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The kit comes housed in a rock solid container from SOLKOA (the same hard container issued to DEVGRU). This high quality AA compass is luminescent for up to 8 hours (not the cheap kind you find in most kits). This Kevlar cordage can be used for constructing shelter or other field task or as an escape and evasion aid as seen HERE. AnonymousApril 16, 2012Just a thought, if you wrap the paracord around the outside of the tin you could free up some space inside, add a few extra feet to the total length and add some padding to the tin. When packing food into your 72 hour kit, remember to use shelf stable, non perishable foods that will last a while. I cannot stress enough about the importance of food and water in your Emergency Survival Station. If you dont have time to put together your own emergency kit, you can purchase a preassembled kit at Shelf Reliance. It’s amazing how fast the weight in your pack can add up, especially when adding in water and food! Another thing to consider it to save your gallon milk containers and simply fill them up with tap water.
Do not use milk containers they break down and split, ergo water everywhere, before you know it. I know you wrote this quite a long time ago, but if you are still having trouble getting your supplies you could try trading for them.
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It's a true-to-spec kit; offering those items that a SEAL Operator might find in his own kit.
Built from machined billet aluminum- this container will give you years of continuous service. When I refer to night vision; I'm talking about how your eyes naturally focus to night time conditions. Most kits don't offer a water carrying device and I really like that this kit has that feature.
It features very high quality components and is the first I've seen of that is a true-to-spec version that has been recently issued to the SEAL Team 6 members.
Third Prize will receive a Choate Car Rescue Tool and at least $20 worth of survival books & gear from TEOTWAWKI Blog. The purpose for this station is to have the means to survive an emergency for at least 72 hours, all in one place.

If the public water system becomes contaminated for any amount of time & you don’t have an emergency supply of water, you will need to know how to effectively treat water in order to remove pathogens for safe drinking. If you have forgotten about the events (after Hurricane Katrina) made landfall in 2005, let me remind you. When they say stock regular bleach, they mean absolutely plain bleach, without additives or scents. Water is used for so MANY reasons besides drinking, including cooking, washing hands, brushing teeth, even bathing in an emergency.
Being able to add to your water supply at the last moment as the article states is a wise idea but remember that you can really ONLY count what you have physically stored. Boiling is the best way to purify water but may be difficult to accomplish due to power or natural gas outages.
You’d be surprised how much stuff weighs when placed together, especially when cans and consumer wrapping are included.
Maybe you could put up a notice on a bulletin board in a local store to advertise your services. As an award-winning, full-service communications firm, we offer numerous services to help make you visible. During this time survival kits for hurricanes were popular, so we came up with the idea of a survival kit for our clients communication needs. Check out our article HERE- where we go in to detail about the kit acquisition information. If you were to purchase all the components separately you would go well above that in cost. There are a few ways to treat it, but the two easiest purification methods are by boiling or chlorination. By adding ascorbic acid (lemonade or kool-aid) to the treated water, it will convert the chlorine into tasteless chlorine. And realize that bleach does begin to lose it’s effectiveness after 6 months even if unopened so be sure to rotate periodically. I also gallon size bottle water (Ozarka) makes this round containers that fit into one another, that allows you to stack, without them readily falling.
The 8.25% solution is being produced by both brand name companies as well as companies that produce generic products.
We spent over 6 months (no, that's not a typo) looking for the right green colored items, display box, and dividing walls. More likely than not SEALs carry fixed blade knives or folding knives and the multi-tool will be a companion to that.
Four pieces of tinder are supplied but in a pinch you can use the Triple Antibiotic Ointment and gauze pad.
It can be used as a blanket, signaling device, or build a shelter as seen in our video HERE.

FEMA suggests storing at least a 2 week supply. The more water you stockpile, the better off you are.
They fit on a keyring or lanyard and if you have a Swiss-type multipurpose knife, they usually come with a can opener as one of the blades. We already are in process of stock piling our pantry (dp closet) for supplies, but we are still in the early stages as this can get costly even when purchasing wisely.
Another is refilling detergent bottles with bottles for cleaning up, since obviously you won’t drink that. I use these when camping in the desert for extended periods so I don’t have to use my drinking water for anything. Increasing its survival ability is the four function setting: High power, low power, strobe, and signal mode.
The Triple Antibiotic Ointment will fight off infections and can also be used as a "fire extender" when used with the gauze pad. We are still following your 8 week emergency plan (with minor adjustments as we deem neccessary). They also offer a lower priced version as well as other half of the kit designed for personal recovery.
So you need to know how much to store and how to purify it if you run out of “clean” water. If you ever need to use your pack to hike out with, the weight is going to count on everything! We had not started preparing very much for situations where we were outside of the home and must get back. You also need to store at least 3 days worth of “easy to prepare” food (with a long shelf life).
Especially with kids and people whom are not used to hiking or whom are not physically fit.
We decided to use these Emergency Back Packs as our GHB (get home bags) and be in the corresponding vehicle that our family members are most likely to be in while away. If we are already home, then we can grab them from the vehicles and they can be our BOB (bug out bags).
There are many websites that teach about using coupons, and list deals that are at your store using coupons. I realize this is only week 2 so I do not want to get ahead of the plan so that’s all I will say for now.

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