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A good Take Down Bow should only cost you a couple 100 bucks and if you take care of it, you can expect it to last your lifetime. Legal limitations and laws are much more lax on the Bow & Arrow than they are with guns and bullets. Some pieces of a Take Down Recurve Bow Kit can be Multi-Use items – this is always a plus. Hopefully this was useful content if you are thinking about getting a Survival Take Down Bow. I have always thought a bow wood be a good addition for any survival situation, I own a compound bow and a break down bow both would be in my arsenal, though if I had to walk the compound would be a bit harder to take.
After Hurricane Katrina, the police and National Guard came around and disarmed everybody, leaving them unable to protect themselves. Every businessman in town, has his fingers crossed hoping that nothing ever happens to Obama and a defense battle plan if something does. My thought: As far as I know all 50 states DO require a hunting permit for hunting with archery equipment (even primitive models). Just thought i would point that out so folks would know that purchasing a license is easy, but needed to stay legal. I wouldn’t want to depend on a bow for survival anymore than I would want to depend on a hand gun but, if I could supplement it with a Glock 23, then I would choose that combo over any single gun.
Using a sealed box filled with sand with paper at each inch I fired a 38 cal pistol and then a 60# bow with target tiped arrow and the difference was about 4x more penetration than the pistol. I have often thought about how cool it would be to become proficient in using a bow and arrow but have never known where to start.
If you are proficient with a bow sure it would be nice to have as you can gather large and small game with it. Hey I have a traditional longbow i use for hunting, it is only at a 40 or 45lbs draw weight and I do not believe you can take it apart and when I’ve taken it deer hunting ive had to get very close to get a good kill shot, so would you recommend keeping it with a 40 or 45lbs draw weight or get a more powerful bow? A fresh new year is a great time to  not only declutter our homes of unnecessary items, but it is also a great time to stock up on life’s daily essentials.
I am not an expert on emergencies and emergency situations, but lucky for me, I actually happen to know an ER doctor in town who has seen his fair share of emergencies at his hospital.
Don’t worry- we have a printable for all of this for you to take when you head to the store. He also noted that aspirin should be avoided in children due to Reye’s syndrome so he did not include it on this list for moms. I headed to Walmart with his list and wanted to stock up on every item, but also knew that I had to find a pretty way to package it.

Emergency preparedness is such an essential part of running a household and I know that this is something I should work on in our home. I have prepared for you a FREE printable list of First Aid Essentials that you can take to the store of all the recommendations Dr. Enter below to win one $100 Walmart Gift Card from BHG at Walmart to stock your First Aid Kit for the new year.
In accordance with the FTC Guidelines, I am disclosing that I received compensation from BHG at Walmart for my time and participation in the BHG Live Better Network. Now that I’m well into my career, I know the reason that I LOVED watching MacGyver. It’s finally come full circle! I’ll be honest, I take pride in the fact that my crew knows me well enough to know that I’ve got what they need on-site.
Event managers, create your own survival kit so you can be ready with solutions to those last minute issues.
Clear nail polish – good for nice nails right before the banquet starts, or a run in your tights, but also great for bug bites for the outdoor commercial shoot with little kids. Emery board – while practical for fingernails, it’s also good for filing off that sticky glue that is on the picture frame holding your directional signs. Lip balm – of course for lips, but doubles as balm for dry hands for the hand-model in the photo shoot.
Earring backs – I’m always losing my earring backs, but I can also attach it to a straight pin to keep the trade show booth fabric from falling open.
Adhesive bandage – if you’re a mom, it’s probably covered with cartoon characters but that’s okay. That completes my event survival kit. It’s a great tool to show you’re organized and ready for anything an event can throw at you! I personally think that anyone who has an interest in primitive survival skills or modern urban survival should seriously consider purchasing a good Bow & Arrow and become proficient in using it. Most new carbon fiber arrows (ultra light weight) have a tip that accepts different screw in arrow tips. You never know when you might need the convenience of a weapon that is silent & deadly. I remember the Martin Luther King riots in 1968 when the zombies burned a hundred buildings and tried to get into everybody’s house.
You don’t have to mess with paperwork and permits even though in the right hands the Bow & Arrow is equally as deadly.
Thankfully, the BHG product line at Walmart offer a variety of cute totes, baskets, and other organizer essentials.

Although we have material connection to BHG, any publicly stated opinions of BHG and their products remain my own. Yes, the long hours, the insane amount of details, the demanding guests and crew, and—the cool supplies! Your hair, the pencils, the poster paper – there is always something to roll up into a tube at an event. The less you have to deal with this stuff the better – especially if things get messy. They can also be lashed to a longer shaft and used as a larger spear for big game such as wild pig. Mine was purchased a long time ago, but you could probably make one easily with some yarn and leather strips. Jamie Shoemaker is an ER Doctor for Elkhart General Hospital and GRACIOUSLY offered his expert opinion on what every mom should have in her First Aid Kit to be prepared for emergency situations.
Since I have nowhere to tuck my First Aid kit, it will rest on top of our little bathroom storage unit, on display for our guests. With a little practice, you can easily make your own arrows using wooden dowels or even natural found wood and plant shafts. I’ve got half inch bars on the windows, cage reinforcing on the doors and a gun within 3 seconds of my right trigger finger at all times.
I wanted something attractive for storage so I settled on this handy Better Homes & Gardens Chesapeake Magazine Basket for under $13 that housed all of these fabulous First Aid essentials with ease and kept them tucked away without anyone knowing what is in there. I practice flint knapping regularly so that if I was ever in a situation when I need to make my own arrow points I would know how. Even if your bow is damaged or broken in a survival situation or stolen in a bug out situation, you can make a bow as long as you have a nice strong piece of cordage. The population has shrunk down to 75 thousand people and the scumbags leave at the rate of 4000 per year.
You don’t have to deal with space taking large sweeping curved limbs that can also be difficult to handle, Plus, straight limb bows are more accurate than recurves.
I’m sure there are some more multi-use features but these are the few I could easily think of.
I would love to hear any ideas you have on the subject of Multi-Use with a Bow and Arrow Kit.

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