be used as a link from your website to ARKive's online content for private, scientific, conservation or educational purposes only. MyARKive offers the scrapbook feature to signed-up members, allowing you to organize your favourite ARKive images and videos and share them with friends.
This species is featured in Jewels of the UAE, which showcases biodiversity found in the United Arab Emirates in association with the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi. It took testimonials, interviews, Freedom of Information Act requests, massive declassifications and one New York Times obituary before the public began to truly grasp the scope of MKUltra, a clandestine CIA program that kicked off in the 1953 and conducted mind-control experiments using LSD, hypnosis, and electrical stimulation until its activities were banned in the early 1970s. Sadly, when Stranger Things describes mistreatment at the hands of MKUltra, that isn’t a far cry from reality either. The LSD trials were the first activities of MKUltra, an arm of the CIA founded in 1953 with a $300,000 budget and roughly six dedicated scientists.
To test their drug, the CIA scientists turned to a federal drug hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, where inmates were promised either the drug of their choice—most chose heroin or morphine—or time off their sentences if they participated in the trials. Later, as part of an operation aptly named Midnight Climax, the CIA set up brothels in California to entrap men who would be too embarrassed to talk to the press.
Forced LSD trials were not the only ethical nightmares MKUltra visited on its captive population.

In the mid-1960s, MKUltra invested $9,000 in an outside consultant who promised to help them hypnotize a subject into falling asleep when an agents’ hands were placed on his forehead. So it’s all true, just as Stranger Things and the science fiction genre describes it—under MKUltra, the government actually conducted unethical experiments on unwitting participants and used illegal substances to try to break spies with science. This Project is in the Minecraft Survival Games : Arena Contest contest, now Complete!See the Final Leaderboard! You must fight for survival, collecting supplies, defending yourself while killing others for their items. Diabetes is a major community health issue for the 107 federally recognized tribes which live here.
The village also has five satellite clinics, including one in Weitchpec, an isolated Yurok village along the Klamath River that has yet to receive electricity.
This disease is triggered by consumption of excessive fructose from sugar and HFCS and high glycemic carbohydrates, the typical ingredients of food made by the Industrial Food Complex. Because native Americans have only been eating this food for a few generations, they are extremely susceptible to CARB syndrome, a disease characterized by up to 21 brain dysfunction symptoms and excessive fat storage at any caloric intake. William Wilson assumes no responsibility or liability for any consequence resulting directly or indirectly for any action or inaction you take based on the information, services, or material on or linked to this site. The Arabian oryx is an antelope that is highly specialised for its harsh desert environment (5). The herds increase in size in good conditions, however, in poor conditions the group size is usually composed of a male, a couple of females and their young (5). Most activity occurs in the early morning and late evening with groups resting in the shade during the searing midday heat (5).
The last wild oryx was shot in 1972 and the species persisted only in captivity for a decade (8).
The total decimation of the species did not occur until after the Second World War however, with the availability of firearms and motorised transport (5), and the demand for sport hunting (9).
Operation Oryx, as it became known, succeeded in establishing a large captive herd in the USA that could later be used for re-introductions (5). EAD is working to protect and conserve the environment as well as promoting sustainable development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. To learn about climate change and the species that are affected, visit our climate change pages. The scientists and spies behind MKUltra hoped to give the United States an edge in the Cold War, using psychotropic drugs and unconventional methods to turn spies and force confessions. Originally touted as a potential cure for schizophrenia, LSD became the drug of choice for MKUltra scientists who were desperately search for a substance that could turn hardened spies into loose-lipped turncoats.
While MKUltra’s scientists initially contemplated using LSD as a weapon of war—one theory floated at the time was that US troops could drop LSD into enemy water supplies and capture cities while the soldiers were tripping—they soon decided to focus on using LSD to influence captive spies and force confessions.
Without consent, they dosed these men with LSD a filmed their reactions through one-way mirrors. CIA scientists also experimented with heroin, morphine, magic mushrooms, marijuana and alcohol. According to documents released by the CIA, the method occasionally worked—but its success was too unpredictable for field use. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. The statistics are sobering: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that from 1994 to 2004 the diabetes rate doubled among Native Americans 35 and younger. The bright white coat reflects the suna€™s rays (2) and the hooves are splayed and shovel-like, providing a large surface area with which to walk on the sandy ground (5).

The first herds were released in Oman at Jaaluni in the Jiddat-al-Harasis in 1982 (8), with more populations subsequently established in Israel and Saudi Arabia (1).
Other experiments involved threats against American citizens—some were told that their acid trips would be extended indefinitely if they did not reveal personal secrets to their interrogators. Marks, LSD could make one’s loyalties temporarily fuzzy, but not in the sort of long-term way necessary to brainwash a future traitor. One trial involved treating participants with two IVs—one with a downer barbiturate and another with an upper amphetamine. Although MKUltra never got far enough into these trials to work on active brainwashing, they did begin to develop a method for hypnotizing agents who were already on our side, to increase their motivation and patriotism. In one trial, two CIA men forced a Russian asset to the floor for some surprise hypnosis, only to discover that the hypnotist had lost his nerve and fled. The legs are brown in colour, with white bands on the ankles, and there are also brown markings on the face, on the bridge of the nose, the cheeks and a triangular patch on the forehead (2). These antelope seem to be able to detect rainfall from a great distance and have an almost nomadic way of life, travelling vast areas in search of precious new growth after intermittent rains (2). Over the years the wild population has grown, and in 2008 was estimated to number 1,100 individuals. Krisch1 day agoVeganism Isn’t The Best Way To Feed Our Growing PopulationBy Joshua A. Throughout the trials, at least two participants died and several suffered permanent psychological damage. The result, predictably, was that as soon as the barbiturate made participants feel sleepy, the amphetamine would kick in and force them awake. Arabian oryx of both sexes have magnificent straight, ringed horns that can reach up to 68 centimetres in length (2); those of the female are thinner and longer than the male (6). Females give birth to a single calf once a year if conditions are good; births can occur in any month and calves are weaned after three and a half months of age (2). The most recent conservation efforts for the Arabian oryx have taken place in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, where a release program that was begun in 2007 has released around 100 animals into the wild.
Much like anyone startled out of sleep, the participants would usually babble incoherently and, occasionally, reveal some information.
The United Arab Emirates government is also funding re-introductions of this species into Jordan and is also considering releases into Yemen (1). Arabian oryx calves are brown with markings on their tail and knees (6), gaining adult markings by six months (7). Currently, an inter-governmental body known as The Coordinating Committee for the Conservation of the Arabian Oryx oversees the coordination of conservation efforts for this species within the Arabian Peninsula (1).
Despite the unfortunate poaching problems affecting the Oman population, the re-introduction of the Arabian oryx represents a remarkable conservation success story and an example of what international cooperation can achieve. Only now, decades later, are we beginning to figure out what they were trying to accomplish SHARE SHAREPhoto Illustration: R. KrischAug 05, 2016 at 3:44 PM ETIf the Netflix series Stranger Things is to be believed, little girls can crush soda cans with their minds, alternate dimensions are legitimate health risks, and walls may contain fleshy monsters. But amid the show’s 80s throwbacks and nods to the sci-fi canon, one plot point stands out. In the sixth episode, we meet Terry, a woman who lost her mind after participating in a top secret CIA program codenamed MKUltra, which dealt psychotropic drugs to unsuspecting volunteers.

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