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Our book, The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a major disaster in the city or suburbs. Not every family in America can keep several hundred dollars of cash on hand and of course the shelves won’t be bare in all the stores even on a 3 day disaster because no one runs in and buys out the place in a panic. The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a disaster in the city. Accredited Practitioners Login Human Synergistics Accredited Practitioners can access premium content by logging in below.
Deer were of the utmost importance to the Lenape during the late woodland period and were the primary source for many things essential to their very survival.
The Lenape Indians fashioned very effective weapons and implements necessary for hunting and for processing the meat and hides of their quarry.
You will see these implements and tools actually utilized in the step-by-step process of tanning a hide, using only natural materials, to turn a fresh deer skin into leather suitable for clothing, moccasins and other useful items.
Maybe a friend or family member went through a personal disaster like a burglary or bankruptcy and it got you thinking. Guthrie shows how the Lenape made a bow, arrows and a quiver, the implements necessary for hunting deer and other creatures.
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Two Weeks of Food – For now, just stock up on what you normally eat, except for things that have to be refrigerated.
Instead, focus on non-perishables like canned food, boxed meals, and various pantry items such as peanut butter, crackers, apple sauce, spaghetti, marinara sauce, etc. Cookware – The kind you can use to cook over an open fire, such as pots, dutch ovens, and cast iron skillets. Your standard kitchen cookware typically isn’t durable enough to use on an open fire. Axe for Chopping Wood – Even if you have a camp stove, you still might want to build a camp fire and use it for cooking, heating up water (for bathing and cleaning), and warmth. It should contain the supplies needed to survive for at least three days while you travel to another retreat. I recommend LED flashlights because they last longer and usually don’t require as many batteries.
Solar Charger – This solar battery charger can charge all the standard battery sizes (except for 9V).
Security Measures – During a grid-down scenario, many criminals will take advantage of the situation and start looting stores or robbing houses. How far you go with your security measures is up to you, but you should at least get some battery-powered alarms for your doors and windows.

They won’t necessarily stop a burglar from breaking in, but most burglars will move on to another house if they hear a noisy alarm.
Weapon for Self Defense – This can be a gun, a taser, a knife, a bow and arrow, or whatever else you want to defend yourself with. I recommend a good gun, but if you go with that be sure to have plenty of extra ammunition. You can use hand sanitizer in between hand washings to keep your hands relatively germ free. Roll of Plastic – Use plastic sheeting to cover broken windows, stop leaks, create a sick room, and more.
Check out our other articles and some of the books I recommended above, and practice practice practice!

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